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Sinn Model 6000 Anniversary Watch

Posted by wristwatch on September 30, 2007

Already at the cutting edge but taking it a step further – always looking for superior technical solutions.This is one of our credos when we develop new watch models.A credo that we especially refined when we developed the anniversary edition of our Model 6000 for the 40th anniversary of the Sinn company in the year 2001. According to standards of “classic” Sinn watches this is certainly an especially valuable watch – a value that cannot be measured in a name or an image however.Our Anniversary Model 6000 is defined by its inner values,such as the use of unique materials, representing the real value of the watch.

For our anniversary chronograph’s case we used the highest-grade 18-karat white gold alloy that is available today: 750 parts gold are melted with 210 parts valuable,pure palladium among other elements in a difficult procedure.The result: A white gold material that is fascinating in its subtle, deep silvery gloss,simultaneously representing the hardest possible gold alloy.With 220-240 HV it is as hard as stainless steel. Like all Sinn watches, this timepiece is robust and hardy,not even needing the usual coating of rhodium.In addition,this alloy is absolutely nickel-free.

We also came up with quality refinements for the filigreed inner workings of the chronograph with three time zones: the DIAPAL® technology. When using this technology, it is not necessary to lubricate the Swiss pallet escapement,maintaining its precision and functionality for a long time.
The beautiful anthracite hue on the dial is attained with the help of a complicated galvanic process. Because of its absolute resistance to ultraviolet rays, the dial will retain its brilliance for many years.The movement’s details and the exclusive anniversary engraving to celebrate the year can be observed through the sapphire crystal on the case back. This chronograph was created in a limited and numbered edition of forty pieces in honor of our anniversary. At press time there were only a few pieces still available.

* Model 6000 Anniversary Watch in its exclusive 18-karat white gold case.The black calfskin strap is exceptionally fine.
* The patented Sinn DIAPAL® technology lets the Swiss pallet escapement run completely oil-free.
* The finely finished movement is visible through the anti-reflective sapphire crystal.The rotor is decorated with an engraving of the Frankfurt skyline as well as the company’s founding and anniversary years.



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