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Citizen Skyhawk AT JY0000-02E

Posted by wristwatch on October 5, 2007

I guess it just about time that the JY0000-02E got posted in this site, since its brother the JY0000-53E is just about the most popular page of all time here. The JY0000-02E is exactly the same as the JY0000-53E, except for the rubber strap. The rubber strap gives it a more of a sporty look, and is actually better for the divers out there. One thing I hate about those metal bracelets are that tiny specs of dust get trap in between those links that are almost impossible to clean. Truly the world watch, with worldwide radio synchronization and an unlimited power source, makes this a maintenance free watch.

* Type Cal.U600/U60
* Accuracy ±15 seconds per month(without radio signal reception)
* Operating time from full charge approximately 6 months(in power save mode:approximately 2.5 years)
* Specifications Germany(DCF77), The United States(WWVB), Japan(JJY)standard time radio wave receivable
* World Time(43 cities and 29 time zones)
* 2 Alarms
* 1/100 Second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours
* 99 Minute Countdown Timer
* Perpetual Calendar
* Digital Display Light
* Greenwich Mean Time Display
* Rotating Slide Rule Bezel
* Non-Reflective Crystal
* Stainless Steel Case
* Rubber Strap
* Power Reserve Indicator
* 200-Meter Water-Resistant



36 Responses to “Citizen Skyhawk AT JY0000-02E”

  1. BLF said

    you can find my review of this model at http://skyhawk.fruga.net/

  2. wristwatch said

    Hello Bernard, Nice review. Hope you enjoy this watch.

  3. BLF said

    Yes, I do enjoy the watch! I wear it every day. It’s really great timepiece!

  4. E.N. Escobar said

    I purchased the Skyhawk in the islands (St. Marteen) and did not have time to adjust the rubber strap…any suggestions please? By the way I like the piece a lot…

  5. Tom said

    To E.N. Escobar,

    I am on St. Maarten myself right now and also looking to by the Skyhawk A-T. If you don’t mind me asking would you please tell me how much you paid for it? They are pretty big on negotiating on prices here and of course I am trying to get a good deal.


  6. D2 said

    Links about Citizen U600 movement software bug causing incorrect date display from February 28, 2010 and beyond:

    Links include information on how to tell if your watch is affected.



  7. Tazz said

    Hi Guys,
    Just got the watch myself.. amazin innit? Very impressive and am very glad I purchased it.
    I wd really appreciate if you guys could gimme the rite tips and guidelines to adjust the rubber strap before some ignorant watch service center screws it up. Thx..

  8. DL said

    The info at http://www.seiyajapan.com applies only to the Attesa ATV53-283x and Promaster PMV65-224x. Is there any engraving which is equivalent to RFN on US Skyhawk AT which means that it is not affected?

  9. Joshua said

    Great watch. I just recently got mine from here and I love it. CITIZEN SKYHAWK WATCH

  10. D2 said

    For your answer, go to http://www.citizenwatch.com/COA/English/faqs.asp
    then enter “U600” in the Search FAQs box and read the answer to the FAQ titled
    “I have heard of a software update for the U600 Skhyawk AT. Is this true?”.

  11. stevenyc1 said

    The Skyhawk JY0010-50E I bought three days ago is nothing but the JY0000-02E with a Ti bracelet (same U600 caliber). It is a beautiful time keeping piece and it hardly left my wrist since. Those who have their eyes and minds set on this outstanding watch but are not visiting St. Maarten any time soon should visit http://www.jomashop.com/citizen-skyhawk-mens-watch-jy0010-50e.html. The current $453 selling price (tax added only in NY state) will make it worth their while. The watch I received has a manufacturer’s warranty and its serial number was not among those mentioned at http://www.citizenwatch.com/COA/English/faqs.asp (see D2 comment Nr.10 above) as requiring a software correction/update. IMPORTANT (THE MANUAL DOESN”T MENTION THIS): Special attention should be paid when re-sizing the Ti bracelet so as not to loose the tiny cylinders that serve as inserts for the bracelet segment holes. Once the pin is pushed through the holes to secure the segments together, these cilinders expand inside the only hole per segment accepting it, thus ensuring a tight fit. Loosing them upon disassembly is almost a sure thing if you don’t know this system. I did. Citizen Customer Service though was just a phone call away with their prompt, professional help with a friendly touch & shipped me two complete segments Free of Charge.

  12. J.Kluiter said

    i am a certified Citizen dealer in the Netherlands and
    i sell the JY0020-64E for 495,- Euro.
    This is the model with full steel bracelet and Saphire glas.
    info mail : juwelierkluiter@live.nl

  13. Joe said

    Hi Everyone.

    If you are reading this then you are already a fan of the Skyhawk A-T. I bought my first one (JY0000-53E)on EBAY about 6 weeks ago and have loved it. I saw a JY0000-02E on EBAY yesterday and bought it too. It will arrive in a few days. They are fabulous watches. The first one I bought had already had the U600 firmware update. I’m hoping that Citizen here in Canada will take pity on me and do the upgrade on this watch under warranty. All in all, a fabulous, useful, great looking, well priced watch!

  14. Eric said


    I would like to know where I could buy a Skyhawk JY0000-02E with the rubber band.

    I live in the Philippines and the store here only has the Skyhawk Blue Angels. I have tried Singapore & Malaysia but nobody seemed to have it either.

    If you could also tell me the price that would be great!

    Thanks for the feedback anyone.



