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Citizen Attesa ATV53-2834

Posted by wristwatch on September 22, 2007

It has all the functions of the Skyhawk JY0000-53E and the Promasters PMV65-2241 and PMV65-2242, housed in a more contemporary shell. An impressive dress watch, perfect for any occasion. Although these are Japan only models, they will remain functional anywhere in the world, thanks to the Perfex 3000 system, which allows this watch to sync with the radio stations in the USA, Germany and Japan. This model will be available on October 18, 2007.

* Powered by Eco-Drive
* Calibre U600
* Precision ±15 seconds/month
* Weight 102g
* Thickness 12.6mm
* ATV53-2834 Hard titanium case + DLC
* Sapphire glass (both sides nonreflective coating)
* World time alarm
* Timer
* World Time
* Perpetual Calendar
* Radio Reception for Japan, Europe and USA
* Coordinated universal time indication (UTC)
* 43 cities and 29 time zones
* LED backlight
* 1/100 chronograph (24 hours)
* Fixed time reception function
* Forced reception function
* Power reserve meter
* Overcharge prevention function
* Worldwide radio reception
* Water resistant up to 10 atmospheres
* Antimagnetic
* Limited to 3,000 pieces a year



131 Responses to “Citizen Attesa ATV53-2834”

  1. Deo Carino said

    Wow. is this really a FULL DLC coated? If so, I need to get one of this. Need to talk to Seiya San.
    I got 2832 recently.

    Anyway, anybody noticed the difference between the above picture 1 and picture 2?
    Look closely on the 12/24 mode dial, the set mode dial, the bat ind. dial and the face dial graduation.
    Compare those from pic 1 with pic 2 above.
    First pic is more on whitey than the second pic which is more reddy.

    Are these 2 pic taken from the same watch? Or this 2834 comes in 2 or more flavors?


  2. wristwatch said

    Hey Deo,

    You’re absolutely right! I got these pictures off the Citizen Japan website, and really did not pay much attention to the details. I suppose the first picture is the ATV53-2833. They used the same picture to demonstrate the LED lighting. There is only one version of the ATV53-2834, the one with more red highlights.


  3. mitchfried said

    OK now. The case back says Duratect. Is just the case back Duratect and the rest DLC? I have the 2833 and the pushers are darker than the rest of the watch, so I’ve been assuming the darker color is DLC. I have a knife with DLC coating on the blade, and it is AWESOME. Not a chance of scratching it. I’m peeved that an all DLC may be available, as I just bought the 2833.

  4. mitchfried said

    And maybe the bezel on all of them are DLC?

  5. mitchfried said

    Or maybe it’s Duratect hardened with DLC coating?

  6. wristwatch said


    This whole watch is Duratech hardend and DLC.


  7. mitchfried said

    OK, thanks.

  8. wristwatch said

    Mitchfried, don’t ya hate it, that just when you buy something, a more advanced model comes out just right after your purchase? I feel for you dude.

  9. rd03 said

    Today I got my Attesa ATV53-2834 from seiya-san. Everything was perfect. On Saturday I got an e-mail that the watch is on the way to Austria. Today (Tuesday) I received this amazing watch. It looks really good. The sapphire glass is very very clear. My first impression was there is NO class. The only things I head to do was setting the home town and activate the daylight saving. For testing purpose I forced the reception of the radio signal from Germany, it worked very well.

  10. wristwatch said

    Rd03, Great to hear about your purchase! What do you mean by “NO class”? I agree on the sapphire glass, every Citizen that I saw with sapphire glass gives a very very clear view of the dial, as if it wasn’t there. The anti-reflective coating is amazing, even under direct sunlight there’s not much reflection and the dial is very readable. Nice to hear that the radio reception works in your country. Enjoy and tell us more when you have some new observations. How’s the PVD coating? Any scratches?


  11. rd03 said

    Wristwatch, sorry there was a typo it should mean “NO glass”, it is perfectly clear. There are no scratches at all!


  12. wristwatch said

    Rd03, Great to hear that. It really looks as if there was no glass. Enjoy.

  13. Citizenfan said

    Initially I was going to get a 2833, but I got this limited edition instead while I was on a business trip in Japan when it showed up in the market. This is my first Citizen and I’m very happy with it. Impressive quality. Radio reception is good too – it was ok in Tokyo but much better here in the US.

