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Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-53E

Posted by wristwatch on June 29, 2007

The watch is able to receive standard time radio waves transmitted in Germany, the United States, and Japan. By choosing the local area, the watch automatically captures transmissions from the nearest station, so the watch can display the precise time in Europe, the United States and Japan.

* Type Cal.U600/U60
* Accuracy ±15 seconds per month(without radio signal reception)
* Operating time from full charge approximately 6 months(in power save mode:approximately 2.5 years)
* Specifications Germany(DCF77), The United States(WWVB), Japan(JJY)standard time radio wave receivable
* World Time(43 cities and 29 time zones)
* 2 Alarms
* 1/100 Second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours
* 99 Minute Countdown Timer
* Perpetual Calendar
* Digital Display Light
* Greenwich Mean Time Display
* Rotating Slide Rule Bezel
* Non-Reflective Crystal
* All Stainless Steel
* Power Reserve Indicator
* 200-Meter Water-Resistant
* Foldover Clasp with Hidden Double Push Button
* Available September 2007
* Retail Price : $599.00

Update: Japanese Version Citizen Promaster Sky PMV65-2241 and PMV65-2242.

Picture above courtesy of Adam in NYC




191 Responses to “Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-53E”

  1. biggyg said

    I bought this watch a couple of weeks ago and I am very happy with it. The radio synchronization worked very well and all the settings are easy to do. I am a pilot, so the slide-rule function is great during flight planning. It can also be used in the cockpit if it is not very turbulent. In turbulence, I tend to pay more attention to flying the airplane than fiddling with an E6B.
    The night light was what kept me from buying the previous version and that has been resolved with this one.

    The two things that I would mention are – you can’t set the calendar for the local time, unless you put the local time in world time window. Then you lose the world time functionality.

    The second is the clasp on the watch band (I got the metal band jy0000-53). It has one pin to hold the clasp in place. I would have preferred to have a second way of holding the clasp together since the watch is on the heavy side. But I guess I could go to ebay and look for a clasp for it.


  2. wristwatch said

    Congratulations on your purchase! and thanks for the great review!

    About the clasp, do you mean it only has the push button lock? Most Japanese Promaster Sky models has a double lock push button and fold over clasp. Maybe you can order the Japanese clasps to have the double locking function, it’ll sure help a lot with a heavy watch.

    One last thing, if you don’t mind, how much did you get it for? and where?

  3. biggyg said

    Yes, it only has the push button lock.
    This would have been what I prefer:

    I paid $365 including shipping and insurance off e-bay from a guy in CA. The NY guy never returned my e-mail on the questions I asked him. That was a test of communications and he failed. I got it on the 3rd day of paying for it.


  4. wristwatch said

    Thanks for the info. Great buy and enjoy the watch.

  5. I have all the Skyhawks (as well as a large number of other Eco-Drives and other watches).
    Biggyg is right, the bracelet is a let down – as is being only able to see the local calendar in local mode losing world time. However, the backlight and atomic sync do make up for it.

    It doesn’t feel as heavy as my steel Skyhawk or Blue Angels but it does look pretty nifty. I think it’s time to purchase a new bracelet. At least it’s not integrated like the other Skyhawks – making replacement easier. Nice size though (I prefer large watches – my everyday beater is a Glycine Airman 46mm).

    I got mine for US$445 from marvgolden.com with free shipping so that made it worthwhile…

  6. wristwatch said

    @ Peter

    Too bad Citizen didn’t make the PMV65-2241 available in North America and the EU. The case and bracelet are made of Titanium so its extremely lightweight, plus it has the double fold over clasp and Duratect for extra protection. Unfortunately the Titanium version costs at least twice as much as the Skyhawk JY0000-53E.


    Btw, I just visited your website, and its pretty cool that you put up pictures of watches that you own, mind if I put up a link to your site?

  7. Hey buddy, that close up of the Skyhawk sure looks familiar. I posted the same image on June 21 at http://www.pmwf.com. It would have been nice if you asked to use the image but since it’s only a modified screenshot capture off http://www.citizen.jp it’s all good. Keep up the good work.

  8. wristwatch said


    Hey dude, sorry if I didn’t ask permission. I don’t remember where I got it, but if it’s yours I apologize. I’ll add your name up there near the pic, that way at least all who visit would know it’s courtesy of you. 🙂

  9. No biggie, you don’t have to do it if it’s too much trouble. 🙂

  10. wristwatch said

    No trouble at all, and done. 🙂

  11. feel free to link to it if you like it…

  12. wristwatch said


  13. Project Pro said

    Greetings fellow watch enthusiasts!

    I have a few questions that have been bothering me since I’ve found out about the Skyhawk A-T/Promaster Air…or whatever other name it’s known as…here goes:

    1. Will it appear in North America as a Titanium version, both in the silver and black models, and when?

    2. Will the North American Titanium models be sporting the Duratect coating?

    3. Does it have a Mineral Crystal or Sapphire non-reflective? (a little confused…I’ve read in some places one, and in other’s…the opposite)

    4. What is the estimated price for the North American Titanium version…the silver one prefferably?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help!

  14. wristwatch said

    @ Project Pro

    Currently there are no plans to introduce a titanium version in North America.

    For your reference:

    North American Version:
    – Stainless steel case and bracelet
    – Mineral Crystal

    Japan Version
    – Titanium case and bracelet with Duratect
    – Saphire Crystal

    • D Carter said

      Does anyone know if Citizen would be willing to replace the
      the miineral face with the Saphire Crystal if a repair is needed? I have ordered a protective film for the watch but I am usually pretty hard on a watch and cannot stand to have a crystal with a large number of scrateds, hense the question.

      Thanks for any information..


      • Everett said

        Hello D C Carter,

        In November of 2008 I e-mailed Customer Service at Citizen Watch Co. that very same question, and here’s what I was told.

        “Thank you for your inquiry. Though harder than mineral crystal, the sapphire crystal is not scratch proof. There are many things that factor in when determining the type of crystal that may be used. As to replacing the crystal, we may only replace the crystal with its original type. As such, if the watch originally came with a mineral crystal, we may not install a sppphire in its place.

        Customer Service”

        I hope this answers your question.

  15. Project Pro said


    That is extremely dissapointing. What about a European version that includes all the Japan attributes?

    Is there anyway to purchase a Japanese model and have it shipped worldwide?

    Plus, how much does the Silver Titanium Japanese model cost?

    Thanks for your help and sad but informative reply.

  16. wristwatch said

    Project Pro:

    I’m not sure about an European version. I guess they’ll release one sooner or later. The Japanese model that you’re looking for is the PMV65-2241. I bought my PMP56-2933 from Higuchi-san last June, I got it 5 days after sending payment. You have to email him and ask for a price. Seiya-san has it in his website for $878.00.


    Good luck on your purchase and let me know how it goes.

  17. Project Pro said


    Thanks again for all your help. The PMP56-2933 looks amazing as well. Tell me, how has it been holding up since you’ve owned it for a little over a year now? And being that the watch has a black coating, how is the Duratect and DLC coating working out?

