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Sinn Diver’s Chronograph with Ice Technology Arktis Model 203

Posted by wristwatch on September 26, 2007

A Sinn for exceptional conditions was created in intensive cooperation with the internationally famous extreme diver Mario M.Weidner: A mechanical diver’s chronograph that is not only pressure-resistant to 300 meters of water depth,but also guarantees rate precision and reliable functions at unusually cold temperatures. It passed the endurance test at the North Pole with flying colors.The watch not only survived all of the dives made in the ice-cold water of the Arctic Sea above the 81st line of latitude,the sauna on board of the research ship also left the watch “cold.”The actual test constituted the extreme changes in temperature between land and sea.While the freezing point tended to be the average temperature in water, the temperature reached up to -25 °C on land.For a watch worn over the sleeve of a wetsuit, this was quite a challenge.An unusual test,exciting and extreme – and in the end proof that the concept was a success.

The functions of every single sample of the 203 ARKTIS® are tested at Sinn in the temperature range from -45 °C to +80 °C,which is unusual for mechanical watches.The tolerance ability of the components and the use of Sinn Special Oil 66-228 help the timepieces pass this test.A technology that had been used first in 1998 with the limited edition of the Sinn 303 KRISTALL (the Yukon Quest Watch). Another of the 203’s components withstood testing in the uninviting environment of the Arctic well: the patented Sinn dehumidifying technology.

Filling the case with the inert and rare gas argon and the use of the changeable copper sulphate dehumidifying capsule not only lengthens the periods of time between maintenance appointments, but it also stops condensation from being created on the inside of the crystal during extreme temperature changes.This represents a genuine danger that can certainly be avoided with the Sinn 203 ARKTIS.

* Model 203 ARKTIS in a polished stainless steel case on a water-resistant blue leather strap.
* Model 203 ARKTIS outfitted with a domed sapphire crystal and solid metal bracelet.
* Model 203 ARKTIS with its unidirectionally rotating diver’s bezel and extra-long rubber strap.
* Engraving on the case back points out the ice technology.The watch is also serially outfitted with Sinn’s argon dehumidifying technology.


3 Responses to “Sinn Diver’s Chronograph with Ice Technology Arktis Model 203”

  1. Tom Perry said


    What does a rubber strap for an Arktis watch cost?

    Thank you!

  2. Tom Perry said

    Is the Arktis a good watch?

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