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Requests for any particular brand or model to be featured here are welcome. Also feel free to post your suggestions on how to make this site better. If you would like a link to your site (that is watch related) to be posted on the sidebar, please let me know as well.


49 Responses to “Requests”

  1. Michael said

    Any idea where the Seiko SAGA007 will be available when released?

    Thank you,

  2. wristwatch said

    Hello Michael,

    The Seiko SAGA007 will only be available in Japan on November 16th, for 157,500 Yen retail. It’s limited to 300 pieces.


  3. Michael said

    I am new at buying watches outside of the United States.
    Do you have any suggestions on best places to buy? What I need to be careful with etc.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts.


    *** Moved from About page ***

  4. wristwatch said

    Hello Michael,

    First you should know exactly what model you want. This part is going to be hard, since you can’t touch, nor see that actual product. Once the item/items are shipped to you, its gonna be tough/costly returning it. If you know exactly what model you want, I can hook you up with some reputable dealers in Japan.


  5. chad said

    Hi. Recently bought a Seiko SNA141 titanium chronograph alarm with green dial and nylon strap. I haven’t seen much online about this series (which evidently includes the SNN083, SND099, SNA107, etc.). Can you tell me anything more, like where they were originally sold?

  6. wristwatch said

    Hi Chad,

    I’ll do a little research and post a pictures and specifications of those models that you requested. It should be up within the week.


    Update! :

  7. Dr.Agnoor Preetam PhD said

    I am intrested in Rolex Airking oyster perpetual in steel with white dial and domed bazel. Could you give me more information on this particular model and list of authorized dealers in India. Would it be cheaper if I buy it directly from the company showroom in Switzerland. Please advice me accordingly.

  8. wristwatch said

    Hey Dr. Agnoor Preetam PhD,

    I’ve posted a reply in the Rolex Air-King page. Just follow the link below to read it.



  9. Michael said

    Do you have any thoughts regarding the Invicta.
    I am interested in the new 4464 or 4476

    Thank you

  10. wristwatch said

    Hi Michael, personally I would go for the 4464, mainly because its COSC. I guess the 4464 would be on par with the other luxury brands’ diver’s models. Both models look equally great, and there seems to be a growing following for Invicta watches, so I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the two. Another thing, if you plan to go swimming a lot with your watch, I don’t think the black ionic plating could take a beating, it might fade after a while.


  11. Oceanus said

    Hi Wristwatch,

    Are you planning on adding the Oceanus OCW-M800 watch model to your site? It looks like an interesting watch. Thanks!

    OCW-M800TBJ-1AJF: http://store.yahoo.co.jp/taiyodo/w0621.html

  12. Jon said

    I second the request for addition of the Oceanus OCW-M800 .

    I’d be particularly interested in a translation of the description of how its countdown feature functions. Seems fairly unique for a sub-$1,000 analog watch.


  13. wristwatch said

    Guys, I’m currently out of town, hence the lack of updates the past few days. Will put one up as soon as I get back. Cheers.

  14. Voicu said

    I am looking for Seiko Kinetic, titanium case with sapphire glass (preferably dual tone case and bracelet – gold and titanium).
    I can’t find something similar in USA Seiko’s website so I guess it is a Japan domestic market (and Europe?) model. Where can I find more information and a reputable dealer from where to buy it?

    To my surprise I found something that looks like counterfeit Seiko watches ! (a place in Pakistan selling Seiko in “titanium” and with “sapphire” glass for 45-50$ (minimum 5 pieces). For this price I think it has to be a forgery.

    Thank you in advance for your help it will be kindly appreciated.

  15. Oceanus said

    Thanks Wristwatch, I appreciate it. Hope you’re having a good trip.

  16. wristwatch said

    Hello Voicu, do you mean, you’re looking for a model thats Titanium, two toned and with sapphire glass?

  17. Voicu said

    Yes sir that’s right. In 2000 I got a Citizen Eco-drive, titanium two tone , caliber A160 but with mineral glass (and I managed to scratch it).
    Unfortunately Citizen has no dual tone (in titanium) anymore (or I can’t find any).
    So I started looking at Seiko’s line and there are some models that have on the dial written Sapphire Kinetic Titanium (SKA335?). My problem is that I can’t find them on the US market. Also the quality of descriptions that I can find on ebay or various sites varies widely.
    Seiko also has a line that has “Kinetic Titanium” on the dial (SKA214 ?) but I think that is mineral glass not sapphire in these models.
    I really like titanium watches, the “maintenance-free” part of Eco-drive, Kinetic or solar cell, the fact the is harder to scratch sapphire…and if it is two-toned it is like the cherry on top of the cake 🙂 !
    Any help/info would be kindly appreciated!

  18. Voicu said

    It looks that I was wrong! Citizen has dual tone titanium? In their Exceed line? I only find pages in Japanese so I can’t figure it out if they are titanium or stainless steel.

  19. Ber10 said

    Can someone tell me were I can buy the Citizen i:virt? I went to several shops in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) but nobody seems to know this model. An internetshop is ok. Some advice would be very much appreciated certainly by my husband for whom I would like to buy the watch as a X-mas present.

  20. Phil said

    I’m looking for an Orient M-Force “Dress Mini-Beast” with Orange Dial number CEX03008M0
    It has the calendar bezel which permits the numerical day of the month to align with the day of the week. Thanks.