  14. wristwatch said

    Amazing choice for a first Citizen watch! You got the top of the line Attesa. I’m pretty sure you’ll not regret it.

  15. Rafi said

    What was the price of the watch when you prucahsed in Tokyo?

  16. adkilla said

    I’ve had this watch for a week and must say it is the best Citizen I’ve ever had. But I’ve noticed that the watch face has some defects and wonder anybody else has noticed it as well.

    At the bottom left of the “Digital display 2” the watch face is slightly dented. Anybody noticed that? Did you notice any other defects?


  17. wristwatch said

    Hey Adkilla, I saw the pics of your Attesa ATV53-2834 on watchuseek.com. Could you possibly take a higer resolution pic? From your pictures there seems to be some sort of deformity, but then again it might be a trick of the light. Try taking a larger pic, and post it on the net for all these other guys to see. For the others, here is Adkilla post on watchuseek.com with pictures.


  18. Citizenfan said

    It was 95,550 yen in Japan – about US$820 then.
    Ad – Interesting catch! I have the same “dent” on mine (looks exactly the same), though I really needed to look to notice it. Perhaps it’s the case with all 3000 watches.

  19. Reza said

    Mine will be arriving shortly – the customs-pigs played with it for for 4 days and left me wondering if it would ever arrive. They released it last night. Hope didn’t open it to get their greasy donut-fingerprints on it.
    The dent surely looks like a flaw but may be exaggerated due to the lighting and angle. I can imaging that once you spot it, you will always annoyingly spot it.
    I can’t find this dent in any pics floating on the net.
    Did you get the watch from the seiya-batch of the 20th of oktober? (where I pre-ordered mine)
    It was 948US$ or 685Euro (excluding tax/shipping/handling).

    //Reza, The Netherlands

  20. adkilla said


    Wow. This could either mean the particular batch of watches we received is defective or the entire production of this watch is defective. Yup, I got mine from Seiya.

    I work in a computer engineering lab and we have good fluorescent lighting here. Thus the defect annoys the heck out of me whenever I look at the time.

    I got a $195 Citizen ECO-Drive Charm Bracelet watch for my wife and it did not have any defects whatsoever. This Attesa on the other hand is supposed to be a limited edition collectors item, so it should be free of defects.

    I would strongly recommend that you send Seiya an e-mail to let him know that you have noticed the defect on your watch and ask for a resolution.

    Please let others who are interested in buying this timepiece know about the defect.


    To Wristwatch:
    That is the best picture I could take using my consumer digital camera. The camera I used, tends to capture more glare than normal and does not support very close macro shots. But the defect is definitely there and is how it looks like on my watch.

  21. adkilla said

    I would like to request those who have this watch drop me an e-mail.

    Please e-mail me the following info:
    – Which merchant you bought the watch from.
    – The defects you have found on your watch or that your watch is defect free.

    I plan to raise a complaint to Citizen and find a resolution.

    My e-mail: adkiller at post dot com


  22. wristwatch said

    Adkilla, good idea. Maybe you can ask Seiya-san for an email address of his contact in Citizen. If you send an email to one of those generic email adds, it’ll take forever to get a response. Something this expensive should be free from any workmanship defects.

  23. Citizenfan said

    Ad – Since you have raised this issue, I’ve been browsing pictures of this watch posted online. See the link below and check out the second pic from the bottom (click it to enlarge). I think you can spot the same dent.


    Perhaps mine is not as noticeable as yours (your dent looks very obvious in your picture), but yes I agree, Citizen should be a stickler for details for this high-end piece. I’d join you in reporting the issue to Citizen.

  24. adkilla said

    Hi Citizenfan,

    Please drop me an e-mail with the details I’ve requested in my post above. I received a reply from Citizen US and just sent them another e-mail with some questions. I may send my watch to Citizen US for replacement of the defective part, depending on what their answers are to my e-mail.

