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I recently fell in love with Japanese watches. Particularly the Eco-Drives from Citizen. I found out that most of the discussion boards over the net are all about mechanical watches. It’s really difficult to find an English site with information about these Japanese watches. My goal is to have as much information at your fingertips, without clicking on a lot of pages.

I still remember all the watches I’ve owned since I was a kid. First was a Mickey Mouse watch, then a Casio musical watch, a Citizen Men’s watch from Hong Kong, a Fossil Chronograph, a Tudor Chronograph and now I’m using a a Timex Expedition Diver for everyday use. I’ve never bought any of these watches, they were all given to me. So when I wanted to buy one for myself, it took a lot of researching to find the information that I wanted. Hope this place becomes a one stop shop of specifications and owner experience with watches.

If you own any of the watches featured in this blog, kindly leave some comments or a short review on how it runs and how you feel about it. I would really appreciate it.


Well theres a heck of a lot more to watches than just Japanese made ones, most of the Swiss and German watches are cool as well. It a miracle how they squeeze in so many functions into a mechanical watch.

17 Responses to “About”

  1. wiszone said


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  2. wristwatch said


    Thanks for the proposal. I am currently not interested in advertising, since this blog is just a hobby. My primary goal is to just create a community in which like minded people can discuss products and services without any bias, hence there are no ADS on this site. I’ve also noticed that you have been posting my RSS feed on your forums, thanks for leaving the links and credits.


  3. Joachim F. Wottitz said


    Simple Question: When I order i.e. a ” Citizen JY0000-02E “, can
    I receive it in Austria, without Customs Duties?,or tell me please, if the Delivery comes from one of the European States?,
    for this case, we have not to think about Taxes and Duties!
    Also the Paymentway could be much easier within Europe.

    Thank you very much and best regards from Austria!

    Joachim F. Wottitz

  4. Betterman said


    I think this is a great site and you do a very good job with it. I spent 3 hours on your site, and I get many news from, what is different similar pages wasn’t on. Great job !

    I have many watches, mechanical and quartz too, but my favorite now is the Seiko Velatura SPC007 Yachting Timer watch. This watch is awsome, unique and top precision work. Every aspect I see, this is a perfect watch. Actually I don’t sailing, but I love complications, and this watch have many useful functions what is swiss knife for every day usage, not only for yacht racing. The black protector ring on top of the watch is an extremly hard material (I realy don’t know what is it)what is protect my watch until today 4 times, and nothing damaged on the ring. The accidents with the watch (hit to wall, steel) was strong, but looks like nothing happened.

    I love my Hamilton Khaki X-wind and Zeno Diver watches too, but this Seiko is great great great !!

    Sorry for my english is not perfect 🙂



  5. Watchit said

    Betterman, I too am a proud owner of an SPC007 but as to the hardness of the black protector ring, I can safely say that it will not stand up to much scratching against a brick wall. With a reasonably light rub against a brick wall,some of the black coating rubbed off at one of the sharp corners and the corner has been slightly blunted. I guess that’s why they call it the protector.


  6. Gin Pery said


    i,am from Germany…my question is: is there no update in this page??? about 2 weeks the same watches. will be soon something new???

  7. bibomedia said


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  9. silentremembrance said

    I just added your blog to my blogroll as I really like your blog, especially your post on “Memphis Belle Predator Spirit”. Your website is very detailed. Can you add me to your blogroll as well? Thank you.

  10. Harry said

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  12. AJ said

    I am about to launch a watch repair site and will be doing a monthly featured watch section on the site. I was wondering where you get most your info from and also if you’d be interested in working together on a few things.

    Let me know if your interested!

    Thanks and great site by the way!


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  14. Charles Owen Peters said


  15. Scribbler said

    It has been a while since you blogged. Why is that? I would love an update 🙂

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