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Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S1000J-1AJF and OCW-S1000BJ-1AJF

Posted by wristwatch on July 10, 2007

The latest Oceanus Manta, attempts to combine a multifunction watch with a dress watch. Main features is the thickness and weight, 10.2 mm and weighs in at only 85 g. It’s a miracle of modern electronics that they were able to miniaturize all that functionality into such a tiny package. With a titanium carbide coating and sapphire glass, makes it virtually scratch resistant. The American versions of all Oceanus models drops the Casio branding.

* Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping (US, UK, Germany, Japan)
* Receives time calibration radio signals which keep the displayed time accurate
* Auto receive function (6 times per day)
* Manual receive function
* Signal: US WWVB, UK MSF, Germany DCF77, Japan JJY40/JJY60
* Frequency: US 60kHz, UK 60kHz, Germany 77.5kHz, Japan 40/60kHz
* Tough Solar Power
* 5 bar Water Resistant
* World Time
* 29 times zones (27 cities)
* Daily Alarm
* 1/20 second chronograph
* Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
* Accuracy: +/-20 seconds per month (with no signal calibration)
* Power reserve of 24 months at full charge
* Power Saving Function
* Diameter 42.2 mm
* Thickness 10.2 mm
* Weight 85 g
* Retail Price OCW-S1000J-1AJF ¥ 105,000.00
* Retail Price OCW-S1000BJ-1AJF ¥ 115,500.00


116 Responses to “Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S1000J-1AJF and OCW-S1000BJ-1AJF”

  1. Fridley said

    TTy for the great site you’ve put together here.

    I have been looking at getting a new watch, and I believe this will be the one. Was hoping to find more English reviews, but I guess we cant have everything…

  2. wristwatch said

    You’re welcome Fridley. It’s gonna be tough to get a review of this watch, since it’s Japan only at the moment. I heard a lot of good things bout the Casio Ocenus’, it would be a good choice for a new wrist watch.

  3. Richard said

    Thanks for putting together such a great site and in particular your coverage of the Oceanis range. I’ve been looking into buying this watch and after reading the english manual from casio worldwide (module 4766) and comparing it to the OCW-M700 series (module 4749) I don’t believe the Manta has an alarm function. The manual doesn’t mention the funstion at all. Also, looking closely at the dial, there is no AL indicator on the 3 o’clock dial and no On/OFF present on the left hand side, as seen in earlier models. How can this be omitted? I could forgive the lack of a backlight, but with no alarm I’m forced to reconsider buying one of the M700s instead. Perhaps the M7000? I’d be interested to know how well the lighter and thinner Manta compares to it. Has Casio’s emphasis of form over function gone too far, or is it worth the trade off?

  4. wristwatch said

    Hi Richard, After checking with various sources, you’re right about the alarm! I didn’t know how that got past me. The Mantas have no built in alarm, a bit disappointing, but I guess not enough to be a deal breaker. I suppose Casio is going for the design thats similar to a mechanical watch, thus no alarm, digital display and no backlight. I, myself, am quite particular to the OCW-M700TBJ-1AJF. I just love the black IP coating. Really protects your watch from minor scratches and dings.

  5. Richard said

    Hello again and thanks for the advice. I decided to go ahead and buy the Oceanus Manta, the reason being that I wanted a good quality light wristwatch for any occasion, with good technology behind it. I’m very pleased with the watch and know I would have regretted not buying it now. After all, if I need to set 5 alarms during a day and check the digital time from a backlit device, I have a mobile phone.

  6. wristwatch said

    Yeah, I agree with the alarms and backlit time, you can use any mobile phone for that. Good luck on your purchase and hope to see some comments once you get it.

  7. Oceanus said

    Does anyone know why the S1000BJ costs almost $100 more than the S1000J? Is it just for a different colored bezel, or is there something functionally different about the two watches? (I was wondering the same thing about the M700TDJ and the M7000J).

    By the way, thanks for the wonderful site. There’s no better source of Oceanus info in English on the web.

  8. wristwatch said

    The bezel of S1000BJ is treated with a scratch resistant coating (IP coating accordingt to Casio), which the S1000J lacks. I would suppose its some form of PVD. Aside from that, they’re exactly the same.

  9. Oceanus said

    Wow, thanks for the quick response! That makes sense now.

  10. john said

    Does anyone know if there is a version of oceanus that has a white face and is titanium, multi-band atomic (including europe), and solar?

  11. D2 said

    Have you looked at the OCW-M800TGJ-7AJF:



  12. D2 said

    Also the OCW-M700TCJ-7AJF:

  13. Jason said

    Yep, those would work, anything before the OCW-700 is not 5 band, (wouldn’t have Europe reception).