    I consider myself a novice when it comes to watches, being that I’m only 21 and have owned a nice watch (in my opinion) for only 2 years now. I bought my first Citizen Skyhawk JR3090-58L Titanium Blue Angels Edition as a Christmas present…from me, to me. It took me about 6 months to pay it off with the lay-away option from JCPenney’s! My other watch is a Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Pathfinder PRG50T-7 PAG50T-7 Titanium…(I have a thing for titanium watches 🙂

    The Citizen I baby, the Casio is my everyday, work/play watch. I’m also a accuracy freak, which would explain my current interest in the PMV65-2241. It combines the accuracy I want, with the Titanium I love and the Sapphire crystal I really can appreciate. Plus the Duratect and DLC features are very high tech and if they really actually do what I’ve been reading up online, then it’s everything I could ever want wrapped up into a nice package…the only thing that could make it better is if it were a Blue Angels Limited Edition!

    I look forward to chatting it up with all you watch enthusiasts out there!

  18. wristwatch said

    Project Pro:

    Happy to help. I’m a noivce as well and the PMP56-2933 is the first watch I’ve ever bought for myself. Actually, I got that watch a little over 2 months ago. I’ll write about a few observations in the PMP56-2933 page. I started this little blog to touch base with the other watch enthusiasts over the net.


    Btw, I share your sentiments about making it a Blue Angels Limited Edition. It would be indeed great if they could come up with something like that in the near future.

  19. Project Pro said


    How exactly did you make your payment to Higuchi-san?

    My ultimate watch would have to be the Breitling Emergency Co-Pilot…Titanium naturaly 🙂

  20. wristwatch said

    Project Pro:

    He sent me an email that contained a link : http://www.higuchi-inc.com/howto-e.html

    I completed the form and paid via credit card, American Express. I paid 112,000 Yen for the PMP56-2933.

  21. Mark Brown said

    I purchased my Watch from this site for $359.40 inlcuding tax and shipping
    i live in florida and recived my watch within 2 days

    i love this watch it really nice
    poeple stop me on the street to ask me what make this watch is . I get alot of attention from it
    i love citizen for making such a cool watch

  22. wristwatch said

    Great price Mark. Citizen Skyhawk models always get a lot of attention. Enjoy your watch and feel free to send some pics. 🙂

  23. wristwatch said

    Guys! Be careful with LUXURYCORNER.COM!

    I just got a slew of SPAM comments from different people, all with different email addresses but using the same IP ( and Including the comment above by MARK BROWN.

    I went to check on the website to see if it’s legit, something doesn’t feel right. They got some shady marketing tactics. Since no one I know have transacted with this website, I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT.

    Check out this epinions page about Luxury Corner, they got 1 bad review, and 4 good reviews. The good reviews are by 4 people whose only review is on luxurycorner and these people gave it the highest rating possible. I suppose to boost thier ratings unfairly.


    There are a lot of shady internet sellers, and this website seems to be one of them. SPAM can never be good.

    http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/antiques/msg0817523424892.html comment by markluxury
    http://forums.watchuseek.com/archive/index.php/t-66027.html comment by parveen


  24. Dutch Marine said

    Hi Guy’s,

    Just ordered my jy0000-53e from KENMARWATCHES.com for USD 339.99 and USD 44.94 for shipping it to Ireland. The budget would not strectch (not yet) as far as the Jap Titanium version.

    Has anybody got any previous experience with this vendor? They were very professional and their communication was the best I’ve seen so far on the web.

    Cheers All.

  25. Tetsu said


    Can anyone provide the actual weight of this watch? I found the weight of PMV65-2242 but nothing on Jy0000-53e.

    Thank you!

  26. vashtard said

    hi, my friend weighed his, and it was approximatedly 186 grams.

  27. Paul said

    Well i was going for another Tag, but went into Hsamuels UK (would you believe) wife wanted jewelery! The very enthusiatic mgr there was keen to show me the JY0000-53E having just stocked it!
    I must admit i was impressed, going in on Monday to buy it! £350, I like the ‘lock and leave’ not having to change the time for summer etc!
    I have a Tag Heuer Monza and Carrera, which i do like. I’ll let you know how i get on with it, My only concern is the face does look a bit ‘busy’. but having stummbled across this forum, i convinced i have to have one.



  28. wristwatch said


    glad to hear about your experience. Let me know what you think about it as soon as you get it.


  29. Tetsu said

    Thank you, Vashtard!

    It was heavier than I thought, but it is fairly enough.

  30. You won’t be disappointed…

  31. Dutch Marine said

    that’s the end of that. Kenmar will not ship the watch as my address is not verified with PayPal. PayPal was good enough to take my money for all transactions since oktober 2005 though.

    I’m now trying to get it through e-bay from which I hope is a trusted seller. I just got to have one.

    If this doesn’t work either I am open to suggestions.

  32. wristwatch said

    Dutch Marine,

    Sorry to hear about your experience. Hope you have better luck on ebay. If that doesn’t work, I guess you can ask your local Citizen retailer to order that model for you.


  33. ignacio said

    Hallo I would like to know if the CITIZEN ATTESA ECO-DRIVE ATV53-2832 Perfex Multi 3000 is operative in Spain Madrid, due to the distance from germany for the radio signal reception. I see it in the map and Madrid is right in the limits.

    How long it takes to deliver to Madrid?

    How about instructions in English.


  34. try webjeweller.com – they do direct/ebay and use cards and paypal… i’ve used them several times…

  35. Paul said

    Well, it’s here! yes i agree it is a little heavier than my other watches, but hey i think i will get used to it! Can’t get a signal yet i hope that this will change! To be honest, i have only had it for a couple of hours. Despite its weight it is a very comfortable timepiece, had a quick look through the destructions, grasped most of it, just gotta get my head round the World time features!!
    The ‘busy’ dial is not so busy, got used to it already!
    I’ll repost when i get the signal sorted!

  36. I live in NYC in an apartment I swear is lined by lead. There’s only spot on a window ledge on top of a small box where I get a signal overnight. If I try and synch up manually during the day it doesn’t wwork – so be patient.

    A friend of mine got one and it was interesting both talking on the phone realizing they were in synch to the second…

  37. vashtard said

    actually its cool to see that my watch in sync to the second to the atomic clock websites on the net. i don’t have a JY0000-53E, but have another radio controlled watch by citizen. based on what my friends comments, i’m really tempted to get one myself. gone are the days when we have to manually synchronize our watches! hehhehe

  38. alex said

    hey i really like that watch, it’s great, because i alway’s was interestet about time and watche’s. my question about that watch is how that alarm work’s, does it make an vibration or sound and how i would set it for movment (wake up or memorie about meeting…) thank’d alex

  39. wristwatch said


    The Skyhawk just makes a sound, a rather faint sound if you ask me. You can set it for a certain time, for instance 6 am, and it’ll beep everyday at 6 am.


  40. Dutch Marine said

    Hi Wristwatch,

    Got over my intial disappointment and bought it on e-bay as you suggested. I negotiated before bidding and they scrapped the postage costs. I got it at USD 419.00 including the resin strap and some sort of strap removing tool. I bought it of tombasjewelry.

    I’ll keep you posted on the time of arrival. I am as excited as my 4 year old watching DORA!!!!!!

