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From Seiko’s website:

What is Kinetic?

Seiko Kinetic is the first quartz watch powered by human movement, a development so significant it led to the application for more than 50 patents. The process uses an oscillating weight that is rotated by the movement of your wrist: this movement is transformed into a magnetic charge, then into electricity, which is stored in a tiny capacitor or a rechargeable battery. A Power Reserve Indicator shows exactly how much energy you’ve created.

Special Features:
* Never needs winding
* Never needs a battery change
* Captures and stores energy for up to six months (most models)
* Environmentally friendly

From Wikipedia:

How does a Kinetic watch work?

A rotating pendulum inside the case is attached to a relatively large gear which meshes with a very small pinion. As the wearer moves, the pendulum turns and spins the pinion at a very high speed – up to 100,000 rpm. This is coupled to a miniature electrical generator which charges three or four small capacitors. If the watch is left unused the capacitors can store enough charge to power the watch for longer periods than a mechanical automatic, usually at least one month, six months for most models. Charge from the capacitor drives a conventional quartz watch mechanism accurate to 1-2 seconds per week.

Some Implementation faults of Seiko Kinetic

* Some calibers have the backlash phenomenon; tilting the watch from side to side occasionally caused the minute hand to fall around somewhere between half a minute and a full minute. It was confirmed by SEIKO and technically it is impossible to improve the situation by reassembling the watch.

* Some watches made before year 2000 brought faulty capacitors in the ESU (Electricity Storage Unit). Newer models already bring a new lithium ion rechargeable cell. This cell, sometimes called a secondary battery, enabled the ESU to store more energy for a longer period of time. It also eliminated some capacitor related issues in some Kinetic models in the mid and late 1990s.

Other Kinetic related technologies:

Kinetic Auto Relay

Kinetic Auto Relay adds an amazing feature to Seiko Kinetic. It automatically resets itself to the correct time. If the watch senses inactivity for more than three days, it automatically stops the hands to conserve energy, then continues to compute the time internally.

* The next generation in Kinetic timekeeping
* Time Memory for up to 4 years at full charge
* Hands automatically reset themselves to the correct time
* Powered by wearer’s movement
* No need to change the battery
* Quartz accuracy

Kinetic Perpetual

Once set, the calendar automatically adjusts for odd and even months including February of leap years up to February 2100. When the watch senses 24 hours of inactivity it puts itself into suspended animation (sleep mode) to conserve energy. The date continues to advance correctly while the watch is asleep. Wake it up with a few shakes of your wrist and it automatically resets itself to the correct time even if it’s been asleep for up to 4 years.

* Leap Year Indicator
* Oversized dual date windows
* 24-hour and 12-month subdials
* Energy depletion forewarning function


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