  14. jason said

    Does anyone know a reliable seller of the OCW-S1000J-1AJF or OCW-S1000BJ-1AJF? I am looking to buy one, but Ebay seems like the only place to get the Japanese version in the US.

    Seller kodai_2008 has a lot of them for sale, and is an Ebay store seller, but has only been an Ebay member since the 9th of Nov, 2007. That makes me a little skeptical about the authenticity, especially when they are being shipped from Japan. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!

  15. Oceanus said

    Hi Jason,

    I bought a S1000BJ and S1050J a few weeks ago from another eBay seller. Both are great watches, but I decided to keep the S1050J. I am listing the S1000BJ on eBay this week: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230193696547

    My S1050J works perfectly, and I’m in love with it. I haven’t tested the S1000BJ because I never removed it from the box, but both watches are definitely authentic, and I’m sure the S1000BJ I’m selling also works perfectly.

    Both the S1050J and S1000BJ are exactly the same size and have the same functions. The biggest differences between the two are the bezel and the coating (S1000BJ only has anti-reflective coating on the inside). The only other differences are style (e.g., S1000BJ’s band has shiny sides instead of brushed metal sides for S1050J, S1000BJ has the date at 4:30 instead of 6:00, S1000BJ clasp writes Oceanus instead of showing an Oceanus logo, and S1000BJ has a blue chrono seconds hand and blue Oceanus logo instead of silver). If you need any additional pictures or info, please ask.

    I can’t vouch for kodai_2008, but so far he’s gotten perfect reviews. I highly recommend any of the Oceanus Manta watches. Good luck!

  16. Oceanus said

    Sorry, one clarification: the S1000BJ clasp does have an Oceanus logo in addition to the text; however, the logo is etched, whereas the S1050J’s logo is embossed.

  17. Jason said

    There is a thread over at Watchuseek about this guy. It appears that his original ebay account was stolen/hacked, so he signed up for a new account. He had a few problems shipping things in a timely manner on his old account (so that may have also been the reason for him getting a new account), so some members left him a negative feedback.

    He appears to be doing a better job keeping up with his business, and most people on that thread seem to indicate doing business with him is fine.

  18. Jason said

    Well, that didn’t work as expected.

    This is what I was trying to quote:

    “I can’t vouch for kodai_2008, but so far he’s gotten perfect reviews. I highly recommend any of the Oceanus Manta watches. Good luck!”

  19. Joe said

    Kodai_2008 was “Wacth Japan” Yamato_2007. I have bought 4 watches from him, have already received 2 with 2 on the way. He shipped immediately, sent tracking numbers and I had the goods in hand within 3 business days. Great prices, I guess people were shy to buy from a seller with low experience ratings. Also, the watches were perfectly packed.

    I had bought a Manta 1050 from him as Yamato 2007, I absolutely love the watch, when the OCW-M800 series came out I couldnt decide which one I liked best, I decided to get all 3. The eBay auctions have been closing at less than $300 for these beauties, I could not resist.

  20. jason said

    Oceanus, coincidentally, I am “watching” your auction in my Ebay account, and sent you a message a few days ago asking about it…small world.

    Thank you all for the responses, I am more confident now about that particular Ebay seller and will continue to watch his items and possibly bid/buy one. I am leaning toward the 1000BJ, just from hearing how well it protects against minor dings and scratches.

  21. jason said

  22. jason said

    haha, ok, I don’t know how to “quote” previous posts, so I’m giving up trying to…was trying to quote Oceanus’ response to my original post about selling his 1000BJ.

  23. Jason said

    Couldn’t have picked a different name? LOL. This will get confusing! =)

  24. jason#2 said

    how’s this? haha sorry, but I do want to thank Jason#1 for the “Watchuseek” post…I just read up on all the stuff going on with that seller and it sounds like he is legit.

  25. Jason said

    No problem, that should help out! I wish you could register for accounts on this blog for e-mail reminders.

  26. jason#2 said

    Yea, leaving the window open just to “refresh” every so often is a pain. So, any other thoughts on buying these watches from Japan? Can anyone vouch for their authenticity at such a low price? How is the seller able to make a profit if they retail for $1000?

  27. Joe said

    At under $300 for the 800 series it is certainly worth the risk. These watches are beautifully detailed, designed and built for durability, and are dead accurate.

  28. jason#2 said

    “At under $300 for the 800 series it is certainly worth the risk. These watches are beautifully detailed, designed and built for durability, and are dead accurate.”