  41. wristwatch said

    Hey Dutch Marine,

    Congrats on your purchase! I’m pretty sure you’ll love it as soon as you get your hands on it. Let us know how it went, and how you like the watch. Looking forward to your opinons.


  42. Dutch Marine said


    Although I am a fan of e-bay I noticed recently that there are more and more, let’s say, suspect watches on offer. One guy was selling a Tag (Tiger Woods Chrono edition) with a battery powered quarz mechanism. When I contacted him he told me he did not realize that this was supposed to be a 36 jewel automatic watch and that his friend, who he bought the watch of, must have pulled a fast one on him. The watch however was not taken of e-bay and was still sold for nearly 500 pounds.

    Has anybody else got the same experience with Japanese watches?

    Cheers All.

  43. I’ve given up buying watches on eBay. For “pre-loved” watches, I think you get far more reliable and accurate deals from a lot of the watch forums. For brand new I’ve used a number of on-line dealers (most recommended by various brand forums) and I’ve never had any problems.

    Don’t get me wrong – I bought a lot off eBay but there’s always a strange deal mixed in with a bunch of good ones.

    IMHO – The brand forums can point the way from like minded individuals who are into the same watch as you…

  44. wristwatch said

    I agree with Peter. There are basically two websites which I visit for more info on USA model Citizen watches, Seiko & Citizen Forum and ‘Poor Man’s’ Watch Forum. They usually provide great information on Citizen watches. One problem I encounter is that there is a lot of threads and you gotta read all through them to get some decent information.


  45. Dutch Marine said

    Thank you guys, very useful info. I am still awaiting delivery of my new time piece. I will let you know when it get’s here and what I think of it. Again, thank you for the advice and keep up the good work.

  46. Dutch Marine said

    Yep, yep, yep, I love it. The Postman arrived today with a specila delivery from the States. It is everything I thought it was going to be. It was perfectely wrapped and it arrived here (Nort West of Ireland) after only 6 days. The MODA Group did a great job at a great price.

    The watch is just great. Within a few minutes it knew it was in europe and it adopted the local time without any hassle. I know we are border line when it comes to the signal but the watch had no problem with the low signal strength.

    The face looks stunning and is very easy to read. The lay-out of the smaller hands is very well thought out and it’s a doddle to use. I’ve only had it on my wrist for a few hours and I am not looking forward to taking it of later on.

    The weight is no issue to me at all and I can live with the stainless strap as it still looks smart enough. I’ve already had some heads turned and I think my mate is ordering one as I am typing this.

    MODA supplied the watch with the extra resin strap as well as a handy little tool to change bands for 303.00 Euro including shipping.

  47. wristwatch said

    Cool, so this watch automatically adjusts to the signals that it receives? No need to set it to receive the EUR signal? Is the extra resin strap the same as the strap for the JY0000-02E? Sounds like you got a really good deal. Thanks for the share!

  48. Dutch Marine said

    Hi Wristwatch,

    The Time adjustment is simple. The Watch was set to US when I got it and showed the NYK time. I only pulled out the crown one click and held the lower button down for 2 seconds. The watch switched to receiving mode and the second hand showes how strong or weak the signal is it receives. In my cases it was at the bottom end of the scale (L-low).
    Still after about 3-4 minutes the hands all moved and showed the correct EU time. What you do have to change is your home town, or in my case, nearest home town, LONDON.
    The time and date is adjusted automatically after the signal is received. In the manual it states that this can take up to 15 minutes, in my case it didn’t.
    Yes, the resin strap is the strap for the JY0000-02E, and yes I did get a good deal.

    After a nights sleep I am still very impressed with the watch. I am sure I will find one or two things over time that I would like to comment on so watch this space.

    Cheers All.

  49. vashtard said

    My radio controlled watch can only sync with the Japan radio tower. I live in the Philippines and it takes less than 5 minutes to get a signal. These new radio control watches from Citizen are truly amazing, even if I live far far away from Japan, I still manage to get a signal. I just ordered a JY0000-53E from a local dealer, and will be getting it in about a months time. Will let you know what I think.

  50. hogrider1234 said

    Hey all you fans of the Citizen JY0000-53e and PMV65-2241/2242

    I’m happier than a pig in %$#@ today, as you know who rang my door bell this morning at 9 am,
    thank goodness USPS delivers Express mail on Sunday.

    I just received the outrageous PMV65-2242 where I purchased it on Ebay from joynetcafe for 1165.oo. Super quick 2 day shipping straight fom japan.

    This one has all white letters and other face items instead of the one that has some orange letters and face items. From what I have seen so far, there must be at least two variations of the 2242 coming from Japan. I personally like the white better for the contrast with my increasingly poor eyesight. So for anyone who has some eyesight issues, I can attest to this being very easy to see. As far as the other dials…they are somewhat smaller and they may be difficult to see without my specticles.

    The size of the watch body is very big,just as I expected and like. The sapphire crystal is MUCH MUCH clearer and it really makes all the face items stand out, Another neat feature is that the small rectangles that replace the numbers on the face have both phosphoresence and shiny metal, so the combination of the super clear crystal and the shiny metal is great, although you may want to take this off while swimming as it may attract sharks (I do not intend to wear this one even in the shower)

    Haven’t quite mastered all the features, but neat one is that it puts all the hands and numbers back to 0000 the calibrate, this takes about 20 seconds while all the hands spin around like crazy trying to find 0000, then they all have to spend another 20 seconds finding their original position.

    All for now

  51. I like the look of the Ti version – I must say! It’s a lot more expensive though. Enjoy!

  52. wristwatch said

    The Duratect coating is really worth it, plus the all black look will really turn heads. Enjoy!

  53. Hans F said

    HI ! just got this watch, and love it.
    Had the Blue Angels for 10 years but lower buttons got stuck and face was scrathed. I´ll take better care of this for sure.
    I´m familiar with the E6B (since 1965) BUT tell please the function of the inner markings of the non-moving rim of 1:10 to 9:00(+). My guess would bee ??????.
    THX Hans

  54. Hans F said

    Got it now (from the manual)


  55. Steve Lang said

    Well, I have read all of your comments & now I’m going to town to buy a JY0000-53E. I travel lots and spend much of my time in Central Asia, Kazakhstan and other places. I have a TAG which has few features such as world time and a work horse radio Casio, which looks horrible now. This watch seems to support all of the features that I have been looking for. I will be interested to see if the radio works in the Central Asia Steppe!


  56. Werner said

    Since Astana is about 4000 Kilometers from the Japanese and the German transmitters which both have a maximum range of 2000 Kilometers, it doesn’t look promising.

  57. Yann said

    Thanks for the review. It is a beautiful watch, I got mine in Chicago upon my last visit there in October. This watch is not available in Europe, in France though in “real”shops as Citizen is not officially implemented there. You can find some of their watches in qualified shops but not this one anyway. I’m looking forward to complete my collection with the black one.
    Keep up this wonderful site.

  58. Bond said

    I’ve seen there’s a cd included with the JY0000-53E. Could anyone tell me what’s on this cd? (Got the PMV65-2242 my self, and there is no cd included.)

  59. Yann said

    In the box of my JY0000-53E there was no CD either.

  60. Ahaku said

    Hi all, I would like to know is the clasp on the watch band of the JY0000-53E same as the one on the PMV65-2242/1 where it has a second way of holding the clasp together instead of a pin, since the watch is on the heavy side? Thanks.

