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Hamilton Jazzmaster Rattrapante

Posted by wristwatch on October 27, 2007

Hamilton has a unique talent for creating watches that express the beauty of technology by fusing cutting-edge technical and visual design. The new Jazzmaster Rattrapante provides the perfect proof. This Split-second automatic chronograph brings a totally new dimension to the Hamilton collection with its exquisite Automatic movement. The series is limited to 365 pieces, with each watch representing one day of the year, the period of time between two recurrences of an event related to the orbit of the earth around the sun.

True to its French name, derived from the verb meaning ‘to recapture’, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Rattrapante transports nostalgia and craftsmanship into the 21st century by clothing it in stunning contemporary design with highly charismatic appeal. Its smooth stainless steel case and black crocodile strap make elegant classical statements. In contrast, the dial plays provocatively with conventional chronograph appearances by placing the perfect round, but different-sized, counters on the lefthand side. A further double take occurs when the onlookers’ eye catches sight of the Swiss automatic movement, zealously at work through the partially glass dial. This gives technology a totally mesmerizing quality – and a closer look is rewarded by the sight of « côtes de Genève » decoration and pearled platinum .

Beyond the handsome exterior of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Rattrapante is a highly precise timepiece that integrates the functionality of two stopwatches. This is particularly useful for timing simultaneous actions that begin at the same time but have different durations, such as sporting events with several participants. The Jazzmaster Rattrapante has fine black and nickel hands that elegantly command over the color-coordinated dial. Once the winning competitor crosses the finishing line for example, the first stopwatch records the final time, while the second one continues to accompany the next competitors, accommodating repeated stops if desired. As soon as all the participants have crossed the line, a gentle push of a button instantly returns all four hands to zero, declaring stylish elegance the absolute winner.

* Size 44mm
* Material (case, hands, crown & pin-buckle) Stainless steel
* Dial Color Black / Silver glass
* Attachment Black crocodile
* Movement Automatic 7770
* Crystal Sapphire
* Water resistance 100 m



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