    Joe, are you saying they are not the real thing?

  29. Joe said

    Kodai_2008 is definitely selling the real thing. Maybe he will command higher prices now that he’s starting to get some feedback history. Two of my Oceanus 800 series purchases were won at auction for under $300.

    Casio has done a beautiful job with these watches – even the packaging, the nice leather box with “new car smell”. The watches themselves compete with expensive European and Japanese alternatives costing a lot more.

  30. Joe said

    Kodai_2008 is definitely selling the real thing. Maybe he will command higher prices now that he’s starting to get some feedback history. Two of my Oceanus 800 series purchases were won at auction for under $300.

    Casio has done a beautiful job with these watches – even the packaging, the nice leather box with “new car smell”. The watches themselves compete with expensive European and Japanese alternatives costing a lot more.

    One bad thing – the 800 series and Manta watches are completely devoid of English documentation. There are no online manuals for those modules. I had to find manuals for similar modules and figure out the logic, I still don’t fully understand these watches.

  31. jason#2 said

    From what I can tell, the link to the PDF manual listed on all of kodai_2008’s auctions point to the actual english version of the manual. I downloaded it and it is for module 4766, which is the same that is pictured in his auctions.

  32. Jason said

    I know it’s frustrating, but the manuals will eventually be translated to English. It just make take a couple months. When I first bought the OCW-300, it didn’t have an English manual either, but after about 2-3 months, I tried downloading it again, and there it was.

    This is a “how-to” article I posted on how to find manuals for watches that are recently introduced, where you don’t know the module number. I think it’s pretty handy, and just used it to find the manual (only in Japanese right now), for the OCW-30SDJ-1AJF I just bought my wife for Christmas. Anyway, you can also use it to download a manual directly, if you do know the number.


  33. Voicu said

    Jason are you talking about this link: http://world.casio.com/wat/download/en/manual/
    or it is something different? In this link you have a search function where you put the four digit code from the back of the watch (and mine is in customs now so I have no idea about the right code for my model 🙂 ).

    About kodai_2008 : The guy answered to my e-mails in a couple of hours and shipped the watch in the same day, got the tracking number in the same day.
    I am still waiting for the watch (it is in customs now) and I will post when I will get it but so far I am very impressed with the guy.

    About the prices: MSRP is one thing and the actual selling price is another. I got a Longines from a retailer (so not on Internet), authorized dealer at about 25-30% under the MSRP (and that including sales tax). Today I got a quote for an Omega (for ladies) that was 30% under MSRP (same thing authorized dealer, retailer) and a quote for Omega (for men) that was 15% under MSRP. So it varies.
    Getting back to Casio Oceanus Manta there are some japanese websites (including amazon.jp – amazon.com in Japanese) in which the price was in 80,000 yen range for Mantas (I can’t tell the details, I don’t speak Japanese but I used the google translators). Also depends of yen vs. $ exchange rate.
    I have not heard about fake Oceanus watches. (How can you fake titanium, solar power, radio reception etc? It will end up costing as much as the real deal no?)

  34. Voicu said

    Another example:
    OCW-M800TBJ-1AJF is 84,000 yen on Casio’s Japanese website
    and the same OCW-M800TBJ-1AJF is 58,800 yen on Amazon Japan (30% off) see link below

    One thing I don’t know and that is the custom duties for US. Anyone can give me an idea ?

  35. Jason said

    Voicu, yeah, that is the link, I just came up with a way to automate downloading an entire range of manuals, so you don’t have to type in the module number every time…not real useful in this case…but in others.

    As far as a fake, it’s not that they fake every function, but fake the general appearance of the watch. A fake may look identical (usually there are some tell tale signs of it being fake), but they do not operate identical. For instance, if it were an Oceanus fake (which I have never seen or heard about), then it may just be a quartz movement that is battery powered (not solar). It gets the pictures right, but when you actually get one, it doesn’t function the right way. I doubt we’ll see fakes, because as you stated, it’s hard to fake Ti, and make it look real, for a cheap price.

  36. Voicu said

    Jason the entire range of manuals? That is a serious collection ! :-).

    I was looking (again) at the specs on the USA site OCWM700TBA-1AV has MSRP 900$ and OCWM700TDA-1AV has MSRP 800$. Both have the same module 4749, similar specs (am I missing something?) and yet there is a 100$ difference. Anyone has any idea why?

    I was looking for Seiko’s (Kinetic, sapphire, titanium and dual-tone) and I have seen a weird site selling “branded” products and some Seiko for 50$ and I strongly suspect that were fakes (50$ vs. three-four hundred, kind of obvious).