    Do e-mail me on any response you may received from Citizen. My e-mail again: adkiller at post dot com


  25. Reza said

    I received mine. Customs cost was about 75 Euros. This is because the Seiya wrote down 48000Yen on the packaging slip. I was counting on 150Euros extra cost.
    The dent is visible under a specific angle of light.
    Under another angle the dent becomes a bump.
    For me it is not enough to send back the watch. I even had problems taking pictures of the defect, which it really is. Not sure how the faceplate is manufactured but I think the whole batch will have it, as it is exactly as you picture.
    The watch itself is really beautiful, except for its thickness, which I underestimated. I have a titanium Seiko sportura kinetic autorelay (with yellow second-hand) which I love and have always worn. (the steel version has an orange second-hand). The thickness of that watch was about the limit. The Citizen is thicker. It may need ‘getting used to though.
    I also noticed the mode-hand to be not level. The long side of the mode-hand is closer to the faceplate. This is only slightly but enough to see. It is actually more annoying than the dent/bumb – as if someone touched it just before assembly.
    Another thing I didn’t know until I saw the real thing… The Seiko has a perfectly flat saphire glass. The Citizen turned out to be spherical to my surprise, which I think is a pity. The flat glass on the Seiko makes the watch look absolutely glass-less. The Citizen glass kind of catches all light in the room and reflects it. And if the Citizen doesn’t catch reflect light, it shows slight deformation of the faceplate underneath. It is kind of hard not noticing the glass.
    But don’t get me wrong, this is just an analysis/comparison, all-in-all I’m more than pleased with it.
    I saw Seiya apparently didn’t sell the whole batch of ATV53-2834’s, they can still be ordered on the main page (see http://www.seiyajapan.com).

  26. Reza said

    Oh and another thing…
    I gently used a paper-clip and some tiny electronics pliers to resize the watch.
    I didn’t have the fancy tools.
    The inner shackle contains a cylinder which holds the steel pin in place. Use the paper-clip to push the pin gently in the direction of the marking of the shackle. Shackle? – is that the proper phrase?

  27. rd03 said


    also mine has the same dent and it is only visible unter a specific angle of light. I am curious what action Citizen will take.

  28. Paul said

    I too have recently bought a ATV53 2834 and had not noticed the “bump” until I read about it here. On my watch this bump is really tiny and you would not notice it without a magnifying glass.
    In my opinion, this seems to be the point where the solar cell connects to the circuitry behind. (I think I am correct in saying that the solar cell is the slightly raised part that covers most of the face – correct??

    As such, I doubt that it would be considered a manufacturing defect by Citizen, just a characteristic of the design.

    I love this watch – I am sure it will become my daily wear, but a couple of points I wish they had reconsidered.
    1) Between 16 minutes and about 23 minutes past the hour, the timer and chronograph become unusable by the presence of the minute hand (which is very big) and to a lesser degree by the hour hand – I wish they had designed the software so that the hands backed away when these functions (or any setting functions) are selected.
    2) I would have preferred it if the modes could be selected without having to pull out the crown to the first stop. My old Seiko 6M15 works by just turning the crown and it is far more natural.

    By the way, I used a sewing pin, cut off square and pliers to remove unwanted links. It worked fine once I understood the construction.

  29. Adkilla said


    I’ve got a positive reply from Citizen US and will be sending my watch for defect repair. Citizen will have a look at my watch to confirm the cause of the defect and do what is possible to rectify it. I will post updates here as I get them. If you are in the US and would like to send your watch to Citizen, contact them by sending an e-mail to: CustomerService_US at citizenwatch dot com

    You may want to use the image I have posted in the link below to point out the defect to Citizen:

    Paul – it is certainly a defect. If you are in a well lit fluorescent environment, like the engineering lab I work in, you will see that it is a dent on the watch face surface, not under it. I see it every time when I look at the time. You could also use a white LED flashlight to see what it actually looks like.

    Like most ECO-Drives, the solar cell leads are at the back of the solar cell, not on the solar cell surface itself.

    I would like to thank everyone for the confirmation of the defect.


  30. wristwatch said

    Good news. I hope the repair job they do is satisfactory. Better yet, if they send it back to Japan for repairs. Since this model is not available in North America, I doubt it if they stock parts.

  31. Adkilla said

    I’ve got great news! I have just received an update from Citizen US. They have submitted the image showing the defect to Citizen Japan and have received confirmation that it is a manufacturing defect that has affected some batches of watches. Citizen will be producing extra parts for defect claims. So make sure to contact the Citizen service headquarters in your country to get the defective watch dial/face replaced as soon as possible!

    If you are in the US, you can could e-mail their customer service at: CustomerService_US@citizenwatch.com

    Please do thank the team at Citizen US for their excellent customer service and support. 🙂


  32. Paul said

    Great – good news!!
    However, I have studied my watch again under various lighting, including fluorescent and the bump/dent is so minimal that I really cannot see it at all without using a 5x magnifier so I shall not be returning my watch. Hope you get yours sorted okay.

