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Citizen Alterna VO10-5992F, VO10-5993F, VO10-5994F, VO10-5995F and VO10-5996F

Posted by wristwatch on September 10, 2007

These trendy chronographs by Citizen Alterna feature a bevy of color choices. With a sleek design and titanium case, makes this watch thin and light. Powered by Eco-Drive means you’ll never need a battery. Definitely one of the better looking chronographs out there in the Japanese market today.

* Caliber No. H570
* ±15 second/month
* Weight 87g
* Thickness 12.5mm
* Titanium Case
* White IP plating
* Mineral crystal
* Two button push type clasp
* Stop watch
* Perpetual Calendar
* 1/1 second chronograph (30 minute meters)
* Time setting notification function
* Charge warning function
* Overcharge prevention function




3 Responses to “Citizen Alterna VO10-5992F, VO10-5993F, VO10-5994F, VO10-5995F and VO10-5996F”

  1. Michael said

    Two questions:
    Any idea of the price and where these are sold.
    Is third one from the left a red or brown face?
    Thank you

  2. wristwatch said

    * The retail price is 26,250 Yen, so that means you should be able to get it at 30% off some retailers.
    * This is a Japanese model, but lot of other retailers seem to have it.
    * The official color is burgundy.


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