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MeisterSinger Nº 02, 43 mm

Posted by wristwatch on September 6, 2007

“The clock, not the steam engine, is central to the Industrial Revolution”, wrote American historian Lewis Mumford in his history of culture in 1934. Indeed the clock has utterly altered our way of life. Precise measurement of time is a matter of course for us nowadays, even if that is not always perceived in a positive sense. Measurement of time affects our daily lives in countless ways. It is the adverse aspects of this development that MeisterSinger watches seek to counteract. They convey a sense of peace amid the bustle of the modern age.

* AM601 – White silver/black
* AM602 – Black/white
* AM603 – Ivory/black
* AM604 – White/blued steel (blued, embossed numerals)
* AM605 – Copper/white (polished silvered numerals and polished stainless steel hands)
* Single-handed watch
* Unitas 6497-1 manually wound
* Diameter 43 mm
* Height 12.5 mm
* weight 78 g
* Stainless steel with glass base secured by screws, waterproof to 3 bars pressure
* Silver, ivory, black and copper coloured dials plus silver with blued numerals


2 Responses to “MeisterSinger Nº 02, 43 mm”

  1. jack said

    I am interested in a us dollar price for a meistersinger 02.
    Many thanks

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