    I live here in Japan so maybe the batch mine came from was different.

  33. wristwatch said

    Good news indeed. Its a great service for all those ATV53-2834 owners out there. Should they decide to have it repaired at least they know that they have this option.

  34. Adkilla said

    Received an e-mail with promo videos of the ATV53-283x series. It is in Japanese tough:


  35. Bill said

    Hi there. I own the older skyhawk with slide rule (Jr-3000) and I’m thinking of upgrading. The model I own doesn’t sit properly on the wrist because of the integrated bracelet (doesn’t wrap around enough). Wanna know if the bracelet on this attesa model is similar. Are you able to fold the bracelet flat when you lay it on a table for eg.?


  36. Jason said

    Is there a PDF English version of the manual for this thing?

  37. wristwatch said

    Jason, here is the generic Cal. U600 manual. Let me know if this is the one that you need.


  38. Jason said

    Thank you, I believe that is all I needed. I assume that the U600 are the only features of this watch, correct? Looks like an excellent watch. Wish I would have waited on getting my OCW-300. I might have to move a few other watches, if I seriously want to consider this one.

  39. wristwatch said

    Glad to help, if you need anything else, let me know.

  40. Werner said

    Just received this watch from Seiya; a great person to do business with! Since I’m a technology buff, this is definately my favorite watch now. It didn’t update to standard time (from DST) until the second day but that is not unusual with RCC’s.

    In answer to Bill’s question, yes the bracelet allows the watch to lay flat. It is much more flexible than my other Citizen chronograph (Blue Angels Skyhawk Titanium) and therefore is more comfortable to wear (great for smaller wrists like mine).

    Here is the link for a very nice flash site with instructions for all the settings on the Citizen Attesa and Skyhawk radio controlled watches.


  41. D2 said

    Flash instructions with audio for U600:

  42. Jason said

    D2, that’s a cool little site.

    One thing I have been wondering with this watch, is that Casio watches claim the automatic calendar works until the year 2099 on most of their current watches, do these watches have the same limitation? I don’t see anywhere in the manual that this watch can actually even show the date anyway, so maybe that is why it is not mentioned. One reason I ask, is I have thought about getting rid of another watch that is a mechanical watch, and getting this one, but the mechanical watch could be passed down to younger family members, for who knows how long, and still be a watch that could be worn. I’m not sure this watch has the same ability or not, due to it’s technology…will replacement rechargeable batteries be hard to find years down the road? Will the atomic clocks ever go the path that analog TV is trying to go? Just some good questions to think about…I know it doesn’t matter in my lifetime, but maybe my child’s, or grandchild’s.

  43. D2 said


    The ATV53-283x family can show the date. MM.DD dd, ie “11. 6 TU”. You can also set the year, but I don’t think you can see the year (aside from being in calendar set mode)

    Look at the full printable document from this link:

    From page 113 of u600_ebook.pdf: “Date: Month, date, day (fully automatic calendar until December 31, 2099)”

    BTW, I like the level of detail in the flash link posted by Werner as compared to the level of detail provided in the flash link I posted.

  44. Werner said

    BTW, I like the level of detail in the flash link posted by Werner as compared to the level of detail provided in the flash link I posted.

    Thanks DZ. Now if they would add sound to that presentation we’d have the perfect online instruction manual.

  45. Jason said

    I’m a bit confused. Is the calendar dispay (date) referenced to world time, or the home time. From the manual, it almost looks like it would be referenced to world time, which makes no since. I would want to know the date of the set home time, not world time.

  46. Jason said

    In other words, do you have to set world time to your home time, if you want the correct date to be displayed, which means losing the world time function, if you want the date to be displayed?

  47. D2 said


    Digital display 1 shows you the time or date for the timezone specified in display 1’s world city.

    So as you said, you have to set the world city to your home city if you want to see your home date or time in display 1.

  48. Jason said

    That stinks. It makes since how it’s laid out though, since display one displays world time, it should indicate only world functions. But they could blank out the world time zone display, and just show the date…

    Better yet, if they reduced the amount of text on the left side of the dial, they could use two displays of the same size as display 1. The left side would always be the home time zone, and the right side would always have world time. The nice thing about this, is that you could alternatively display the digital time on the home side, and this would be useful in the dark, when you needed to illuminate the watch.

