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Seiko SAGA007 Limited Edition

Posted by wristwatch on September 5, 2007

Seiko finally got into the solar and radio wave band wagon. More and more dress watches these days have the solar and radio wave function. Coupled with world time and worldwide reception, this watch is great for the average traveler. Very sleek and light, due to the titanium construction. Aside from the limited edition SAGA007 featured here, there are 3 other models, the SAGA001, SAGA003 and SAGA005. The latter models will be released a bit earlier on October 24th. While the SAGA007 will be released on November 16th.

* Titanium case (with gas hardening)
* Titanium bracelet
* Sapphire glass (nonreflective coating)
* Case back : titanium and sapphire glass
* Water resistant up to 10 atmospheres
* Antimagnetic JIS
* Diameter 39.3mm
* Thickness 11.5mm
* Caliber 8B53
* Able to receive radio waves from Japan, Germany and USA
* World time function (local time indication of 24 cities)
* Date and day display function
* Automatic reception function
* Forced reception function and reception result display function
* Solar powered
* Power reserve of 9 months (full power mode)
* Power reserve of 2 years (power saving mode)
* ±15 seconds per month at non-reception
* Comes with a crocrodile strap
* Limited to 300 pieces
* On sale on November 16, 2007



5 Responses to “Seiko SAGA007 Limited Edition”

  1. Michael said

    I received an email from Helen Wong in Hong Kong saying that she will have this watch available in November for 1534.00 (USD).

    Does this sound reasonable and any experience with this watch seller?


  2. wristwatch said

    Hi Michael, I’ll be going to Hong Kong this November 17, I’ll ask around on how much this model will cost. I’ve never heard of Helen Wong. The SAGA007 should retail in Japan for about 157,500 Yen, so that should be around USD 1,350.00. I guess she’ll charge you a premium since this model is just limited to 300 pieces. I’ll let you know when I get more information.

  3. Nguyen said

    I would like to buy this watch…
    how can I get it?
    I’m living in the Netherlands
    thanks for your answere

  4. Hal said

    Just got this watch. It is very very nice.

  5. John said

    Yes indeed, pictures just don’t do it justice at all.

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