  61. D2 said

    Does this help?:


  62. Bo said

    Hello Bo
    We have good news for you. There is a titanium version being introduced sometime this spring. It is different from the Japanese version in that it will not feature duratect coating and a sapphire crystal. The good news is that it will carry a U.S 5 year warranty and retail for 795.00. With the retailer discounting that takes place, you should be able to find it for less than retail.
    If you have your hear set on the Japanese version, you would have to find a retailer that will send to you in the U.S. as we cannot sell the watch here.

    Customer Service

    To: customerservice_us@citizenwatch.com

    Subject: [SPAM] Citizen PMV65-2241 and PMV65-2242

    Dear Customer Service,

    I have been the proud owner of the Citizen Navihawk Blue Angel Promaster watch for almost ten years now. It has not given me any trouble. Now I see the Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk JY0000-53E
    and I will be getting one of those. The only drawback I see is the watch’s heavy weight, just like my Navihawk. I know this comes in Titanium. I would like one of those. I also see it is only being
    offered in Japan. I am not going to Japan as I live in California. What can you do for me on this one?

    A happy customer will tell 1,000 people aka other potential customers!!

    • Joe K. DiMario said

      Have you guys ever gotten or looked at the Citizens Watches offered at Jomashop. Com? They can save you up to 52% off list cost. I bought a Citizens Blue Angles SS for $348.00 I have worn it everyday for the last
      4 1/2 years. I clean it with lenses cleaners and it looks as new as the day I
      bought it. I love this watch. If I wasn’t disable, and if it ddidn’t take me three years to save to buy it I would have bought another one. Joe K. DiMario. USA

  63. bo said

    Hello All,

    Just got this watch in a couple of days ago. It is awesome. Anyone know how to resize this watch? Want to do it myself.


  64. Werner said

    Bo, look at item 21 and 22 of this thread. Most Citizen pilot style watches are sized this way.

  65. Bo said

    Thanks very muchh Werner, must have read that tread ten times a week ago and was trying to remember where I saw it last!!

  66. The best watch I’ve ever bought.
    A radio/solar junk but this is the best.
    Great; heavy, a pleasure to “wear”.

    Kind regards,
    Arie van der Niet

  67. Erich said

    Hi everyone!

    I posted this to another site, but maybe some of you would be interested…

    I would like some info from knowledgeable people, and this site seems to be the right one!

    I live in Germany and have identified various sources (US and Japanese) for this watch (the PMV65-2242 or -2241), but nobody seems to be able to answer some to me pretty simple questions…

    What I want is:

    *) the titanium casing – with DLC is very nice but not absolutely necessary (is this one of the differences between the PMV65-2242 and -2241 ?)…

    *) and Duratect (I have gleened only the vaguest idea of what this is, but it sounds like something I want)…

    *) and the sapphire crystal lens (sounds like a must!)…

    *) and the dials withOUT the yellow (or orange or gold or whatever) color – i.e. the only color I’ll see is on the battery charge indicator hand. Everything else is white on black.

    So… what watch number is the one I want? I *think* it’s the PMV65-2242, but I really haven’t heard anyone definitively give the difference between this one and the -2241. Anyone want to try? (I don’t mean this sarcastically!)

    And one more point: I personally refuse to wear the stainless band or the rubber one either – I’ll buy a decent leather band and I wonder how difficult it is to remove the rubber one or the stainless one completely and replace it with leather.


  68. Yann said


    I can only reply to the last question as I own the standard version of the watch (with stainless steel, orange dials and so forth). It takes two minutes to replace the stainless steal with a leather strap or whatever strap you want to place. As easy as any other watch.

  69. Eric said

    I just ordered the JY0000-53E, and want to replace the stainless steel band with a leather strap. What is the width between the lugs? I can’t seem to find this measurement anywhere.

  70. Erich said

    Hi Eric,

    I did some research and found that it is supposed to be 22 mm. But to be sure, just wait till the watch arrives and measure it yourself. By the time you’ve figured out all the wonderful things it can do, you’ll have the new band, too. 🙂

    I’m in Australia right now, and will order mine (a PMV65-2242) just as soon as I get home in Frankfurt.


  71. I got a call form a customer (yes I’m a retailer, but I never mention or plug my company name in this forum) who believes Citizen has changed the specs on the bracelet on the JY0000-53E from their advertised artwork and I think he just might be right!!

    The actual band being shipped seems thicker and heavier than the art on Citizen’s web site with larger and longer link pieces.

    He also claims the clasp has been changed from a deployment style hidden clasp to the double push button fold over clasp.

    Take a look at the pictures on nextdaywatches.com (definately not us, one of our competitors) and the first image is the Citizen supplied artwork. The next five images are photographs they took. You can see the difference.

    I’m writing to the great group to find out your experience with this watch and bracelet. Which bracelets have you all received. We only have the bracelet as shown on the nextday website.

    Thanks, Bob

    P.S. I’ve also called Citizen Watch Co about this and I’ll report back to you all…..

  72. rickey terry said

    HELP! Need instructions on how to set the skyhawk jy0000-53e any help would be greatly appreciated watch came without the right instruction manual

  73. D2 said

    It’s all here:


  74. Danko said

    Dutch Marine, where did you order your piece from? What’s MODA group? Confirm you paid 303 euros for it?

  75. Pradeep said

    Is it possible to use the skyhawk JR3155-54E or the JY0000-53E purchased from USA in India?. Please let me know .

    Thanks in advance,

  76. Eric said

    I received my JY0000-53E 5 days ago and the DiModell Shark strap today. The JY0000-53E has a very tight 22mm width between the lugs. My micrometer measured it at 21.6 mm, but it is not a very precise instrument. The 22mm black DiModell Shark strap is a tight fit, but it does fit. Also, it looks quite nice with the JY0000-53E, and lessens the weight.


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  78. Anders Forsberg said

    citizen skyhawk JY0000

    I’m looking for the best price on a Citizen Skyhawk eco drive.
    I hope you take the time to answer some questions.

    So here goes:

    1 It says you also ship to Europe, would then Sweden be possible?

    2 What would be the shipping cost?

    3 Do you ship via sufrace mail or DHL or other?

    4 Will there be any customs issues dependent on what will say on the package – or doesn’t this matter? (I understand if you don’t know what applies to Sweden customs-wise)

    5 whats the delivery time?

    6 Is paypal the way to pay, and if so -why, or are there better options?

    Best regards,
    Anders Forsberg

  79. Jerry G. said

    I have the Skyhawk JY0000-53E in the white metal colour. I can only say that it is excellent. In the free running mode, it keeps about +5 seconds per month average. I first found it a little difficult to get used to its logic of how to set it up and use it. But once used to this watch, I think it’s great!

    I would strongly recomend this watch for anyone who needs a sophisticated time piece, and especialy for someone who is in to navigation and working with the need to use the chronometer feature. I also like the solar power feature with this watch. It’s not the battery cost, but it is the convenience to know that for many years this watch will not need very much attention to keep it running. A light powered watch is a terrific idea.

    Jerry G.

