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Seiko Brightz SAGA001, SAGA003 and SAGA005

Posted by wristwatch on October 6, 2007

The new Seiko Brightz SAGA001, SAGA003 and SAGA005 are a solar powered and radio controlled dress watch. I would say that the design puts this series on par with Casio’s Oceanus Manta series. Made of titanium and sapphire crystal, the components are definitely high quality. Perfect for the world traveler as it has a world time function. The power reserve of 24 months ensures that this watch keeps on ticking even after non-exposure to lights. The limited edition of this series is the SAGA007.

* Titanium case (with gas hardening)
* Titanium bracelet
* Sapphire glass (nonreflective coating)
* Case back : titanium and sapphire glass
* Water resistant up to 10 atmospheres
* Antimagnetic JIS
* Diameter 39.3mm
* Thickness 11.5mm
* Caliber 8B53
* Able to receive radio waves from Japan, Germany and USA
* World time function (local time indication of 24 cities)
* Date and day display function
* Automatic reception function
* Forced reception function and reception result display function
* Solar powered
* Power reserve of 9 months (full power mode)
* Power reserve of 2 years (power saving mode)
* ±15 seconds per month at non-reception
* Overcharge prevention function
* Needle position automatic modify feature
* Full automatic calendar
* Dual time display function
* Retrograde day of the week mechanism
* Screw case back
* Screw down crown



13 Responses to “Seiko Brightz SAGA001, SAGA003 and SAGA005”

  1. I am interested in buying the Seiko Britghz Saga003 or Saga007. Could anyone point me to a source to buy the watch on the internet.


    Bill Jenson

  2. wristwatch said

    Try these two websites:


    They ship directly from Japan. Other readers have suggested you try some shops on Ebay. Personally I’ve tried Higuchi-san and he’s pretty reliable. Seiya-san is pretty highly recommended by a lot of other people as well.

  3. Terry said

    I have the SAGA005 and it is a beautiful watch. I don’t know about the Oceanus watches, but I find that my Seiko receives a signal better than my WaveCeptor and the Seiko is much easier to use. I think the titanium band and case looks excellent with the bronze face. They are a bit pricey for a quartz watch, but mine seems to keep impeccable time and it looks great with a suit or with blue jeans. Sporty, yet refined. I like that it is solar powered too.

    BTW…I didn’t see the SAGA00x watches on the web sites that you suggested. But, thank you for your reviews. I saw this in a store in Tokyo and couldn’t resist it.

    • Isam said

      Same here, I found it at the Duty Free in Japan and could not resist it. I love it, it is so mazing precise, elegant and hi tech watch.

  4. Jason said

    Both of those sellers from Japan can get just about anything. All you have to do is e-mail them (through their web site), and inquire about a price on whatever model you want. I’ve ordered several watches from each of them, and only one of them was on their web site.

  5. Brett said

    Do these watches have sweeping second hands instead of the usual steping motion you get with quartz?

  6. Anish said

    The oceanus Manta series has more or less the same features that the seikos do ,maybe evena few more.But why is it that there is such a huge prices diffrence between the two.u could get a ocenaus manta from ebay for as lil as $500 but the seiko is nothing less than $1000

  7. Nguyen said

    Can somebody help me to buy this watch?
    I need a watch ….becourse I travel round the world monthly….
    Thanks alot

  8. John said

    Contact the two websites posted above. They can often acquire watches that aren’t listed on their sites.

  9. Wicher said

    Hello everyone.

    I love the Seiko Brightz Saga001!

    I have already send an email to http://www.seiyajapan.com/ but did not receive an answer yet. Does anyone know the price of this watch?

    Best regards,

    • James said

      amazon.co.jp has it for ¥99,200 with free shipping, the cheapest I’ve seen it. List price is ¥141,750 in Japan. It is available in Japan from Duty-Free shops and probably some discounters for about ¥121,000 or less.

      I buy my Sekos from Amazon but I live in Japan. They won’t ship this item outside of Japan. Higuchi should be able to get it for you and ship it to you.


  10. Jeffrey said

    Hello everyone,

    I like this model and I am wondering what the “gas hardening” is. Does anyone know? Some Citizen watches have similar terms like “IP coating” or “DLC,” how does Seiko’s “gas hardening” compare to Citizen’s “DLC”?


  11. IWC Portuguese…

    […]Seiko Brightz SAGA001, SAGA003 and SAGA005 « WristWatch[…]…

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