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Seiko Moving Design Collection SCBS005 and SCBS007

Posted by wristwatch on October 28, 2007

Mechanical movement with a digital display. This is an amazing design, using three discs instead of three hands to tell time. The small window on the left resembles a LCD display. “Earth and Harmony” is the theme for these two models. The huge plain dial does attract a lot of looks from people. Both sporty and formal, this watch is definitely a great choice for any occasion. The main thing about this watch that caught my eye is the price. Its relatively cheap at 73,500 Yen.

* Designer: Tomoko Tomita
* Manufacturer: SEIKO
* Automatic self-winding movement
* Calibre 6R15
* 23 Jewels
* 50 hour power reserve
* Average accuracy between +25 seconds from -15 seconds per month
* Diameter 41mm
* Thickness 14.3 mm
* Weight: 70 g (without strap)
* Leather Strap
* Hardened Stainless Steel case
* Sapphire crystal



6 Responses to “Seiko Moving Design Collection SCBS005 and SCBS007”

  1. Howie Boyd said

    I got one of these watches (the darker one) and it’s really nice. It’s gotten a lot of attention from folks that I didn’t even think noticed watches. The finish and the overall design are just first rate. Now I want the SCBS011 model as well.

  2. Bruce Stern said

    I would like to buy the Seiko SCBS007. Where online can I buy this watch?

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