  37. Jason said

    Not really a big collection, but when a new watch comes out, and no one knows the module number of it, I will use that method to download manuals from 1000-5000, and sort through them until I find the module. It’s easy to eliminate a lot of them, as the file sizes are only 1kb, so you just delete all those.

    As far as the difference between the TBA and the TDA? One is black, the other is silver. The black one is ion plated to give it it’s black color. I wasn’t real impressed with the durability of the black ion plating on the one I had. It showed signs of wear after only 2 weeks of wearing it in an office environment.

  38. Voicu said

    Ouch! Signs of wear after only two weeks ? And that in an office environment? Sorry to hear that. I like a lot titanium watches (maybe because I developed contact allergy after wearing a watch with not a very good “stainless” steel). My Citizen Eco-drive shows some wear but only on the gold colored part on the bracelet (titanium dual-tone) and after eight years I can’t complain.
    I guess it has to do with the processing (and I suspect that ion plating is thinner that PVD physical vapor deposition but I am still looking for specs). Some Swiss company claims that is using aircraft-grade titanium in their watches..and their price is more than 2000$ (automatic movement and all that) but it is a little bit too much for what they offer IMO.
    That been said I can’t wait to get my M800.

  39. JF said

    Hello guys,
    I’m thinking of getting an OCW-S1000J-1AJF. Upon reading the user’s manual I find that the “large” second hand is referred to as the “stopwatch second hand” and that the little hand in the rotary dial at the bottom is called the “second hand”. Does this means that the “large” second hand does not rotate around the dial once per minute in normal timekeeping operation? Frankly, this would be a surprise and disappointment to me. Please enlighten me.

  40. Jason said

    JF, if the 1000 operates similar to the 700 I had, then the large second had is the second hand in timekeeping mode, as well as stopwatch mode. The small dial at 6 o’clock is used as the stopwatch’s millisecond hand, at least, for a short while (spinning that hand the entire time the stopwatch is running would run the battery down quickly, so generally, that hand only operates for a minute I think, until you stop the stopwatch, then it moves to the internally measured number for milliseconds).

    So, to answer your question, it should operate as you normally think it should. If you’ll also notice, the numbering of the small dial, it wouldn’t make since if it was a second hand, as it’s indicators go up to 10 (or 100), where as a second hand would go to 6 (or 60). So that’s a dead giveaway.

    This is all speculation though, since I don’t have the watch. I would be interested to know what the small dial at 6 o’clock was used for in regular timekeeping. It does appear to have indicators at 5 minute (or second) ticks though…so maybe it does…someone needs to chime in here that has one.

  41. Jason said

    Hmm…on second thought, after looking at the manual, it does seem to look like the large second hand only moves during stopwatch mode. Very strange. I guess the sub-dial at 6 is used for seconds.

  42. JF said

    Thanks Jason,

    I left the question with kodai_2008 in the auction I was bidding on – fortunately, I have been outbid – I want this question resolved before I buy.

    Incidentally, the user’s manual for the 1050 is the same as for the 1000.

  43. Oceanus said

    Hi JF,

    The seconds hand is indeed on the bottom dial. I also thought this was strange at first, but I like it now, it’s less distracting. Also, watches like the Rolex Yacht Master II (over $30,000) work the same way, so I think it’s the latest luxury style. http://www.swissluxury.com/rolex-watches-yacht-master-yacht-master-ii.htm

    Since the S1050 and the S1000 have the same features, the manual for the S1000 worked fine for my S1050.

  44. D2 said

    Check out this video of an OCW600TDA-1AV for purposes of seeing how the Oceanus watch hands work and using the watch in general. The video is in the center of the review.

  45. Voicu said


    I am waiting for my M800 (Friday ? Saturday? not tomorrow b/c of holiday) and I will try to answer to your question. In mechanical chronos (or automatic) the big seconds hand moves only when you start the chrono (2 o’clock button) I am sure about that because I checked that yesterday.

    Could you be so kind and give the link? Are you talking about this one ?: http://www.watchreport.com/2006/12/review_of_the_o.html

  46. Oceanus said

    I wrote this a few hours ago, but it’s not appearing on the site, so I’m trying again (sorry in advance if this will be a duplicate).


    Hi JF,

    The seconds hand is indeed on the bottom dial. I also thought this was strange at first, but I like it now, it’s less distracting. Also, watches like the Rolex Yacht Master II (over $30,000) work the same way, so I think it’s the latest luxury style. http://www.swissluxury.com/rolex-watches-yacht-master-yacht-master-ii.htm

    Since the S1050 and the S1000 have the same features, the manual for the S1000 worked fine for my S1050.

