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Seiko Velatura SRH001 and SRH005

Posted by wristwatch on September 2, 2007

The Kinetic Direct Drive, exclusive to the Velatura Collection and the embodiment of Seiko “emotional technology.” A breakthrough concept allowing the wearer to create energy by winding the crown or simply moving your wrist. Kinetic Direct Drive brings the watch and wearer closer than ever before.

Professional and recreational sailors alike require one thing above all else in their choice of watch: reliability. They have to be able to trust their watch to perform, year in and year out, without fear of it winding down or of battery drain. For the most demanding watch users on the high seas, Kinetic Direct Drive is the ultimate technology of trust. Wear it and it maintains perfect time. It is recharged by the wearer’s motion, but Kinetic Direct Drive can also be wound by hand. When winding the crown, the wearer can see the precise amount of energy generated on the Direct Drive indicator. Leave it for a few days and you can wind it to see the power being transmitted to the watch in real time – the perfect re-assurance that the watch is both operational and adequately charged.

* Kinetic Direct Drive – The next generation of Kinetic Technology
* Hand winding and automatic capabilities
* Direct Drive Indicator
* Indicates Power Generation
* Indicates Accumulated Power
* Retrograde Day Indicator
* Sapphire Crystal
* Screw down caseback
* Push button release clasp
* 100 meters water resistant



2 Responses to “Seiko Velatura SRH001 and SRH005”

  1. DL said

    I just got a SRH005 which seems a bit big. I like it very much. I just wonder how durable the TiCN coatings on bezel would be. It does not seem to be as durable as its maker claims though. I wore it several days and already start seeing some minor scratches. Also I wonder what material the black portion of band. Anyone out there?

  2. babola said

    The outer black bezel ring is anodized. It’s not even near the DLC/PVD hardness but will hold OK. The good thing with it it’s totaly replacable by removing the 6 hex bezel screws.

    Black material used on top of the bracelet midlinks is urethane, in basic English – hardened rubber. It should hold it’s structure over long time, just be aware the matte rubber finish will develop a shiny look over time. This shouldn’t be a problem with this watch as it should make a nice polished visual fit with the shiny outer bezel ring.

    I own SRH005 (the nicest of them all, IMO :)) and it’s a heck of a watch, big, bold, legible dial, winding is soft as butter. Got it 6 months ago on eBay from a Hong Kong seller for $510. Couldn’t be happier.


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