  15. GregFromParis said


    I am French, I live in Paris. I bought my CITIZEN on a website in US because it’s very difficult to find the models Skyhawk JY0000-53E or JY0000-02E (same model but with different brands). My model is the JY0000-02E with the rubber band.

    I searched a band in leather in France, impossible to find it (22mm and curved). Finaly, I bought on this website:


    this model (leonardo, Medci):


    Here is the result after changing:

    I am very happy about this band.

  16. Carlos said

    I got this watch from here and I love it. This is the most expensive watch I have ever owned so far.

    citizen watch JY0000-02E

  17. Rick said

    going to virgin islands on a cruise, how much is the watch JY0005-50E there?

  18. 0b1 said

    i bought the JY0000-02E and its still the best piece of equipment iv ever come across watchwise. but i have a problem with the strap. it cut and i want to replace it with a chain strap but the dealer here is telling me its about a $130. so i wanna know how much it shud cost. been surfing the web and cant find anything! any links will be much appreciated. thanks

  19. Ray said

    I purchased the JY0000-02E about 8 months ago. I really love the watch and all the features. I highly recommend switching to either the Ti or Stainless Steel bracelet. The rubber band total junk and deteriorates much too rapidly. The band has completely broken through and has stress fractures at every point where the metal pins extend through the band. I’m not what if any purpose the metal pins serve but, it definitely creates weak points in the rubber.

    Does anyone know if warranty covers the band or where you can buy the SS band at a reasonable price. I can’t find it anywhere for less than $120.

  20. billinorlando said

    can anyone tell me where i can find an owners manual? I got one off of ebay..and it didn’t come with a manual..Thanks guys…> Bill

  21. hydrant said

    I have JY0000-02E and just few days ago rubber strap broke, I also found that I am not the only one. So I replaces it with rubber stram from my Maverick Swiss Army watch, the watch is great but the original rubber strap will break in a year to year and a half of extensive wearing.

  22. Mike said

    I have only owned my Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-02E for a short while but I’m very impressed. What appears at first sight to be a very complicated watch becomes quite logical & simple after a short while of reading the manual. Don’t use the small book that comes with the watch but download the manual from http://www.citizenwatch.com in A4 format, it’s a lot easier to read! I’m in the North East of the UK & signal reception is no problem, the watch registers a ‘high’ signal level. The finish of this watch is superb in every detail.The watch has every feature you could possibly want & a few you will probably never use. If you are considering buying one of the these watches, do it, you will not be disappointed.

  23. Gethin Evans said

    What a fantastic timepiece. I got another eco-drive from my wife at Christmas, and she said I could exchange it if I prefered another design. I just loved the look of the Skyhawk, the orange, black and silver is striking. So I swapped it and happy that the new one has the atomic clock function, the full 200M rating as well as the crystal front. I would have gone for the lighter titanium version but slightly out of my price range. Highly recommended. The atomic clock function works well all over BC Canada, and I even get a lock on pointing out from my bedroom window in Langley.

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  25. I got this watch from here and I love it. This is the most expensive watch I have ever owned so far.

    • Mike said

      Yeah, it really is a superb watch both in looks & function. When I’m not wearing it I leave it on the window sill & it’s always fully charged.

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  27. Verdensur said


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  28. eduardo said

    hello I could help I got for citizen eco drive watch but not that model is the front-u600 has this number s092197-ka and in the back-u600 tiuenen these numbers thanks 221020114.muchas HST s060567

  29. My Citizen Skyhawk JY0000-02E is such a great watch. The only problem I have with it is I’m now in need of my third strap. I have a number of watches but the JY0000-02E is my favourite and the one I wear … well constantly. I wouldn’t say it’s had a particularly hard life but it is pretty annoying that I’ll soon have had to fork out nearly a quarter of the cost of the watch for two new straps that have lasted about 15 months each.
    It’s pretty galling to think that this could go on for the lifetime of the watch – which I suspect will be a lifetime.

    • Mike said

      David, unfortunately this is the way with rubber straps, they all have a limited lifetime. When I bought my JY0000-02E after a week of wearing it I removed the rubber strap & fitted a high quality padded black leather strap along with new spring bars, keeping the original strap & spring bars. If the time ever comes when I want to sell the watch I can fit the original strap (which incidentally caused blisters on my wrist) & the watch will be as it was originally. Fitting a leather strap is a better long term alternative to the rubber strap & the watch looks just as cool if not more so.

      • Hey Mike – Well I got in touch with Citizen here in Oz, in Hong Kong and back in the UK and to say I wasn’t impressed with the outcomes is an understatement. So I took to social media and the response has been interesting to say the least. They were immediately interested in my experiences and have told me they will send out a new one. I pointed out, I will only be in touch again in 15 months when the new one breaks. The trouble is, they are out of stock which only goes to prove my point that there is a design fault with the rubber band. We’ll see how it pans out, either way though I’m making sure it’s Citizen that pays as it’s obvious testing on this band wasn’t thorough enough in the first place, or if it was, the company was negligent towards its customers when it was released. They were willing to remedy a problem with the firmware, they should do the right thing and sort this problem for everyone that has bought the JY0000-02E.

  30. Mike said

    Hi David,It seems to be a universal problem with ‘rubber’ straps on all brands of watch. I’ve had rubber straps break on Casio (cheap to replace), Breitling (expensive to replace),etc. Very few companies, even the major ones, give decent customer service,be it watches or any other kind of product for that matter. I’ve given up on rubber straps & stick with leather or stainless steel bracelets, no problem with either. The watch however is a joy to own, enjoy yours.

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