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What is Duratect?

Scratch-Resistant because of its Hardness
Duratect is a revolutionary technology which involves a special treatment on existing materials like stainless steel or titanium to harden the surface. Applying this technique on stainless steel, we have achieved a hardness 3 to 4 times higher by penetrating carbon from the surface in order to distort the crystal of the metal. The result is a scratch-resistant hardness for daily use.

Shiny as Brand New
When you wear a watch over a long period of time, it sometimes becomes less shiny. It is caused by slight scratches. Your watch may have slight scratches from daily use without hitting with something hard or dropping it. By making it scratch-resistant, you can wear it while maintaining its polished look, thus your watch will appear good as brand new.

Various Designs
Duratect has a further advantage. It has an improved surface hardness while still keeping the characteristics of its original material. Therefore, you can have the design using the characteristic of stainless steel or titanium finishing. The surface is “hard”, but inside is soft.

Is it true that there will be no scratches despite you hit it hard?
No. There will be scratches if you hit it with a hard sharp object or purposely put a strong pressure. It is scratch-resistant for daily use. We hope you will treat it with care as it is your precious watch after all.

Does it peel or become cloudy?
As it has a hard layer from the surface of the material towards the inner side, it does not peel as like coating does. It will continue to have a brand new shine as it is resistant to scratches that cause a blur appearance.

If it is “Hard” does it mean it is easy to be broken?
The surface hardness is 3 to 4 times higher than that of ordinary stainless steel. Although the surface is so hard, the inside retains the hardness of ordinary stainless steel, thus it is not easily broken. Also by retaining its basic characteristics, we can easily process it to explore many different designs.

Some tips on maintenance of Duratect:
Wipe it with a soft cloth to remove sweat or dirt after use as for the ordinary watch.

What kind of product Duratect is used for?
Presently, it is used in the category of xC. We will extend its use to various categories. Check and confirm an indication of Duratect when you buy the watch.

Sample Video of Plasma Vapor Deposition


3 Responses to “Duratect”

  1. D2 said

    Hello Wristwatch,
    Great site! I share your passion for Japanese watches. I’m waiting form my Citizen Attesa ATV53-2833 to arrive from Japan.

    Did you intend for the Sample Video of Plasma Vapor Deposition on this page to be on the “What is PVD?” FAQ page: https://japwatches.wordpress.com/faq/pvd/ ?

  2. wristwatch said

    Hey D2, nice to see there are fellow Japanese watch enthusiasts out there. I seem to have made a mistake there. I’ll put up another link in the PVD page. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Tomi said

    What’s the difference between Duratect and TICC, and which one is better?

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