  47. D2 said

    Sorry, I left of the link, but you found it:


  48. Voicu said

    Thanks for pointing the review. I didn’t think to press on the little play button, I just looked at the review first time.
    And Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  49. Jason said

    I did a review of the OCW-300, if anyone is interested. Just search for that on YouTube.

  50. Voicu said

    Thanks! Cool review.

  51. Joe said

    I still can’t find manuals for the Manta 1000/1050 or the new 800 series watches. The module numbers on the back of the watches don’t come up on world.casio.com. Anyone know where to get these PDF’s?

  52. Joe said

    One more thing – the 1050 uses Module 5012. I will use the 4766 manual for the time being.

  53. Voicu said

    My M800 is 5008 and is not yet available in English. Probably it will take a couple of months to be translated.
    I guess the settings are similar between modules. I posted on the M800 about the timer (found that experimenting with the buttons).
    I don’t think Manta’s have timer and alarms right?

  54. Jason said

    When I’m waiting for a manual, I usually just make a bookmark that I can click on, with the address of the PDF manual, such as this:


    Eventually, it will come up when they have translated it. Just make a bookmark, change the address to the above, changing the manual number at the end, and you’re good to go.

  55. Jason said

    Then just click on the bookmark once in a while to see if it’s there or not. I put it in the bar at the top of Firefox, so that when I see it, I can click it easily.

  56. Jon said

    I just received the ocw-s1000j watch from kodai_2008.

    The quality is superb! This watch is a huge step up from the giez I bought a year and a half ago.
    I have to say I did not expect such quality on a Casio watch. The quality seems to be at least on par with the Seiko Spirit/Brightz line of watches.

  57. Jason said

    Yep, the Oceanus line are really high quality. They do a fine job on all the ones I’ve seen.

  58. Oceanus said

    Joe, you can download the S1000 manual at http://ftp.casio.co.jp/pub/world_manual/wat/en/qw4766.pdf. Since the S1050 and S1000 have the same features, I used the S1000 manual for my S1050 with no problems.

  59. ColoradoMoJoe said

    Might somebody a couple of questions? Do the S1000 series Mantas have saphire glass, or is it just the 1050 & 1100 (if not saphire, then what)? Also, are the S1000s solid titanium (base and band)? I was confused by the terminology “titanium carbide coating”?

    If the 1000s are in fact saphire and titanium, and are lighter and thinner than the 1050 and 1100, I’m not sure as to the advantage of the latter two, other than that the 1100 is a special edition with different trim.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  60. ColoradoMoJoe said

    Okay, I’ve thought it through and think I have it now.

    All Mantas have saphire crystal glass and titanium base and band with a carbide (scratch resistant) coating.

    So, the 1000s are a slightly better bargain than the 1050 since they are lighter and thinner. However, the 1050 has a slightly different trim and is limited production, for its higher price.

    Anything I missed?

  61. Jon said

    The 1100 is the special edition model, not the 1050.

    The 1050 has the newer module and its sapphire crystal covers the whole face of the watch, including the bezel with the tachometer, so it’s really hard to scratch the face of the watch. The bezel of the 1000 is titanium, which is much easier to scratch. The 1050 is only $200 more expensive than the 1000j and $100 more than the 1000bj if you bid from yamato_2007. I consider these quite a bargain since I bought the giez for $300 last year.

    One thing to note is that the 1000j is really shiny (polished bezel). If I knew it was this before, I’d have bought the 1050 instead.

  62. ColoradoMoJoe said

    What is the difference between the newer module of the 1050 and the previous module? I was looking at the bj vs. the 1050. Is the bj bezel as shiny as the j?

  63. Oceanus said

    The 1050 and 1000/1100 modules have the same functions. The only differences are in the styling. For example, the 1050’s date is at the 6 o’clock position instead of the 1000/1100 at 4:30.

    The 1000BJ’s bezel is coated with some scratch resistant coating. The closest I can describe it is a glossy black metal color. The best pics can be found at http://watch-tanaka3.sub.jp/casio/OCW-S1000BJ-1AJF/

  64. Joe said

    While all current generation Oceanus watches have sapphire crystals, very few have domed (spherical) sapphire crystals. The 1050 has a domed crystal with anti-glare treatment inside and out, it seems to be completely invisible when viewed at certain angles. My Manta 1050 is significantly (about 3/4 oz) lighter than my 800 series watches with titanium bands.