  80. D2 said

    Links about Citizen U600 movement software bug causing incorrect date display from February 28, 2010 and beyond:

    Links include information on how to tell if your watch is affected.



  81. Haig said

    It says in the manual that you can input one city to the world time feature. Does anyone know how to do this, as I couldn’t find any reference in the manual.Thanks

  82. Danko said

    Has anyone seen the latest titanium model JY0010-50E? Any feedback?

  83. Eban said

    I just got my JY0000-53E delivered yesterday…..Birthday present from my darling wife! Wow! What a watch! Having a 100 page instruction manual for a watch is amazing!

    I think the look and feel of this watch is top rate. It is heavier than any of my other watches, but then it is packing a great deal in a small package.

    The only issue I have is with the AT function; it could be a “chimp factor” but whenever I press the lower button, the second hand goes straight to NO, implying that there is no signal. When I force a manual update the second hand goes to RX, then on to H, usually, and sometimes M. After what seems like an eternity, and a good few rotations of the second hand, it returns to normal, but a single short press of Button “A” it goes straight to NO. I have set my home location to London, so it is showing the Eur selector for updates. Am I missing something? Is this normal. I live in NW London. Ant advice gratefully rx’d!

  84. stranger stel said

    hey guys, i love this watch, but arent really sure about the bracelet. i own a swiss army officer and feel ive been spoiled by simplicity of it…. If i were to get this watch, i would like to change the staps, but feel that only watch enthusiasts such as my self would be able to give me feedback as to what would look the best. I like the orange accents of the face, and want to know what you guys think about this strap


    your opinions of how this would look on this watch would really help me make a decision, or if you have any preference of your own, im all ears.

    my emails is stelios_naxakis@hotmail.com if you wanna leave ure reply there

    thanks alot, hope to hear

  85. K1dude said


    I saw the US titanium version a couple weeks ago at Macy’s. It was very light and very nice. It is mineral glass instead of sapphire crystal. MSRP is $795, but most places discount 25% = $596. I personally bought one today from a highly rated ebay dealer for $410 + $13.65 S&H. I’ll have it in a few days.

  86. Danko said

    Thanks for your response K1

  87. fen said

    Here´s a reply I had from my UK dealer for the Jy0000-53E regarding the U600 bug:

    “I have checked with Citizen UK we have advised me that there is a problem
    but it is only affecting the American & Japanese versions of the Radio
    Controlled watches, so as your watch is a European version of the watch you
    won’t have problems.

    With regards to the problem affecting the American & Japanese watches
    Citizen are hoping to have it resolved by early July so it isn’t an ongoing
    problem it is just a ‘blip'”

    Just for info

  88. Tazz said

    Hi Guys,
    I’ve just ordered my JY0000 53E from http://www.promenadewatches.com. So far they have had the best rates for a brand new factory sealed for USD 350. The only thing tht worries me is the bug u guys are talkin abt..

  89. Envy said

    Update on the U600 bug for European models:

    I’ve been in touch with citizen UK directly, EU models with serial numbers starting with the number 7 ARE affected, but this will only be apparent if you travel to the US and Japan. Citizen UK are expecting to receive the software fix in June and will contact people who have supplied their details when they have it. The update will of course be free.

  90. fen said

    To Haig:
    go to
    Select : Setting of world time
    Select : Setting of free time difference
    Follow the 7 steps


  91. fen said


    is recommended for EU dealings no tax, fair prize, no customs.

    ATT: Forsberg, Sweden


  92. Haig said

    To Fen:

    Thanks! much appreciated!


  93. DL said

    How do I tell whether my JY0000-xxx is affected or not by the software bug if serial number starts with 7 like RFN on the Attesa and PMV65-224x with serial number starting with 7 is not affected? Or are all with 7 serial number on JY0000-xxxx affected no matter what engraving it might have?


  94. Flash 1 said

    Hi All,
    I got my SKYHAWK JY0000-53e yesterday (April 10, 2008)and it is a beauty! Promenade Watches were very helpful! My wife got it for me as a birthday present. I thank you all for all the informative blogs. They really helped with the decision making. Some day we will hopefully get a radio transiter here in Africa and I will then enjoy the additional features.

  95. webmaster said

    Please shop for the watch on our site at classybrand.com. We are an authorized dealer for the Citizen brand. JY0000-53E

  96. Cool watch, probably good for skiing.

  97. stevenyc1 said


  98. Bob Jones said

    I have had my JY0000-02E for a little less than a year now and it got scratched up by my kid. I sent it in and had the crystal and bezel replaced (Citizen Of America in Torrance, CA) for a very reasonable price and the software update done for free (warranty).

    The watch came back as good as new, the little dot pressed in next to the serial number to indicate the software update, and the old parts in a little bag to prove they changed everything.

    Took a little over a month to do as they had to order parts from Japan. I wonder if I could have requested a sapphire crystal instead! Hmmmmm. Anyway, they did a great job and the watch is just as it was out of the box.

    My only complaints about the watch are the dial computer does not have a clear indicator at the 10 where most computer watches have red numbers or some easy to see indicator. My old eyes sometimes have a bit of trouble seeing where to position the rotating dial.

    The orange lights are OK but don’t really illuminate the entire LCD to see the information at the bottom of the window. So it helps to have accommodated night vision if you are going to use the light. Otherwise it’s a bit tough to see.

    The mode changing method is a bit weak to me. Pulling out the crown to switch is not as easy as it could be (you kind of have to lift up to get your finger under the crown to get a good grip to pull it out which is a bit awkward) and I would have liked a dedicated button at maybe the 8:00 position to press with my thumb instead.

    I would have liked the calendar to be viewable while in Time mode in the LCD without having to switch to calendar mode. So, have it set to Time to show the time in digital form but press a button to see the calendar for a few seconds. Instead, the only way to see the calendar is to switch to that mode. A bit cumbersome in my opinion given the slightly weak method of mode switching.

    I love the radio time sync as this is now the most accurate watch I own or will likely ever own. I also love the heft of the steel case and think the titanium version would be too light for my tastes. I like heavy watches – light ones just feel cheap to me. The time is easy to see at a glance and the two alarms are great. Despite my complaints, this is an excellent watch. I’d like to see the stainless version with a charcoal coating or a black/white dial as that version looks better to me but I want it to be in the heavier steel.

    It’s a fantastic watch for sure.


  99. maro said

    I’d like to know if citizen skyhawk will be available in Italy too, and when. at this moment it’s not available,and I’m planning to buy it in Switzerland or by web.thank you.

  100. maro said

    sorry,I fogot: I mean the citizen skyhawk JY0000-53E.
    In Italy at this moment just JY0020-53E is sold.Thx.

  101. J. Samuels said

    Mr. J. Samuels Says:

    I am a HAM operater and involed in EMERGENCY DISASTER COMMUNICATIONS. I experience many weather conditions rain, wind, wild fires, the works! I’ve had my eye on this watch for a while the stainless steel Citizen skyhawk AT JY0000-53E. When I recieved it at my home I just fell in love with it out of the box! after researching many blogs. I did have to get the watch band sized to my wrist. The setings are easy to do and I’m amazed by the synchroniztation of this watch. And to not have to change a battery kudos for that! I feel I will have many years of use with this watch. This is a great watch!!

