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Seiko Velatura SNAA91 and SNAA92

Posted by wristwatch on September 2, 2007

Baselworld 2007 sees the launch of SEIKO Velatura, an important new marine watch collection that will take its place alongside Premier, Sportura and Arctura as an Elite collection, and which will be the centerpiece of the SEIKO campaign in 2007. The two models featured above are the chronograph models of the Velatura collection.

* Alarm can be set on a 12-hour basis with two small hands
* Date calendar
* Chronograph can measure up to 60 minutes in 1/5 seconds. After 60 minutes, it will start counting again from “0” repeatedly up to 12 hours.
* Alarm hands can indicate time in a different time zone
* Sapphire crystal
* Screw down caseback
* Push button release clasp
* 100 meters water resistant



18 Responses to “Seiko Velatura SNAA91 and SNAA92”

  1. Michael said

    I wonder if you know where I can get the Seiko SNAA91P1. The only place I see in the US is Luxury Corner and I see your warnings about these folks.

    Thanks for your help.
    I really enjoy your site!

    * Moved from Seiko SAGA007 Limited Edition

  2. wristwatch said

    Hi Michael,

    You can try out Luxury Corner, just be careful. You can also try an authorized Seiko dealer near you. At least with a brick and motar store, you can check out the actual merchandise. Since this is a US model, I’m pretty sure if your Seiko dealer doesn’t have it, they can order it for you.

    Thanks for the kind comments.


  3. Michael said

    Hi Wristwatch:
    I am wondering about the blue SNAA91.
    I have seen a picture with this watch having a very deep blue color. I have also seen images (such as yours) that show the watch to be a lighter blue. Since I cannot seem to find one to look at, do you know the true color?

    Thanks as always,

  4. wristwatch said

    Michael, the SNAA91, has a deep blue color, I guess these pictures on my site here are just computer renditions, they probably used too much light. Check out the pics I attached to the post.

  5. Randy said

    RIGHTTIME.COM has the watch SNAA91 & SNAA92 your looking for.

  6. annemieke said

    We have just purchased this watch and were told that it was kinetic but I am getting mixed information from the usersmanual. Can you tell me more information about whether or not it is kinetic?


  7. John said

    I’m afraid you were misinformed. I have the watch (with the blue face) and it contains Seiko’s 7T62 battery operated movement. Frankly, I’m not sold on the Kinetic design. I favor Citizen’s EcoDrive technology. I have found that this Seiko movement exceeds my expectations. Over the course of about 10 days, the watch has not gained or lost a singel second. Also, the alignment of the hands with the markers on the constant-seconds dial is quite precise. I also like the fact that the movement allow for easy alignment of the second and minute chrono hands with the zero position. I didn’t want to spend the money for a mechanical chronograph, and I don’t think I could be more pleased with any other quartz (unless, perhaps, there is an EcoDrive model with all the Velatura features that I don’t know about). The finishing of the case and dial are beautiful. There is a pearlescent quality to the dial that almost makes the applied indices seem as if they are floating on a body of water — very cool for a nautical-themed watch. I have not seen anyone comment on this aspect of the watch, which I think is one of it’s finest features. I hope you aren’t too disappointed that the movement is not Kinetic. The battery movement seems to be quite good and is saved you several hundred dollars.

  8. Cary said

    I am trying to confirm that this has alarm, saphire crystal, Lumibrite, and the date is easily readable.
    Please confirm.

  9. John said

    Yes, the watch has an alarm. However, the chime is very soft and I wouldn’t rely on it for a wake-up. It could be used to alert you to a meeting. I think it could be heard in a office environment. The alarm dial can be set independantly of the main dial and can be used to display a second time zone. It might actually be more functional in this role than in its alarm role.

    Yes, the crystal is sapphire and it is supposed to be AR coated. I don’t however, see the blue-ish tint that usually is assocated with AR coating. I suppose that could be a function of the blue dial — but I’m just guessing. Relfections don’t seem to be a problem, so I take Seiko at its word that the crystal is coated.

    The Lumibrite is pretty good. The area covered on the hands is fairly large so they show up well at night. The luminous area of the indicies is on the small side, so they don’t shine as bright. If the Lumibrite on my Seiko Orange Monster is a 10 (it is by far the best lume on any of my watches), the Velatura would be about a 7.

    I notice that the Monster lume has a greenish cast under light and the Velatura lume is white. I don’t know if the color in daylight is related to the strength of the luminosity, but the Monster lume is noticably better. That said, I’ll give up some of the lume strength for the bright white color of the Velatura lume in daylight. It matches all the printing on the dial and any off color would spoil what I think is a gorgeous dial.

    The date is readable, but small. I appreciate that Seiko used a black date ring with white numerals. The way the color of the dial shifts from blue to black depending on the way the light hits it, the black date ring is more consistent with the overall dial design. I suppose a white ring might be a bit easier to read, but I think it would mar the design of the dial.

    — John

  10. Cary said

    hanks for the info.
    I do need an alarm that I could hear as well. Ideally I would love one of the Seikos that have the back round digital display but if it only had a backlight. They used to make watches with backlights but no more. I will seriously consider this one but will also look around. Does the Orange Monster have an alarm?
    Thanks again.

  11. John said


    I happen to also have an Orange Monster. While it’s a really great watch for the price — no alarm. But since you can get one for about 1/4 the cost of the Velatura chrono, maybe you could pick up an OM for fun and get a digital with an alarm — something like a Timex Ironman — and still be money ahead.

    However, it might be worth going to a Seiko dealer and listening to the alarm for yourself. My hearing isn’t as good as it once was, so maybe it would work for you. There is a lot to like about the Velatura.

  12. DL said

    As far as I know, the only Velatura with Kinetic is Velatur Direct Drive which looks much like these Velatura with the same nautical concept. The Direct Drive has a power reserve meter which shows real time power generation and power reserve of 1 month when fully charged. It also has capability of manual handwinding. That is probably why called Direct Drive. I have one SRH005 and like it very much if it is on the hefty and big side. It retails $1195.

  13. KENNYSON said

    hey i need some help i have a seiko velatura snaa91p1 7t62 and i just cant get the alarm to work and i am in the caribbean so aint got retailers in the country i am in(st lucia). and i dont have a manual .how does this alarm works ? thanks

    • srondar said

      This reply is a little dated but I found the post and thought I would reply to it. I have this watch (SNAA91) I love it. It’s an example of excellent craftsmanship and is very accurate. About the alarm.. The alarm is not really loud and is high frequency, so older persons may not here it.
      People loose hearing in the high frequency range as they age.
      There are a couple of people in my family who cannot hear the
      SNAA91 alarm.

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