    I guess generally, the world time I would be concerned with would have the same date as my time zone, at least, during my working hours…

  49. Bill said

    Thanks Werner.

  50. Adkilla said


    Has anybody experienced scratches on their ATV53-2834?

    After a few weeks of use, I have noticed a few on mine actually. So much for scratch resistance DLC.


  51. Jason said

    Are you seeing just surface scratching, or are you seeing the silver color of the Titanium under the DLC?

  52. Werner said

    I carefully looked at the clasp on mine figuring that it would be the first place for scratches to appear and saw nothing yet. Of course, I’ve only worn it for a week. I’ll post if scratches appear in the future.

  53. Adkilla said


    So far only surface scratches. I have scratches below the Attesa logo on the clasp and some hairline scratches elsewhere.


  54. Jason said

    That doesn’t sound too bad to me. What I would be worried about would be scratches where I could see silver. I had a Oceanus OCW-700 that was black ion plated, and the coating started scratching off after a couple weeks. DLC is supposed to be a completely different process, and actually becomes one with the metal, from what I’ve heard, so hopefully, all we will see is surface scratches.

    Although, if it was truly “diamond like,” it wouldn’t scratch at all…much like the surface of a sapphire crystal is like.

  55. Paul said

    Not sure if it is because of marketing hype or too much optimism, but “DLC” is a method of providing scratch “resistance” – Nowhere have I read that it will make anything scratch “proof”. Its also often used on lenses of spectacles for the same reason. Another thing to remember is that DLC is simply a rather thin surface coating to provide a certain level of resistance against scratching. However, if you knock into something hard enough or scrape an object over the watch with enough force, you are likely to bruise the underlying metal – even if it is titanium.

    What we normally think of as hard and soft can give surprising results sometimes. I work in the plastics industry where it is quite common to see molds made of toughened tool steel being bruised by pieces of cold plastic getting caught between two surfaces under clamping.

    You might even find some of the “surface scratches” you are seeing is simply deposits of other metals that have been scraped off whatever you contacted with.

    I am not officially wearing my ATV53-2834 yet as it is a Christmas present from the family – but although I know it will fare better than my stainless Seiko Arctura, I will still be taking care of what it comes into contact with.

  56. Adkilla said


    Technical information on DLC:

    Paul – the quality of DLC is dependent on the density, thickness and methods used to perform the bonding. A quality of ta-C is the best in terms of hardness but it is rare to find them on watches. You could find them on utility knifes though.

    I would certainly would not compare DLC coating used in watches most watches against something like Ceramica used in Rado watches. I knew a manager who wore a ceramica daily for years and it looked as perfect when I first saw it.

    The DLC coating used on the Attesa definitely has better scratch resistance than Stainless Steel or Gas Hardened Ti but it is still scratcheable by galvanized steel. For example, I used my car keys and scratched the clasp my Attesa and there were no scratches at all. But it scratched when it touched the galvanized steel of a computer case. So, to those who got the ATV53-2833, you did not miss anything much.

    I do certainly would like to know how does Citizen’s DLC coating compare to that of Casio and other watch manufacturers?


  57. D2 said

    Do the ATV53-2834’s have this undocumented bracelet length adjustment feature I discovered on my ATV-2383?


  58. Adkilla said


    D2 – yes it does.


  59. Jason said

    Okay, I’m sold now, have to get one! LOL. That’s cool you don’t have to use a paper clip or something like you do for the Casio fine adjustment. Handy when you have those “bloated” days, and are without tools!

  60. Deo Carino said

    Hi Ad,

    I heard that the 2834 (i own 2832)is full DLC coated entire watch (xcept glass of course). Can you tell me how scratch resistant they are? Are they better than the hi tech ceramics that Rado used? since I own 2832, im planning to get Oceanus with same entire watch DLC or PVD coating. But not sure if these coatings are all hype since they’ve never been mentioned on the specs sheet.
    I need a very high scratch resistant watch with all the function I need within my wallet can afford.

    Thanks a lot,

  61. Jason said

    Is this Attesa, (other than other Attesas), the only atomic/solar watch available with DLC, other than the G-Shock Casio’s?

  62. wristwatch said

    There are several Promaster Skys that are both atomic/solar with DLC.