  21. Vincent said

    I am looking for a Seiko SBCM029 (only available in Japan). Please help me find some good dealers in Japan for the watch.

    Thank you so much for your help.


  22. D2 said

    In response to “Ber10 Says: Can someone tell me were I can buy the Citizen i:virt?” – I see some listed on eBay.com.

  23. esquire said

    I am looking to acquire a Japan-only Seiko or Citizen. Anyone have an exeperience with or feedback regarding http://www.joynetmall.com as a retailer?

  24. D2 said


    Happy New Year! I have not seen any posts from you since mid-November, where you said you were out of town. I hope all is well with you.

  25. Alex said


    I’m trying to find a “dive kit” for a TAG 1000 Super professional, do you have any idea where I can find one?


  26. syncro16se said

    Anyone here familiar with the NY based company TimeDealz?

    Are they authorized Citizen dealers, and are they reliable?

    Best regards, and thanks in advance,


  27. Keith floyed said

    please mail me your complete shop address in London and phone

    Best Regards


  28. emanuele said

    i’m interested to ORIENT KING MASTER SUBMARINER WZ0241ER;

    i’m from italy; where and how can i buy it??
    and the price??

    many thanks.

  29. Joel said


    I’m looking for a Citizen Attesa ATV53-2832. Does anyone know where i can get one?



    Greetings from Australia .Our company MORGAN INVESTMENT have high interest
    in your product which i will want to order by mail to our store here in Australia.I want you to quote me
    on ……wrist watch in your store.I want you to get back to
    me with the unit cost and also bulk cost of this item.

    NSW 2158

    We would be paying by my credit card (visa/mastercard) and Also, I
    experience difficulties when it comes to getting items to my address here in
    Australia, It would best if you contact the shipper which i used in the
    past. (BAFFY_SAHEE@YAHOO.COM), you can also notify them with my customer id#

  31. mekky said

    what is the tachymeter plz??

  32. mekky said

    hello guys
    what is the tachymeter plz??and what is it’s job in the watch??

  33. D2 said

    You have not posted since mid-November 2007 ………. I hope all is well with you.

    Best regards,

  34. Richard said

    Hi people, I was lucky enough to find the Citizen Blue Angels SkyHawk Eco drive watch at a pawn shop for $60.05 US Dollars. Unfortionately the watch did not come with an instruction manual. Any chance you can post a link to an online manual so I can learn how to set this beautiful watch?

  35. Hello!

    Does anybody know where it is possible to buy this watch from Oris:Carlos Coste Ltd Edition Chronograph ?

    Please let me know.



  36. Greetings,

    When will we expect review of a Prometheus watch ?

  37. Looking for an EBEL perpetual chronograph with matching YG bracelet as available circa 80’s or newer. Had three at one time. Would like to begin wearing one if it can be found. A nice alternative to common Rolex’s.

    If you have one or more to sell please contact me at whisprwave@aol.com


  38. funkey said

    i’m just wondering where these coating specs informations came from such IP, PVD, DLC (i own a 2832) or Carbide. I had never seen this specs mentioned on any watch user guide and specs that claims they are.
    If this coating specs are really true, why do watch manufacturers wont include it on specs sheet.
    Or can anyone tell me where to look for it?

  39. kingracer said

    Does anyone know where I can find an Oceanus dealer in the Chicago area? The Oceanus website didn’t help me — one dealer (Abt) no longer sells them and the other (Laura Loyd) only had 2 models in stock.

    I’ve already done my homework online, and I’m on the verge of buying the m800. I only wish I could try it on my wrist and compare other models before sinking the cash.

    Many thanks

  40. Johnny said

    I am looking for this watch please:
    Orient Automatic M-Force Titanium Watch WZO151EX. I you have one or know where I can find one, many thanks.

  41. Fred said

    Looking for an Alba Volcano watch by Stefan Giovannoni in red.

    you can contact me at kidfred@gmail.com


  42. PAUL said

    Hello, please i’m in need of a reliable factory or an agent that can produce good quality custom design watch for a label. I hope you can help me. you can reply via my email for convinience. I really need help on this. Thank you

  43. Slavne said

    Is there a wrist watch with the following:
    1) analog hands
    2) white or bright face color
    3) atomic (Europe is a must)
    4) solar
    5) at least date of month.

    Everything else (like chronometers, tidal levels, or whatever) is a minus. Previously there has been Junghans (I own Vienna model), but the factory told me they are not making any solar watches any more unfortunately. Casio Oceanus is the closest as it is, but with miriads of unnecessary functions which greatly burdends the look and far outcomes any use that I can face.

  44. Slavne said

    I guess I just found the candidate: Citizen World Perpetual AT seems ok!

  45. Vangelis said

    Are, the Citizen PMD56-2971/72/73, multiband?Are they receiving in Europe?
    Very important.
    Any idea anyone?

  46. zcy said

    May I get a manual instruction about VAGARY–FF60-S033357 HBS 609? Actually, I have this watch, but i don’t know how to adjust the time and date. Thanks!!

  47. Lawrence Ciferno said

    I have watch with the name GIANTO are they made anymore?

  48. martin ng said

    pls advise where can i get a new SARB013

  49. Paul said

    Hi! Do you have a bracelet or a buckle for watches CITIZEN PROMASTER PMV65-2242 ? http://forum.watch.ru/showpost.php?p=4709274&postcount=406 Regards! Paul

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