  102. RK said

    Does the Skyhawk AT come with any half-links for the bracelet? I read somewhere that the SS version comes with them but not the Titanium version? Can anyone confirm that please? Also, what are the weight difference betweemn the SS and Titanium models? Thanks.

  103. Yann said

    After the stainless stell JY0000-53E I already have, I purchased the new titanium version in a local store in Chicago area today. Still a beautiful time piece, darker than the steel version and much lighter to wear.

  104. Crunkster said

    I have had the for more than four years, but have worn it only a couple of times. I have adjusted the band several times, but it is still not comfortable. Does anyone else have this problem? I have an average wrist, but the links catch the hair on my arm even with the tiniest of movement.

    I would really like to switch the band for a NATO or rubber strap. However, I am having a ton of trouble removing the darn thing! I have been collecting watches for a while, switched many bands, I have even worked at a (low-grade) jewelery store, and resized many Citizen and Seiko watches for customers.

    Citizen customer service confirmed that regular spring bars hold the band in place, and that it can be removed.

    Can anyone who has encountered a similar situation please offer some advice?

  105. Crunkster said

    I have had the JR3060-59F for more than four years, but have worn it only a couple of times. I have adjusted the band several times, but it is still not comfortable. Does anyone else have this problem? I have an average wrist, but the links catch the hair on my arm even with the tiniest of movement.

    I would really like to switch the band for a NATO or rubber strap. However, I am having a ton of trouble removing the darn thing! I have been collecting watches for a while, switched many bands, I have even worked at a (low-grade) jewelery store, and resized many Citizen and Seiko watches for customers.

    Citizen customer service confirmed that regular spring bars hold the band in place, and that it can be removed.

    Can anyone who has encountered a similar situation please offer some advice?

  106. J.Kluiter said

    i am a certified Citizen dealer in the Netherlands and
    i sell the JY0020-64E for 495,- Euro.
    This is the model with full steel bracelet and Saphire glas.
    info mail : juwelierkluiter@live.nl

  107. Joe said

    I have the JY0000-53E and have just purchased the JY0000-02E on EBAY. It should arrive this week. Citizen make the best, well priced, great looking and most useful watches.


  108. Ian said

    Can anybody plse tell me if there is supposed to be a manual with the Citizen Skyhawk A-T

    Atomic Watch.I was going to buy one this afternoon but they only had the instructional CD

    and not a manual with it.My point is that if the CD doesn’t work or gets damaged,there is no

    written set of instructions to fall back on



  109. D said


  110. Sam said

    Switching bands at the store

    Great forum and great comments – I’ve learned a lot here while deciding on purchasing a Skyhawk JY0000-53E. My wife is buying it for me for our anniversary, and wants to get it before we go on a trip in a couple days. The store she went to (a reputable store in downtown Boston and one we’ve purchased jewelry from before) has it for $25 less than the best price I’ve seen on line at a well rated shop. The only problem is they only have the Blue Angels JY0040-59L and the Skyhawk JY0000-02E with the rubber band. They offered to order the 53E for her, but knowing that she wanted to pick it up before the trip, they also offered to just sell us the rubber band one and switch off the rubber strap for the bracelet on the Blue Angels. They said the bracelet on the Blue Angels model was exactly the same as on the 53E.

    My question is – are there any down sides to doing this kind of maneuver? For example, if I ever had trouble with the bracelet, and tried to get it fixed under warranty, would they balk since it would be the serial number off a rubber strap model?

    I appreciate any feedback anyone has.


  111. Eric said


    I would like to know where I could buy a Skyhawk JY0000-02E with the rubber band.

    I live in the Philippines and the store here only has the Skyhawk Blue Angels. I have tried Singapore & Malaysia but nobody seemed to have it either.

    If you could also tell me the price that would be great!

    Thanks for the feedback anyone.



  112. GregFromParis said


    I am French, I live in Paris. I bought my CITIZEN on a website in US because it’s very difficult to find the models Skyhawk JY0000-53E or JY0000-02E (same model but with different brands). My model is the JY0000-02E with the rubber band.

    I searched a band in leather in France, impossible to find it (22mm and curved). Finaly, I bought on this website:


    this model (leonardo, Medci):


    Here is the result after changing:

    I am very happy about this band.

  113. mateen munshi said

    I would like to know where I could buy a Skyhawk JY0000-02E with the rubber band.i live in india ,pune

  114. GregFromParis said

    I bought my JY0000-02E on this website:


    Deliver country: America, Europe, Asia, Australia

    I Ordered the Monday, I received my watch the Friday of the same week by UPS.
    Very serious.

  115. Everett said

    I know this may sound crazy, but I’ve recently purchased three (3) copies of the Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-53E A-T Global Watch and I have NO intention of wearing any of them. I collect pilot watches, and I want my JY0000-53E’s to remain in pristine condition. I also collect pocket watches and I have a few other Citizen pilot watches with eco-drive in my collection.

    The JY0000-53E is so gorgeous, I’d hate to wear it. I didn’t buy my three JY000-53E’s for time-keeping, but to admire them up-close. Sounds outlandish doesn’t it?

  116. D2 said

    Everett, why not buy a fourth copy to wear? Do you even wear a watch? Anyway, enjoy your collection!

  117. Everett said

    Hey, what’s up D2?!

    A fourth copy to wear? I like your suggestion, but it would strain my budget a bit. No, I don’t normally wear a watch (or wristwatch), because I cannot get used to anything on my wrist, or on any part of my body. I don’t wear any kind of jewelry (i.e. rings, bracelets, necklaces, wristwatches, etc.).

    Out of my entire pocket watch collection, I only wear one pocket watch; and it’s a modern railroad pocket watch – that’s it. I keep it in a pouch specially designed for it, and I wear the pouch on my (pants) belt. Just like my pilot watch collection, I want my pocket watches to remain in pristine condition, too. So, I never use my pocket watches; that’s just how I am, I’ve a very “persnickety” nature. I am very fascinated by timepieces – especially those with exposed skeletal movement. I am saving up for an Astrolabium 2000 Heaven Machine – an elegant mantel clock with great skeletal movement.

  118. DL said

    I also had several 53E & 02E watches in my collection along with several Seiko Kinetic watches. I wear one of each 53E and 02E just to enjoy their beauty. They make me always on the dot. I also had Jap version 2241 and 2242 but sold them as they are too expensive compared with the 53E or 02E.
    Personally, I also enjoy the Seiko Kinetic watches and think the Seiko Kinetic watches are generally speaking one step higher than the Citizen in build quality. All recent Seiko Kinetic watches are made of sapphire crystal instead of Citizen’s mineral crystal. What do you think? I wear a Premier Kinetic perpetual calendar, a Premier Kinetic Direct Drive and a Premier Kinetic Chrono all of which are very accurate. I would say accuracy is within 5 seconds a month. Amazing. All of these make me think the Seiko is one step higher in quality than Citizen, let alone prices.

  119. Everett said

    I am not so sure I can agree with you about Seiko being “one step higher in quality”, DL. I believe it’s the other way around. But, I understand where you’re coming from, because I love Seiko wristwatches. I own some of Seiko’s top models – the SND255, SNA411 and the SNA414. They’re gorgeous and the quality is surperb. Citizen’s wristwatches are gorgeous as well, and have more complications. In my opinion, this makes them more interesting. Citizen watches are also very accurate. I think they manufacture watches that are far more superior in quality. When it comes to manufacturing sophisticated watches, I believe Citizen has the edge over Seiko.