  65. Jeff said

    I just bought a 1000J-1AJF and I am having trouble getting it to recieve the signal for the atomic timekeeping. I live in Buffalo NY, and I have NYC set as the home city. When I try to do a manual recieve function, the stopwatch second hand moves to the R (ready) position, and stays there for about 30 seconds or so, and then it moves to the N indiciation just under the 3 o’clock position to indicate that the attempt was unsuccessful. The auto-recieve attempts during the night were also unseccessful. From my home to Ft. Collins is about 1400 miles, so I should be within range. Anyone have any ideas?

  66. Jason said

    How are you pointing the watch? The optimal way would be to face the 12 o’clock location towards the transmitter, out a transmitter facing window. If left with only one of those two choices, I would probably opt for pointing towards the transmitter.

    I’m only about 650 miles from the transmitter, and usually point my watches NW from my location, you would probably need to point yours SW.

  67. Jason said

    Actually, after mapping it, yours looks like it should be directly west.

    I do not have a westward facing window, but when I point my watches north, out a north facing window, sometimes they do not calibrate, but if I point them westward, they always calibrate.

  68. Jeff said

    I’ve tried a few different things. First I tried facing the 12 o’clock position out the window (south facing). Then I took the watch outside and faced west. Neither of the tries worked. About how long does your stopwatch second hand stay at “R” before moving to “W”? The weather here yesterday was low overcast. I thought that might have something to do with it, but today the skies are blue with no clouds. Thanks for your help.

  69. D2 said


    Have you tried leaving your watch _overnight_ (between 11PM and 6AM) such that 12:00 is facing west – which is the general direction of Fort Collins, CO from your Buffalo, NY location?

    Make sure your watch is not near any AC operated electronics, wires, or phones – they might cause interference with signal reception.

    When my Casio/Oceanus watches’ 12:00 are positioned to face Fort Collins, they calibrate fine from both the east and west coast – even if 12:00 is not facing directly out a window.

  70. Jeff said

    This is my second day with the watch, and last night I left the watch on my computer desk with the 12 o’clock facing out my southern window. My home is made of brick, and I don’t have any west facing windows. I’m going to try leaving the watch close to a window and face it due west tonight and see what happens.

  71. D2 said

    My watches are more than 10 feet away from windows and the watches’ 12:00 sides are pointing towards the direction of Fort Collins. There are multiple walls between the watches’ 12:00 sides and the direction of Fort Collins. It should sync fine if 12:00 is facing west towards Fort Collins – even if you have multiple brick walls.

  72. Jeff said

    Thanks D2 and Jason. Last night I left it facing westward, away from my computer and it recieved the signal during one of the auto-recieve attempts. I checked it against the official US time website and it is within 1 second of that. Thank you for all your help.

  73. D2 said


    Glad to help.

    I’m not sure why the Casio/Oceanus manuals say to point the 12:00 side towards a window – because if the 12:00 side is not in-line with Fort Collins, my watches don’t sync.

    Fortunately my Citizen Attesa, which sits in the same watch box as the Casio/Oceanus watches, is supposed to have 9:00 poiting towards Fort Collins – however, it still syncs with 12:00 pointing towards Fort Collins instead.

  74. Anish said

    What is the build quality on the Manta.How would it compare,say to other japanese models.Like the high ends seikos .The velatura for example…I like the features on the manta but then I would definetely prefer a watch which not only looks good but has impecable build and finish.

  75. JF said


    Got my Oceanus Manta 1050 from E-bay one month ago and I just love it. Its titanium case and bracelet make it elegant and lightweight. Build quality is indeed impeccable. What I like most is the synchronizing with the atomic clock at Fort Collins, providing perpetual calendar for both day and date. I don’t know the Velatura line in detail, but on first look it seems like a toy watch by comparison.

  76. TV said


    Mind me asking, how much did you pay for it? I’m also looking at a 1050.

  77. JF said

    Hi TV,

    I paid US $660 + $120 customs = $780 total from Kodai = Yamato on E-bay. He is slow to ship and seems not to speak English, but you do get your item after about a month or so.

    Regarding sync technique, I don’t even bother to remove the watch while sleeping and it syncs 95% of the time. I live in Montreal and sleep on the second floor, in a wooded area, near a window.

  78. TV said

    Thanks, but what is this thing about a “Custom’s Charge”? Is this strictly a Canada thing?

  79. JF said


    The customs charge was a tax from the Canadian government, which I paid upon delivery at the Post Office. As to the specifics for each country, it’s something each customer needs to check for himself I guess.

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  81. Dejavu said

    Hi where can I get a OCW-S1000BJ-1AJF, in the UK and can’t seem to find any online.

