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Orient KINGMASTER WZ0241ER,WZ0231ER and WZ0251ER

Posted by wristwatch on September 6, 2007

Orient diver’s watch Kingmaster WZ0241ER,WZ0231ER and WZ0251ER are water resistant up to 10 atmospheres. The date is magnified to up to 2.5 times the normal size. With a satin finish stainless steel bracelet and case. The hands and dial are photoluminescent. Classic diver’s design at an affordable price.

* 21 Jewels
* Mechanical self-winding
* Power reserve of 40 hours or more
* +25 second ~-15 second per day
* Stainless steel case and bracelet
* Mineral Crystal
* Water resistant up to 10 atmospheres
* Screw down crown
* screw back case.
* Diameter 41mm
* Weight 152g



3 Responses to “Orient KINGMASTER WZ0241ER,WZ0231ER and WZ0251ER”

  1. Joe Fung said

    I want to buy one, how much this 0251ER

  2. Chris Welsh said

    Hello folks, I was just given an Orient King Master watch as a gift and I am amazed by the quality and construction. I used to collect expensive watches until the economy forced me to sell them but this Orient watch is so nice, I love the self winding mechanism, the moving bezel, the crystal glass is flawless and the second hand is either a sweep hand or very close. No loud ticking here. It keeps time beautifully, looks great and when I have the funds to replace the watches I sold, I’ll pick up a couple more of these as they are excellent for the money. Thank you my friends and congratulations on a great product.
    Chris Welsh

  3. Giacomo said

    I want to nknow the preis from the wath?

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