  120. Anoop said

    Just received the Titanium one today. Love the watch.

    The watch is very light but did not really find he Stainless Steel one that heavy.

    I really like the black European one. Does anybody have this watch? Does it scratch more easily than Titanium? Also with the Black one are scratches really easy to see?

    Saw the black one in flesh and it looks lovely

  121. Everett said

    I’ve just added a fourth copy of the Citizen Skyhawk A-T Flight Chronograph JY0000-53E wristwatch to my growing collection of pilot watches, and I am so ecstatic over this extraordinary wristwatch. The JY0000-53E is the best that Citizen Watch Company has to offer from its well-known and top-selling series “Skyhawk”. The JY0000-53E is the coolest looking watch I’ve ever seen. Its just beautiful. I love this watch because of its looks and it’s complications. I didn’t buy the JY0000-53E for timekeeping. I am convinced that this is one of the most attractive watches in the world.

    By the way, I purchase my latest JY0000-53E copy from http://www.discountwatchstore.com, an authorized retailer. There is someone there named Jennefer, who is a very pleasant person to do business with. The customer service representatives at this online merchant, are generally very nice, too. I’ve purchased several wristwatches from DiscountWatchStore.com (Citizen and Seiko brands) and I am very happy with the way DiscountWatchStore.com has treated me and handled my orders. I highly recommend DiscountWatchStore.com to anyone living in the USA.

  122. Goose said

    Hans asked this earlier in a post and then posted that he found the answer in manual.
    I can’t find it.

    “BUT tell please the function of the inner markings of the non-moving rim of 1:10 to 9:00(+). ”

    Can someone help?
    Driving me bonkers.


  123. Goose said

    Found the answer in the manual.
    What a goober for totally missing it.

  124. Hulahoop said

    Hello –
    I’m in a bind and not knowledgable about watches whatsoever. I ordered a JY0000-53E from Amazon for my husband (surprise christmas present – being delivered tomorrow) after seeing him try one on in a store yesterday. He really loved the watch but after an hour of umming and erring, and an attemp at haggling, he decided it was too much money. Enter loving wife…….

    However, he came home tonight and said he was relieved he didn’t buy the watch as he now wants the titanium version – I ordered the stainless steel. Groan.

    My question is can he order a titanium strap to replace the steel one and is it an easy process?

  125. Techz said

    Hello All

    I got the citizen skyhawk u600 for Christmas i know how to set the alarm on it and most of the other stuff but is there anyway to get it to make a beep every hour like a little chime or does it not do this

    Many Thanks Merry Christmas


  126. Scott said

    Does anyone have a good source to buy the rubber watchband for the JY0000-53e?
    I’m assuming it is the same size as the stainless steel one and you could switch them out as you please–anyone confirm this?

    Thanks in advance!

  127. John said

    Model: 59-S51296
    Material: Rubber. Matte finish
    Clasp: Tri-fold, Sport style, with spring release
    Black — 22mm — Standard


    John -Clifton Park, NY

  128. Scott said

    Thank you very much John!!!

    Much appreciated.

  129. MAAC said

    I am going to Australia. Will my Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-53Epic up the radio signal thre?

  130. mrki said

    hey just wondering ,is this watch good for diving without diving tank .watch is not screw down case it is push down

  131. Tony in CO said

    This is my first post here, and I appreciate all the input from the previous writers. I ordered my jy0000-53e (stainless steel version) from Discountwatchstore.com and they were great. I worked with Zai. They did a price match, and I got it for $315. At this price, it didn’t come sized, but I’ll get that done locally. Looking forward to learning and using all the functions.

    • Everett said

      Discountwatchstore.com will size your watch for free no matter what you (the customer) paid for it…as long as the watch was purchased from them. Perhaps you didn’t tell Discountstore.com that you wanted your watch sized on the online order form.

      By the way, your $315 JY0000-53E watch is a nice deal. I had them do a price match too, and I got my JY0000-53E watch for just under $300.

  132. Chris Coleman said

    I just bought this watch from Macy’s on sale 25% off for $390. I bought the watch for skydiving and was looking for something durable, water and shock resistant, as well as an altimeter and compass. Unfortunately they did not have any books. They ordered one for me and directed me to the website in the interim. However the more I read about it I don’t believe it has either of these functions. Now the fuel consumption calculator and the world time I can imagine would be very useful for a pilot but without the altimeter (and preferably the compass) it’s really of no use to me. Did I misread something or did the service representative sell me the wrong watch?

  133. DL said

    This watch does not have altimeter or compass. It is more like for pilots with world time, chronograph, timer 2 alarms and Atomic synch etc.

  134. pfrench said

    Can any one tell me if there are 2nd or 3 rd editions of the Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-53E? The watch has been available since Sept 2007 and sometimes Citizens will update model.

    I just want to be sure to buy the latest edition of the Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-53E, since this will be a longterm ‘keeper.’

    Any recommendation as where to buy on line?


  135. Everett said

    I would like to make a correction. In my last comment, I typed the wrong URL address for the Citizen Watch website. The correct URL address is http://www.citizenwatch.com.

  136. dior said

    watches is very good.

  137. Shawn said

    This looks like a very nice watch. Perhaps this will be my next purchase.

  138. STEVE said

    Just got my JY0000-53E from http://WWW.DISCOUNTWATCHSTORE.COM. They were asking $487.50. They have a PRICE MATCH+ policy. If you can find it online from a REAL authorized dealer, they’ll match the total price inc. shipping and handling MINUS 4% or $12 whichever is less! I bought mine for $319.50 shipped!
    Now the question is… How do you access and enter the EXTRA HOME CITY feature? I’m using NYC but would like to put in DCA (DC) as that’s my home airport.
    The comments about the band seem to be true, but you still have to push BOTH sides of the clasp simultaneously to open it. One a watch for that price however, Citizen could have used a better quality band…One with screws rather than pins.

  139. o add a link por webmasters de forma convincente é uma grande oportunidade de provar sua inteligência do mercado na indústria.

    • steve said

      It wasn’t a marketing notice, I went to Discount Watch after looking at all the other sites. Then I asked them for their price match + guarantee! I paid $319.50 usd for it delivered!.

      Não foi um aviso de marketing, fui para Watch Discount depois de olhar para todos os outros sites. Então eu perguntei-lhes o preço de partida + garantia! Eu paguei R $ 319,50 para que seja entregue!

  140. Alex Smith said

    I just happened to google for jy0000-53E and the first thing that came up was this. So spent some time and been through all the posts that were dropped here along with all the reviews, suggestions and little bits and bobs about the jy0000-53E.

    been eyeing on this since long but never had enough bucks to bag it. I wanted to go for JY0010-50E which is titanium one, but i saw no functional difference between JY0010-50E & jy0000-53E apart from one comes with stainless steel case and other in titanium case. so in other words JY0010-50E is lighter in weight as compared to jy0000-53E, but on the same time JY0010-50E is $150 more expensive as compared to jy0000-53. So i thought i would rather settle with JY0010-50E and save $150.

