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Sinn Pilot’s Chronographs 103 Family

Posted by wristwatch on September 25, 2007

Pilot’s chronographs of the 103 Model Family are just more proof of how the combination of functional design and first-class technology has led to the birth of a genuine classic. The variations shown here,whether stainless steel or pure titanium,are outfitted with sapphire crystals on both the front and the back that are anti-reflective on the inside.

In addition,the stainless steel version also sports screw-down buttons. The leading version of 103’s pilot’s watches is certainly the pure titanium model 103 Ti Ar.A Valjoux 7750 movement with automatic winding provides for a great amount of precision.The case is made of pure titanium and contains all of that material’s advantages. In addition, the movement is serially outfitted with the patented dehumidifying capsule and filled with argon gas to slow down the unavoidable ageing process of the movement’s lubrication. The watch is outfitted with protected buttons and,like the other versions,a screw-down crown.On request we can document this watch’s enormous precision with an official chronometer certificate.* Model 103 Ti Ar with automatic winding,a solid pearl-polished pure titanium case,sapphire crystal on front and back,and a red leather strap.
* Model 103 Ti Ar UTC with pure titanium case and second time zone,protected buttons, and a black cowhide leather strap.
* Model 103 St Sa with polished stainless steel case,screw-down buttons, sapphire crystal, and solid steel bracelet.
* A look through the back of the case,made possible by a sapphire crystal that is anti-reflective on the inside.
* The dehumidifying capsule of the 103 Ti Ar is simultaneously an indicator: white = unsaturated; blue = saturated.
* Ar,the chemical abbreviation for argon,is located on the dial of the 103 Ti Ar and documents that the case is indeed filled with the inert gas.



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