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  83. Richard said

    Like many others I got an OCW-800 through e-bay. I searched around and created a guide for myself. Some taken from here (thanks voicu), others from various manuals. I thought I’d share in case people still had issues. I’m not claiming to be original, more combining several sources into one. There’s more in the manual for ‘5022’ if you need to manually adjust your time which I didn’t include. I’m lucky enough to live in Denver, so about 50 miles from Fort Collins. My watch syncs even when it’s in a box in the basement 🙂


    A B
    C D

    C is the ‘mode’ button. Each time you press it the status changes in the small sub-dial near the number 3. From ‘Timer’, to World Time mode (which also displays day light savings On / Off or ‘AT’ for automatic) and finally ‘Alarm’, before back to time-keeping. When the hand is pointing at the day of the week – it’s in time-keeping mode

    To specify home city:
    1. In time keeping mode, hold down ‘A’ for about 5 seconds until watch beeps twice (important – wait until it beeps twice)
    2. Press ‘D’ to change city setting by moving the stopwatch second hand
    3. Use ‘B’ to cycle between daylight savings being ‘OFF’ and ‘ON’ (see 3 o’clock dial)
    4. Once you have the home city set, hit ‘A’

    To manually receive time-signal, set home city first then, put the watch on a window sill with its ’12 o’clock’ facing out, and hold the ‘A’ button for about 2 seconds until the watch beeps once. The stop-watch second hand will move to ‘ready’ and later to ‘work’. The watch will then sit for up to 15 minutes while it searches for the signal, before beeping and setting the hands to local time.

    To check the most recent manual, or automatic reception from the atomic clock, hit the ‘A’ key once and the stopwatch second hand will move to either ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. Press ‘A’ again to return to normal time-keeping, or wait 5 seconds and watch will do it automatically

    To use World-Time
    1. To go to world-time mode, hit the ‘C’ (mode) button until the sub-dial near the 3 points to either ‘On / Off / AT’ for DST.
    2. Wait until hands have adjusted
    3. Use the ‘D’ button to advance the stop-watch second hand to the city. One second after finishing hitting ‘D’ the time will change accordingly
    4. If summer time on / off needs to be toggled, hold down the ‘A’ button for about 3 seconds to toggle.
    5. Once done, hit the ‘C’ (mode) button until the sub-dial near the 3 points to the day of the week, indicating you’re back in time-mode

    To Swap your World-Time city to your Home city
    1. To go to world-time mode, hit the ‘C’ (mode) button until the sub-dial near the 3 points to either ‘On / Off’ for DST.
    2. Wait until hands have adjusted
    3. Press and hold the ‘B’ button for about 3 seconds until the watch beeps. Your home city and world-time cities have now switched
    4. Once done, hit the ‘C’ (mode) button until the sub-dial near the 3 points to the day of the week, indicating you’re back in time-mode

    To use stopwatch:
    1) In time keeping mode hit ‘D’
    2) Once hands are in position, hit ‘B’ to start stop watch.
    3) To stop the stopwatch, press ‘B’ again, and ‘D’ to reset
    4) Once finished with the stopwatch, press ‘D’ to get back to time mode.
    5) (if you want to start timing quickly – in time keeping mode, hit ‘B’ to start watch – it may take up to a second, but it will get going – then follow instruction from (3) onwards)

    To use timer:
    1) Press “C” (mode)until small hand (3 o’clock subdial) reaches TMR. Now watch is in timer mode.
    2) Press “A” and this will move the hand around the 3 o’clock subdial in order to set the minutes for the countdown. The “60″ on the dial is same as “zero”.
    3) Press “B” to start timer, “D” to stop/reset. In timer mode stopwatch seconds hand moves backwards, and the hand from 3 o’clock subdial also moves backward. 6 o’clock sub-dial hand does not move, 9 o’clock subdial hand continue to show the 24 hours. Hour and minutes hand continue to show time.
    4) When 3 o’clock subdial hand reaches “60″ the alarm rings.
    5) Press again “C” (mode) to get the 3 o’clock subdial hand pointing to the day of the week and the watch is now in time measuring mode again.