    I spent couple of good hours in researching the good source to buy this watch from and finally happened to purchase it at http://www.nextdaywatches.com/ I am not at all advocating them for anything, but i personally found them better and their customer service reps were more responsive than any other, they were polite enough to answer all my questions and also offered me other bundled features with my order as others are offering.

    So here i am waiting for my watch to arrive tomorrow as they promised me, and once it comes in my hands i shall be able tell you what it feels to have that and look at that. And how my wrist and JY0010-50E together looks and feels like?

    The only reason i am writing here because i feel you guys did share good information which helped me a lot in this buying process, and i think because of that it’s my duty to contribute and give back a little.

    Thank you and have a great day, may God be your constant companion and guide you always.


    • Everett said


      Did your Citizen Skyhawk JY0010-50E watch arrive on time from nextdaywatches.com? If you have your watch, how does it look and feel on your wrist? Are you please with your new watch?

      I’d like to hear from you about your new JY0010-50E. Drop us a note. 😉

  141. Asri said

    I just want to ask whether this atomic synchronize function would work in Malaysia. I am interested of buying this watch to use in Malaysia. Thank you.

  142. STEVE said


    I trvel to China quite often and my watch is NEVER off when I check it with the online US clock (-10hrs). To be honest, it’s NEVER off! Just buy it!!

  143. […] Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-53E « WristWatch […]

  144. Hello, It is likely this entry may be off topic but anyways, Having been browsing about your weblog and it seems very cool. It is obvious that you know your topic and you are passionate about it. I’m constructing a fresh blog and I am attempting to make it look great, and provide quality writing. Having acquired a good deal visiting your site in addition to I anticipate much more posts and will be returning soon. Thanks.

  145. TiStick said

    I have had this watch for 1 month and have already scratched the mineral crystal.
    Can someone please tell me if there is some way i can have a sapphire uv coated crystal put on this?
    I’m willing to send it to japan, or order the crystal from japan and have it installed in the states.

    The crystal on this watch is the weakest link imho. Otherwise, great watch.

    • Steve said

      Sorry about that! Actually a mineral crystal is very tough. Not quite as hard as a sapphire (Mohs 9 vs. 7.5). It will probably cost you as much as the watch. Sapphire deposition for a single crystal is expensive plus your crysal would still have the scratches after the sapphire deposition.
      Call or email Citizen and just have THEM replace it. Don’t just go to a jeweler or watch store for the replacement.. Your warranty would be voided.


  146. Tony said

    I’m about to buy a Skyhawk. However, one thing confuses me. Why does the scale for the slide rule start around the 2 o’clock position? It seems most logical to start it at top 12 o’clock position.

    For some reason, Citizen wants to align the 60 mark of the slide rule to the 12 o’clock position. I don’t see how this is useful.

    • STEVE said


      I wouldn’t call it a ‘Sliderule’. It’s an E6B flight computer where the ’60’ at top is irrelevant. I think you may be thinking it’s a Tachometer where the 60 is at the top (12:00) Here’s a link to a picture of an actual E6B http://sliderulemuseum.com/HSRC/25261.jpg .

      I’m an ATP, CFII and have used several versions of the E6B in my 40 years of piloting. The E6B on the Skyhawk is just another version.

      One thing I’ll tell you is that if you mess up you time or date it wall self correct itself overnight! It’s an awesome watch. Don’t think about it, JUST BUY ONE! I guarantee you’ll love it!

  147. Brent said

    Looking at buying a a SkyHawk JY0005-50E. I have a friend leaving for China today and have him looking at getting one for me over there if the price is right. However I got to looking at a few sites and I’m starting to worry that the watches sold in China may not function correctly here. I’m alos hearing a lot about fakes coming out of China. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. In addition can anyone reccomend where I can purchase at a good price to avoid the China hassel all together? Thanks in advance….great blog!

  148. looks great ,nice watch.

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  150. coach said

    This watch does not have altimeter or compass. It is more like for pilots with world time, chronograph, timer 2 alarms and Atomic synch etc.

    • STEVE said


      There are watches with all types of ‘Gizmos’ out there. What would a pilot need with a wrist compass and altimeter? There are several ways to ACCURATELY get that information even if aircraft instruments fail. This is a watch for pilots and as an ATP, I wear it daily. Since you’re not a pilot, let me say that the best feature for myself is the 24 hour clock and Zulu (GMT) display which I use constantly and the dual time for my detinations. The Altimeter/Compass watches are toys. If you want a good watch, buy this one.

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  153. rebus said

    I am contemplating on buying a Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-53E or similar.
    Can anyone clarify something for me? What I am interested to find out is if this time piece will show the local time automatically. More specifically, after of course I did a correct “home time” set-up, I travel say over several time zones. Will it be able to indicate the local time automatically without me indicating the closest important city?
    Why I am asking this? Well, because I might be cruising on the sea or I might fly or I might travel by train and I might not be able to indicate manually the general time zone I am in.
    I am wondering if, based on the radio signals the watch is regulated with, there is some sort of triangulation algorithm the device is performing in order to identify its own position.
    If it cannot do something like this, I would say with all due respect that regardless all the bells and whistles, this product is kind of useless…

    • Steve said

      What you ask for is not possible on ANY watch at the moment, you are looking for a GPS. This watch has no idea where you are at, it receives a signal blasted across the continent that says what GMT is, and then corrects it to the local time that you tell it.

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    I had gotten the “Blue Angels” Skyhawk watch about 3 or 4 years ago, and It still works great, so, I “upgraded” to the Skyhawk A-T watch. I have had it over a year and a half. It has only been off of my wrist maybe 5 times in that time. I wear it at work, at home, on vacation, etc. I have showered with it on, went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, when I lived in FL. It is a very sturdy timepiece and looks very nice also. I have gotten numerous compliments on it, and offers to buy it. People have asked me where I got it, and I tell them on Amazon.com, and is alot less expensive than anywhere else online or in stores. This is one watch that I have hardley ever had to take off, and still looks great!!!!

    • Everett said

      I’m impressed. I love hearing how durable and dependable the Citizen Skyhawk watches are. I have four Skyhawk JY0000-53E’s and 3 Blue Angels Skyhawks (JY0040-59L) in my watch collection. They’re beautiful timepieces. Mine are in pristine condition and I intend to keep them that way. 😉

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    These are great watches in every way but I have one critisism, the straps available are not quite perfect for me. I bought my skyhawk as “the watch I’d never have to take off”. and as I’m fairly hairy in the limb dept. and steel straps tend to leave me with a balding patch where they’ve been pulled out, I bought the resin strap option. It looks good and feels comfy but they disintegrate at the rate of one a year. At £ 35.00 a time for the genuine article that means I’ve now spent more on straps than the initial cost of the watch! The problem seems to be the holes in the strap where the bars fit for the the pins so I’m now considering casting my own strap taken from a modified original already altered for my wrist size to see if I can sort this one weak link in the Skyhawks spec,

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  174. Bill said


    I’m having a problem getting mine to receive the radio signal. I live in New England and it works very rarely. Cold ter be a problem wit the watch or is it a location issue?

  175. Albert Vaknin said

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  176. Everett said

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