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Alive again.

Posted by wristwatch on October 4, 2009

Hi guys. My brother used to run this site, after a few months of running it, he had some personal emergencies which made it impossible for him to continue. Well, I inherited his laptop, and found this link in his bookmarks. I asked for the administrative password and will try to revive this site. So if any of you guys would like to be posters/contributors. Feel free to reply to this thread and lets see what we can work out. I like watches and have trouble finding a website community that supports people like us. Let me know what you think, if you would like to keep this site alive or what.

Thanks guys.

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Casio Oceanus OCW-M800TBJ-1AJF, OCW-M800TGJ-7AJF and OCW-M800TLJ-5AJF

Posted by wristwatch on November 11, 2007

The new Casio Oceanus’ comes with two Casio’s main technologies, Tough Solar and Multiband 5. I guess one unique thing about the Oceanus series is that they do not have a crown, only four buttons to do the adjustments and settings. The main button is on the four o’clock position and is marked by the Oceanus logo imprinted on the button. These models feature a slightly larger bezel than the others in the Oceanus series, its to emphasize the sporty design.

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Epos Sophistiquée Ref. 3377

Posted by wristwatch on November 4, 2007

This is one of those single handed watches, it just has the hour hand. This would make a great dress watch, very sophisticated, hence the Sophistiquée collection I suppose. Visible skeleton movement through the open guilloché decorated dial looks exquisite.

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Epos Oeuvre d’art One Minute Flying Tourbillon Ref. 3375

Posted by wristwatch on November 4, 2007

The Art of Tourbillon is the incarnation of watch making culture. It is the symbol of the traditional craftsmanship, requiring exclusively the hand and care of the best watchmakers. Such a technical prowess deserves watch lovers’ attention and owe to be in the most prestigious collections. EPOS’ watch making passion has lead to producing these few masterpieces of an extraordinary complexity.

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Epos Originale Ref. 3364

Posted by wristwatch on November 4, 2007

A blast from the past. Looks like the instruments of old, with the thin white lines. Comes in two versions, blue/ white and red/white. The case is polished stainless steel with a domed sapphire crystal. I really like the thin markings, very elegant, very clean. The lugs are retro designed, it really adds to the mystique of this timepiece.

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