  63. Jason said

    I should have added to that, I meant more of a dressy type watch, but thanks for the links. I had not even seen a couple of those before. Looks like the Attesa is the way to go.

  64. Race said

    Jason, I agree 100% on your need for home date and world date. They are so close…just add another digital display on the left side of the watch face.

  65. Werner said

    Just out of curiosity; did anyone’s Attesa correctly switch back an hour the night Daylight Saving Time ended? It seems that most people (me included) had to wait for the second night for the watch to make that correction.

  66. rd03 said

    Hi Werner,

    it switched back correctly.

  67. Werner said

    Hello Rd03,

    Did it switch on the night of the change? What time zone are you in? I’m in the Pacific time zone.

    Thanks -Werner

  68. D2 said

    My watch did not pick up the signal the night of the change. The Citizen receiver seems to be no where as sensitive as my Casios are 😦 – both plastic and metal cases.

  69. Werner said

    It is less sensitive than the Junghans watch I have but on the night of the change the Citizen did show a “H” indication so it did get a good signal. It could have something to do with the fact that the watch first tries to update the time at the same time (2AM)that Daylight Saving Time ends.

  70. D2 said

    Default receive times are 2, 3, and 4AM – if 2AM was a problem, then it had two more tries at 3 and 4 AM. Mine was 0/3 and sometimes won’t sync even though my Casios are detecting a hi signal level.

  71. Jason said

    Are you pointing the antennas the same? I noticed that Casio antennas are at 12:00, whereas the Citizen antennas are at 9:00, so you should be pointing the Casios 12:00 towards the transmitter, and the Citizens 9:00 towards the transmitter.

    I don’t know if that makes a difference or not in most case, probably only at an extreme distance.

  72. Werner said

    Since mine showed a high signal level I think it probably updated at 2AM. What I’m thinking is that the software in the phone “hung” because DST ended at the same time as it was scheduled to receive the time signal. There was no such confusion on the second night so it adjusted the hour back properly. Just a thought.

  73. D2 said

    Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve been incorrectly pointing my Attesa’s 9PM side towards a north facing window instead of west towards Fort Collins, Colorado.

    I live on the East Coast, so correct orientation is vital to ensure successful reception due to my extreme distance from the transmitter in Fort Collins.

    Tonight, while having the Attesa oriented correctly towards Fort Collins, manual reception was successful for it – however manual reception for some of my Casios was not successful. I’ll have to check and see how automatic reception works overnight.

    Two of my Casio manuals say to orient the watch so 12:00 is facing towards a window (vs transmitter), while the Attesa manual says 9:00 should face towards the transmitter.

    Thanks again!

  74. Adkilla said

    Hi Deo,

    Look at my comment #56 on this page for info.


  75. Jason said

    Does the LED lighting on this watch light up enough of the analog hands to tell the time by, or is it just enough to light up the LCD screens?

  76. Werner said

    It only lights up the LCD’s. A backlight for the watch face would have been nice, but I understand the need to limit power drain on a solar powered rechargeable watch.

  77. Jason said

    Well, I guess that will be good enough, it’s not very often that I find myself in a position that I need to use a backlight to see the time anyway. If I really need to, I can just set the Digital Display 1 to display local time.

  78. rd03 said

    Hi Werner,

    yes it sitched at night. I live in Austria.

  79. D2 said

    Rd03 – I’m not familiar with the word “sitched” – what does it mean?

  80. Jason said

    Think he meant switched…

  81. Jason said

    Just got one of these watches yesterday. Very nice indeed. One interesting thing is that if the hands are over the LCD displays, you use the backlight, the light will actually go through the lume on the hands. I guess the hands start out with holes cut in where the lume will go, then the lume fills those holes. So you can get just enough light to be able to see the hands, in certain cases.

  82. xevious said

    What exactly are the differences between the ATV53-2834 and ATV53-2833? I haven’t been able to get any useful information… some sources post all the same specs for the entire 283x line.

    My guess is that the 2834 has a full Duratect coating, instead of just DLC (2833), has back lit LCD screens, red accents on second hand and face, and has a 20th anniversary limited edition stamped case back. That’s it.

