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Casio Oceanus OCW-M800TBJ-1AJF, OCW-M800TGJ-7AJF and OCW-M800TLJ-5AJF

Posted by wristwatch on November 11, 2007

The new Casio Oceanus’ comes with two Casio’s main technologies, Tough Solar and Multiband 5. I guess one unique thing about the Oceanus series is that they do not have a crown, only four buttons to do the adjustments and settings. The main button is on the four o’clock position and is marked by the Oceanus logo imprinted on the button. These models feature a slightly larger bezel than the others in the Oceanus series, its to emphasize the sporty design.

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Casio Wave Receptor WVQ120DBA-1AV

Posted by wristwatch on October 15, 2007

Several times a day the watch receives the official US government time via a time calibration signal from the atomic transmitter in Ft. Collins, CO. eliminating the worry about changing your watch for Daylight Saving Time. Casio’s atomic watches also feature a perpetual calendar, eliminating the need to adjust your watch for calendar month to month inconsistencies and Leap Year. You truly will be on time, all the time.

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Casio Gulfman G-9100-1 and G-9100-2

Posted by wristwatch on October 7, 2007

The Master of G series of Casio stands for the extreme. Comes with 3 major functions, extreme rust resistance, moon phase indicator and tide indicator. The case is a fusion of titanium and resin, which maximizes corrosion resistance. Made for the water sportsman, tough enough to withstand the ravages of the sea.

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Casio Oceanus Manta OCW-S1050J and OCW-S1100PJ

Posted by wristwatch on October 5, 2007

Casio just announced that they are releasing 2 new Manta models from the extremely popular Oceanus line. Both will be sold in limited quantities during launch, which will be on October 13th for the OCW-S1050J and November 30th for the OCW-S1100PJ. The Manta is in my opinion the slimmest radio wave/solar powered watch. Everyone will agree with me when I say that the design is a hybrid of a sporty and dress watch, conservative enough to be a dress watch and busy enough to be considered a sport watch. The Oceanus line is actually promoted as a yachting watch, hence the name Oceanus. Some of the older models even have a tide indicator.

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Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG-1000 and MTG-1000G

Posted by wristwatch on September 30, 2007

The new G-Shocks features a new hybrid design, a fusion of plastic and metal. This material combination will allow these watches to absorb shock after shock after shock. You have a choice between red or gold highlights. Powered by Casio’s tough solar system, and worldwide radio reception. Release date is November 17 in Japan.

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