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Alive again.

Posted by wristwatch on October 4, 2009

Hi guys. My brother used to run this site, after a few months of running it, he had some personal emergencies which made it impossible for him to continue. Well, I inherited his laptop, and found this link in his bookmarks. I asked for the administrative password and will try to revive this site. So if any of you guys would like to be posters/contributors. Feel free to reply to this thread and lets see what we can work out. I like watches and have trouble finding a website community that supports people like us. Let me know what you think, if you would like to keep this site alive or what.

Thanks guys.


23 Responses to “Alive again.”

  1. Nicholas said

    Keep it alive if that’s what you really want to do. Im all for it if that’s your passion. There’s a lot of catching up though. All the best!

  2. wristwatch said

    Thanks for the support, I’m gonna need a lot of help though. Guys who wanna be contributors kindly shoot me an email and lets talk.

  3. Joe said

    Keep it alive!

  4. Everett said

    Unless this site, WristWatch, that you inherited from your brother is a burden for you to run, I don’t see why it’s existence should be called into question. It seem like lots of people visit and appreciate this site enough to justify it’s existence. Personally, I like this site myself; I like coming here to converse with wristwatch aficionados and connoisseurs alike, to talk about writwatches and learn new things about these magnificent timepieces (I wish there was a section in this site about pocket watches, too). I think this site should remain. Ending it should be out of the question. I cannot visit WristWatch everyday and I will not always have something to contribute, but I like knowing that it here whenever I feel like dropping in, even if it’s just to see what other people are saying about wristwatches. WristWatch’s existence was never questioned when your brother had it (at least I don’t think it was), so it should remain. Keep it alive.

  5. D2 said

    Nice to hear from you and I hope your brother is well. I feared something was wrong when he stopped posting or updating after mid-November 2007. It would be great if you can keep the site going. Regards to your brother for the work he put into this site and I hope you can continue it.

  6. heygan said

    It lives… wow it been a while but would be great to see this website up and running again.

  7. Levi said

    Hi1 just posted a question on the Invicta page, nice site! surely hope you will keep it running!
    Levi in Sweden

  8. ChrisC. said

    I am sorry to hear about your brother. This is a nice site and I wish you the best of luck keeping it up and running. More watch sites = 🙂

  9. Alex said

    Good site, useful. Consider selling the site if you can’t run it. You will have the money, say, $10,000, the world will have the site. There should be a resale value in it.

  10. Adam said

    I would be interesting in posting an article or two, send me an email.

  11. William said

    I think it’s always important to take care of family. I’m happy to hear the blog’s still going to be run, thanks and I hope whatever the emergency was gets taken care of!

    Best wishes

  12. Bella said

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  13. Bella said

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  14. fg said

    it is so good~! thanks~! your blogs are good ! thank you !

  15. Any chance of more coming soon. This used to be one of my favorite blogs, just wish it was alive and well for sure!

  16. Marco said


    I love contributing content to sites. I work for a watch store so I can get some good inside infor, pics, videos … I couldn’t find your email address, so email me instead. Hope to hear from you soon.


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  20. hello,friend. I was recommended by one of my relatives to check out your website. I like the design of the site especially. The article is very useful. Please keep on the good work. I surely will check out it oftenly and introduce it to my relative.

  21. Hey that’s great that you are reviving this site for your brother. I am new to this market and I’m trying to learn more about watches. I look forward to browsing around this site. Thanks for keeping it alive.

  22. I would say keep it going! I Run and moderate a number of blogs and websites similar to this, a few watch blogs as well. If you need some help, feel free to email me. I could contribute to your blog if you still feel that you can keep it up and running, if you would like. It is a lot easier if you allow your readers to contribute content to your site; that way the burden of content creation does not fall entirely on your shoulders.

  23. I would like to contribute to the site and post here. Please follow up with me via joseph@michael-chambers.com

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