    If I’m right, then I find the $350 cost difference to be a rather high price to pay for them. It’s one thing if the hands lit up as well, but to just light up the LCD screens seems insufficient to be usable. Or is it bright enough to reflect off the crystal and give a hint as to the actual time? Also, the DLC coating seems good enough, unless you plan on roughing it with the watch… Or is it all about “exclusivity”? :-/

  83. David said

    The 2833 has DLC coating only on bezel while the 2834 has it all around. The 2834 is also a limited anniversary model. I believe Duratech is a surface treatment on Stainless Steel or Titanium. So the 2833 also has Duratech on Titanium case and band. What makes it different is the DLC coating. That is why the 2834 looks dark all over while the 2833 looks lighter with darker bezel. You can see the difference in the posted pictures. Again, DLC coating makes different model other than being a limited anniversary model. The 2832 is also an anniversary model with DLC on bezel and along the edge of band. I have a 2833 which I really enjoy wearing every other day.

  84. D2 said

    Video review of the ATV53-2834: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h2icSV1QyM

  85. D2 said

    Links about Citizen U600 movement software bug causing incorrect date display from February 28, 2010 and beyond:

    Links include information on how to tell if your watch is affected.



  86. D2 said

    Links about Citizen U600 movement software bug causing incorrect date display from February 28, 2010 and beyond:

    Links include information on how to tell if your watch is affected.



  87. Werner said

    Has anyone in the US sent in the watch for the software update? I’m curious if Citizen USA was willing to work on the Japanese model and if they did it without scratching it.

  88. Kurt said

    I just got one of these – my main purchasing decision was that Citizen is finally supporting 30 minute time zones. I travel to India a lot and I actually had to buy a cheap junker just to get this support.

    I wasn’t too sure about the dark black color, but hearing about the DLC, I think I will actually quite like it. I had a sort of dressy Titanium Promaster for 4 years with a Duratect coating, and it is completely scratched to hell. I think I am going to like this watch. I tried scratching it in an invisible location on the bottom side of the clasp with a few metal objects, and the scratches wiped right off. Very impressive.

    By the way, I can see no sign of the face defect. (I bought this in Japan from a no-name online shop.)

  89. Citizenfan said

    I just got my watch back from CITIZEN Japan Customer Service for the software update and replacement of the face plate (since mine had the dent as described earlier in this thread). It took three weeks for the whole process including shipping (covered by CITIZEN), but it was worth the wait. They have done an excellent job. But if the software update is all you need, I’d guess CITIZEN USA would take care of it. For my replacement of the face plate I initially contacted CITIZEN USA, but I figured that it would be much easier and safer to be in touch with CITIZEN Japan directly to have it taken care of.

  90. Kurt said

    I just noticed an unusual defect on the face of my watch. There is what looks like a white scratch next to the center of the watch. See a photo here:

    It seems to be on the BOTTOM side of the transparent solar cell membrane.

    Would Citizen replace or repair this?

    Has anyone ever seen such a thing?

  91. Citizenfan said

    I don’t have the scratch on mine, but looks like it’s a major one. I would contact CITIZEN. Perhaps you would want to send it in for the software update anyways (if yours hasn’t been updated).

  92. Kurt said

    Thanks for the opinion.
    I contacted Citizen Japan and showed them the picture. They said “Hmm, it looks like there is something there” and will be sending me a shipping box. Since it is very small (whatever it is), I might put up with it on a $300 watch, but for a $900 watch I don’t feel quite so bad being so picky.

    PS – mine has the “RFN” stamp so I assume it means it’s already been software updated, but Citizen Japan will check this as well.


  93. Kurt said

    Got my watch back from repair. Looks great. However, it doesn’t beep anymore. Sending it back for them to fix it again…

  94. D2 said


    That’s unbelievable! I would have expected them to test all functions before sending it back to you. I’ll be sure to test mine after it comes back from COA with the SW update.

  95. DL said

    Does anyone have Japanese version (Attesa or PVM65-224x software upgraded by Citizen USA?

  96. Werner said

    I sent in my Attesa to Citizen USA for the software update and got it back 10 days later. As is usual for me when I send something back for repair, it gets damaged in some way. In this case, the bracelet was cut with a razor, presumably by the technician when removing my bubble wrap. I managed to replace the scratched link with one I removed when I sized the bracelet (even though it didn’t have the arrow on the back indicating that it was removable). I complained to Citizen USA and asked if they would replace the link and they said yes they would, but since it is a Japanese model, it will take some time. My suggestion to anyone sending in their watch for the update is to make it easy for the technician to unwrap, because they might not have the patience to carefully open your careful wrap job.