    To use alarm:
    1. Press ‘C’ (mode) until small hand in 3 o’clock subdial reaches ‘AL’ for alarm. Watch is now in alarm mode.
    2. Hold down ‘A’ for about 2 seconds until watch beeps, confirming it is in the setting mode
    3. Wait until the hands come to a stop indicating the current alarm time
    4. The stop watch second hand will move to ‘ON’ at this time
    5. Use ‘D’ to move hands clockwise in one minute steps and ‘B’ to move counterclockwise in one minute steps
    6. After setting alarm, hit ‘A’ to exit setting mode
    7. Use the ‘A’ key to toggle the stop-watch second hand between ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’.
    8. Once done, use the ‘C’ (mode) button to return to time-keeping mode

    To toggle alarm on / off
    1. Press ‘C’ (mode) until small hand in 3 o’clock subdial reaches ‘AL’ for alarm. Watch is now in alarm mode.
    2. Use to ‘A’ key to toggle the stop-watch second hand between ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’
    3. Once done, use the ‘C’ (mode) button to return to time-keeping mode

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  85. Yes, This watch looks amazing! It’s also a bit expensive about $1100 USD. But hey in this case you are also looking for a style besides a watch that shows time.


    By the way. If interested in cooperation then contact.

  86. Jackson said

    I had a question, I am about to purcahse the S1000BJ from a ebayer in Japan. Does anyone know how much the custom fees would be? I live you the U.S. and the watch is around $850.

  87. M0by said

    hey I have seen it on a shop online
    just gonna post you the link, nice watch I’d like to buy it too if i had the money!


  88. M0by said

    dunno what’s happened, I can’t see my comment, hope I don’t double post…
    hey I have seen it on a shop online
    just gonna post you the link, nice watch I’d like to buy it too if i had the money!


  89. M0by said

    once again, link did not work…

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    anyways I found the item you are looking for on an online shop, I’ve been trying to copy the link here with no success, hope this does the job!

  91. Janar said

    Amazing watch. I myself work in the watch industry (I do own this site) and this is one of my favourites.
    Every time when you look at it, it gives this incredible feeling of accomplishing goals and gratitude.

  92. cary said

    If it’s got no alarm and it automatically sets based on the atomic clock radio signal, what does it need four buttons for? What does it use them for?

  93. D2 said


    It does have an alarm. Take a look at the manual for all the details 🙂


  94. Bebop said

    hello everybody,

    first sorry for my bad english in advance.. 😀

    i read all your posts and i’m really looking forward of getting one of those oceanus manta watches.
    But which one?

    Recently i bought a casio waveceptor M610 1AVER but i scratched this watch during my work.
    Now it’s time to get a new one and hell i won’t wear it at my work.

    Actually i like the oceanus manta 1000J with the silver bezel more than the 1000BJ.
    But i read here that the black one(1000Bj and 1050) is more scratch resistant?

    should i get the black one which is more scratch resistant
    or the silver one which i like more?

    any suggestions would be cool 🙂


  95. Ralph said

    From what everyone’s said, it looks as if OCW-S1000 has AR coating on only one side of the crystal, whereas OCW-S1050 has it on both sides. Does anyone know about OCW-S1100 as to its AR coating–one side or both?

  96. Ralph said

    Oh, one other thing. Does anyone know how to switch the DST indicator to Auto from Off on OCW-S1100. I purchased one a while back, and the damn thing has a Japanese-language Manual. Needless to say, I can’t read a word. Actually I’m looking to unload the watch (100% new and unworn) so as to be able to get one with an English-language manual.

  97. Dave said

    I think the S1050 also has AR coating only on one side (the inside) as well (http://oceanus.casio.jp/lineup/images/s1050_de_01_detail.jpg). But it does have a “dual curved glass”, whereas the S1000 there is no mention of this. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any info on the S1100 anywhere on their website..

  98. Ralph said

    Dave, I’ve discovered you’re right: OCW-S1050 has AR coating on only the inside of the sapphire. I had written to Casio Japan customer service, and they emailed back saying that they don’t put double AR-coating on any of their Oceanus series watches (and I suspect that this means on any Casio watch period). I now have one of the 1050s, and I can tell you that I can detect virtually no curvature to the crystal (unless its an inside concave curve). I had thought that it had a slightly domed crystal, but it doesn’t. Legibility is a little better on the 1050 than on my other Manta, OCW-S1100, largely perhaps because the latter has a lot of gold accents on the dial, and I suspect that they are causing some of the reflectiveness that isn’t present in the less-detailed (and without any gold) 1050.

    They don’t provide any detail on OCW-S1100 because it’s now out of production (I think), being limited to 500 watches in total(it’s a Limited Edition watch).

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  106. rich s said

    I bought the OCW-S1000 from a retailer and I love it. However I do live in a city and WWWV reception is practically impossible. I have to let it calibrate when I’m at work or out of town.

    One mystery I’d like to solve is why, in normal timekeeping mode, the sweep-second hand settles on seemingly random location, instead of the home location (12:00).

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