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Seiko Velatura SPC005 and SPC007

Posted by wristwatch on September 2, 2007

Sailing a 49er or any other racing yacht is a precision skill in which every wave, every gust of wind and every second is a vital opportunity to gain speed and time. And nowhere is this more important than at the start of a race. The SEIKO Yachting Timer is the instrument the racing sailor needs to hit the mark at the exact second of the start. Designed in consultation with top sailors from around the globe, it has a pre-race timer that sounds at 10, 6 or 5 minutes before the race start. These intervals are clearly shown on the brightly colored dial and the center hand that counts down the minutes and seconds is large, bright red and legible. After the race start, the chronograph takes over automatically and records the elapsed race time. With these race-specific functions and with a separate chronograph and alarm, the Velatura Yachting Timer is set to become the watch of choice for the discerning racer.

* Kinetic Direct Drive – The next generation of Kinetic Technology
* Hand winding and automatic capabilities
* Direct Drive Indicator
* Indicates Power Generation
* Indicates Accumulated Power
* Retrograde Day Indicator
* Sapphire Crystal
* Screw down caseback
* Push button release clasp
* 100 meters water resistant



23 Responses to “Seiko Velatura SPC005 and SPC007”

  1. saif said

    hi there, i just bought this beautiful watch from usa. i bought it for 635 dollars which i thought was a great deal.. so far i have owned it for 3 days and its awesome. it looks very unique and beautiful. design perfection is what i see the most here and its uniqueness and beauty makes it a good buy. with winter apraoching i dont really know if im going to go sailing anytime soon or anyhting but just owning this beautiful rare peice makes it worthwhile. let me know if anyone else has ot or some more experience with this watch. im assuming it came out a few months ao on the market

  2. Robert Rock said

    Did you get the SPC005 or the SPC007? $635 is a good price, where did you purchase your’s?

  3. saif said

    i got it from macys. its a great big watch if i may say so… its got an enormous dial and alot of steel with it. a behemoth and well worth it.. it looks pretty indestructible so far. will keep u posted on it. write if u ahve more questions

  4. saif said

    ps i got the one with steel bracelet… looks way better man…. rubber doesnt cut it for me… got to ahve that strong hardened steel bracelet.

  5. Robert Rock said

    Last night won an EBay auction for the SPC007 @ $435.01. Look forward to its arrival.

  6. saif said

    so u got the rubber one. i think it was also around 450 dollars in macys too. good price however. i dont know about ebay. always been leery about buying anything over 200 dollars. well lets see and wish u the best of luck with ur buy. so its the one with the rubber strap im assuming. stay in touch and we can talk about our collections as we build them up. we have only but started. need to keep earning the cash thats all.hehehehe. want to buy a hulot soon. later

  7. thomas said

    I am allso thinking of getting the watch, but cant decide between the rubber or steel strap.
    i’ve had the experience that rubber straps are sweaty, and i usualy wear leather, but i like the black face better.
    can you also get the black one with the steel strap?

    greets, Thomas

  8. Betterman said

    I have one SPC007 with rubber strap. This watch is fantastic. The design, the technology, the quality and everything else. I have a Hamilton Khaki X-wind and Zeno diver mechanical watch too, but from that time I have this Seiko, almost every time I wear this 🙂 I don’t know what kind of material the black ring around top of the case, but I know that is hard like diamond. 3 times I hit different materials with it by accident, I was think, that’s it, the watch is broken, but nothing. And the black ring wasn’t damage. FANTASTIC watch !!

  9. Watchit said

    I really do love my SPC007 (black dial, rubber) too. But I can safely vouch the black protector ring is not anywhere near as “hard as diamond” unfortunately.

    Had a slight scrape with a brick wall on one of the corners and the corner has blunted slightly and lost some of the black coating. Guess it is just a protector after all.

    Been told by Seiko Australia that a replacement ring will be approximately $55 AUD (about $50 USD) fitted…..might wait to accumulate a few more scrapes.


