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Sea-Gull Double Tourbillon ST8080G

Posted by wristwatch on October 21, 2007

I spent the last few days in China. I found this manufacturer of luxury mechanical watches, the build is absolutely amazing. Sea-Gull has a wide array of high end models from tourbillons to ultra thin models. Pictured above is the double tourbillon model. Its encased in a 18k rose gold case with an crocodile hide. If you want value for money, you might want to check out the other Sea-Gull models.

* Model: ST8080G
* Double Tourbillon
* Strap:Crocodile hide
* Diameter: 40mm
* Case: 18K rose gold
* 6-bit coaxial Tourbillon
* 9-bit eccentric Tourbillon
* Sapphire crystal
* Water resistant up to 30 meters
* Limited to 90 pieces
* Retail Price 150,000 RMB



5 Responses to “Sea-Gull Double Tourbillon ST8080G”

  1. Meshal said

    Dear Sir,

    What is the price sea-gull dual tourbillon in USD??
    How can i buy it?

    Best Regards,

  2. D. A. Dillon said

    I too would like to know how much in USD the double tourbillon
    is, but like anything in this world, its how much are we willing to pay?
    It is only worth what we make it out to be, and as of late the country of China has gotten a bad report with their products.
    I would like to point out that China did get some machinery to manufacture certain Swiss movements to the exact balance and spring. So shall we take a chance and spend thousands or a few hundred ??? Seems as though its up to us, but I’m going to do some heavy research into their watches before paying my hard earned cash on a watch I would love to have in my collection.
    I wish you well if you buy any watch from China without first finding out about the manufacture, grade of materials, etc. while keeping in mind, China has made some very very good copies of some of the most recognized watch brands.

  3. gill said


    I rode an article from Basel-world and are interessted in your watches. You have a representativ in Germany! Please give me short info. Thanks
    Angeika Gill

  4. Wong said

    retail for the 18k is around 200,000 HONG KONG $… you do the math

  5. sweet watch!

    where can i get one?

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