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Invicta The Original Russian Diver Model 2625

Posted by wristwatch on November 1, 2007

If you’re a fan of big chunky watches, then this is the watch for you. It sports a black dian and black hour and minute hands. A few Russian words are on the dial, I have no idea what they mean. It has bold Arabic numerals which are easily readable. Its only water resistant up to a hundred meters, so I don’t suggest you take it diving with you. Not to mention that you’ll ruin the leather strap.

* Movement: Untitas skeleonized mechanical: engraved and finished with blue gold platinum and stainless steel tones
* Case and dial: 52mm
* Solid stainless steel case special screw in crown with protective cap
* Antique dial design: replica of original 1959 Russian diver
* Band: Genuine crocodile leather
* Water resistant: 100 meters



7 Responses to “Invicta The Original Russian Diver Model 2625”

  1. Paul said

    its looks like error because first letter in these words bust be “B.. CCCP”.
    “BM. CCCP” – mean like “United States Navy” but for Soviet Union Navy.

  2. Paul said

    And look on modern version of this watches from russian factory http://www.smirs.com/product_info.php?products_id=1122&language=en

  3. wristwatch said

    Hey Paul, thanks for the info. Is the brand of this watch in the link “Vodolaz”?

    • arjun said

      HAY PAUL AND WRISTWATCH..this vodolaz watch is not an modern version.vodolaz (aka..zlatoust) was a russian navy diversant watch made for russian navy.in 50’s to 70’s
      they were 3 inch in diameter(including crown 76mm)first 100 watches were made from switzerland.few earlier watches used american type 1 movement.whole machinery was shipped to russia from america.they stopped making vodolaz 32 years ago,now a days you see replicas.so to pay homage to zlatoust watches invicta makes them same design.(but smaller size at 52mm diameter) hope this information helps you.cheers.

  4. Paul said

    Well. “Vodolaz” – model name, may be brand, but not a factory name.
    Its “Zlatousovsky Watch Factoy”. This model is only one. Other products – special machinery.
    Clockwork (movement) made by Poljot.

  5. wristwatch said

    Russian watches have thier own distinct design. I’ve been reading up on some of them, its pretty interesting. I’ll be adding a few Russian watches to this site in the next few days. Any info towards which brands are popular would be greatly appreciated.

  6. jonathan said

    you post is very well i read reviews watch in your site i can buy watch

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