  10. Mark said

    To anyone reading this page, be aware that the SPC*** line of Seiko watches doesn’t have the “Kinetic Direct Drive” Feature. I know because I wanted a watch that had both the yatching timer and was kinetic powered, unfortunately Seiko don’t make such a watch.

    If you want the Kinetic feature you have to buy one of the SRH*** line of watches, which are between £150-175 (US$300-350) more, ouch!

  11. what a great watch!

  12. Anthony said

    The SPC007 is a great looking watch, and as a yacht timer has all the function a sailer requires (I bought one €320.00 – ebay). But the watch has one big problem, I have used the watch while racing, the small red hand is not very clear against the black background, and is impossible to read at a glance. This is such a bad design, that I have stopped useing the watch for racing………..

  13. Kurt said

    I got the black with rubber and I can say I am very happy with it. The rubber is actually a different kind and not the cheap ones, this one seems to be a special type. Got it from The Bay for CAN$500+. I thought of getting the Kinetic version but I like the dial one this one way better. Plus Kinetic would have cost me an extra $400!

  14. Richard said

    My wife bought this watch at 50% OFF the regular price at Dillards. It only cost just under $200 US dollars. Thought its a great deal.

  15. raphael said

    bonjour, voila plus de deux ans que je suis en possession de cette magnifique montre qui me fait vraiment plaisir
    un seul problème c’est que je voudrais savoir ou commander le bracelet qui semble vouloir très bientôt me lacher
    n’esitez pas a me laisser des réponses

  16. Francois said


    j’ai aussi cette montre depuis 1an1/2 et je la trouve super.
    Par contre, déjà une réparation sous garantie du possoir inférieur droit qui fatiguait.

    Le bracelet en caoutchou est déjà usé ! il y a une fissure au niveau de la bioucle, ça me parait pas très normal !

    Des avis ?

  17. Miles said

    This watch certainly has the bells and whistles. The rubber strap version is good looking!

  18. sk said

    Seiko Sportura Kinetic Chronograph

    I was not sure how to approach this review, so I will make it simple. Seiko have (in my opinion) designed one of the most aesthetic timepieces of the modern age. I owned the great and mighty Tag S/El Chronograph, another fantastically designed watch in a sea of humdrum looking pieces. Yes there are more expensive Breitlings and Rolexes, and from a technical perspective these and some elite other marques are more advanced and complex in their mechanisms be they mechanical or otherwise if compared to the Seiko.

    Anyway it comes with a leather case in the form of a cylinder with rooom for three watches – included also is a precision tool for resizing your carbonized titanium strap OR taking it off and putting the alternative sumptious leather strap with orange stitching (bear in mind this is a watch designed for Motorsport – I believe). My humble Motorsporting is taking my M5 out for a thrashing now and again at the nearby race track in Karlskoga – so I did not purchase this watch to time my laps in the F1 car (I wish!).
    Also cool is there are only 2005 of these watches and on the back you can see which number of the 2005 your watch is.

    Anyway I bought the watch and put it on straight away – I had to shake it 200 times to charge it for use, but once worn full time – you dont have to worry about this again as the Kinetic movement charges the capacitor/battery for continous timekeeping – if fully charged it will run for a month if not used.

    Ok cost wise its not for everyone – but for those who have an interest in watches – and I don’t just mean the elite mechanical masterpieces with a million jewels and umpteen thousand moving parts, but in design and function – this is a superb watch, with very low maintenace attached.

    There is no watch on this planet in terms of looks that makes me go WOW! Other than the SLQ019 – nicely done Seiko!

  19. deff said

    200m Flight Chronograph
    cool watch, superlight, a little trciky when it comes to programind times and stuff in, but overall it is well worth the money

  20. ITAI MUNGONI said

    can i have a price for the seiko velatura SRH001 and SRH005.
    Its a fantastic watch.

  21. james sesalim said

    seiko velatura is beautiful dan other watch

  22. David g said

    i just wear spc005 for 3 days, it is really amazing , the design is different with hard coating t is a high tech material it is very strength and make a beautiful look , the engine complication is also great , a lot of function present there , its worthy as the price you should pay

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