  97. Kurt said

    Citizen were unable to fix the broken beeping sound for my watch so they sent me a brand new one. Overall, I am very happy with their support. 🙂

  98. Nguyen said

    Can somebody help me to buy this watch?
    I’m living in the Netherlands
    Thanks alot

  99. Marco said

    I order my 2834 at in March. Two days later it was at Dutch customs, and another 2 weeks later I finally received it. Customs cost was 94 Euros, because Seiya wrote USD 630 on the packaging slip.

  100. Marco said

    I order my 2834 at http://www.seiyajapan.com in March. Two days later it was at Dutch customs, and another 2 weeks later I finally received it. Customs cost was 94 Euros, because Seiya wrote USD 630 on the packaging slip.

  101. sky said

    I just purchased the ATV53-2833 from Higuchi. I noticed on the caseback of the watch two pinhole size marks at the 3 o’clock position as you look at the back of the watch. Are these suppose to be there or are they a defect? Otherwise love the watch. Thanks.

  102. Reab said

    Can’t find those holes on mine. Did have the ‘dent’ between the 8th and 9th hour on the solar faceplate but Citizen JP repaired that, along with the date-bug, smoothly – very please with their support.
    Can you take a picture? – Is it on the solar faceplate (due to molding)?

  103. sky said

    These marks are on the caseback of the watch. Upon closer inspection, if you look at the watch upside down, from the side opposite the crown, it looks like there’s a notch out of the caseback to insert a flat tool(ie. flathead screwdriver) to pry the caseback off for servicing. I just wasn’t sure at first, but that’s what it looks like to me.

  104. Reab said

    But that is on the 9 o’clock position on the back, not “at the 3 o’clock position”

  105. herbolaryo said

    I saw some post in

    It was discussed that…
    The 2831 is pure Duratect.
    The 2832/33 is Duratect with partial DLC.
    The 2834 is Duratect with full DLC.

    I saw in Citzen website that there is a Citizen Attesa ATV53-2933.

    Does the new Citizen Attesa ATV53-2933 have only PARTIAL DLC coating?

  106. D2 said

    Hope this helps …

    Old ATV53-2933 was not all black as shown here: https://japwatches.wordpress.com/2007/06/22/citizen-atv53-2831-atv53-2832-and-atv53-2833/ .

    New ATV53-2933 appears to be all DLC and Higuchi’s description says “Case/Bracelet:Duratect Titanium/DLC coating” – http://www.higuchi-inc.com/ATV53-2932.html .


  107. D2 said

    Hope this helps …

    Old ATV53-2933 was not all black as shown here: https://japwatches.wordpress.com/2007/06/22/citizen-atv53-2831-atv53-2832-and-atv53-2833/ .

    New ATV53-2933 appears to be all DLC and Higuchi’s description says “Case/Bracelet:Duratect Titanium/DLC coating” – http://www.higuchi-inc.com/ATV53-2932.html .


  108. Werner said

    Earlier this year I sent the watch to Citizen to have the software update done. This update also seems to fix the Daylight Savings Time change bug (in the US) where the watch didn’t update the time until the second night. It changed to the right time on Saturday night this time.

  109. Somchai said

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  110. MODD said

    I can not see a lot of those hours! Not likely beautiful watch!

  111. citizen said

    impressive watch

  112. Anonymous said

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  113. Gary in NYC said

    I was fortunate enough to get a Attesa ATV53-2834 watch while they were still being sold on “that auction site” (about 2 years now), and in my mind it is still a keeper. There is a newer version out that is attractive, but I still like this particular design a little more. I also had the software update done for me by Citizen, and it went very well. They even provided me with a few extra friction fit collars, because I’d lost one of mine when I resized the band.

    About that calendar date limit for 2099, I had a talk with the service manager at COA. For a watch of this magnitude (in terms of price level), they will very likely keep the programming available for the watch for the foreseeable future. Just as they did the software update for the calendar defect, they will very likely be able to update the watch in 2099 so that the calendar will function properly for the next 100 years. Therefore, anybody inheriting this watch in 2099+ should be able to have a properly functioning calendar. This of course makes the assumption that the electronics in these watches are made for the long haul… if they do degrade and end up failing after 100 years, well, then so much for software updates. 😉

  114. This of course makes the assumption that the electronics in these watches are made for the long haul

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  116. Poul said

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