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Casio Mudman GW-9000-1JF

Posted by wristwatch on August 29, 2007

The newest Mudman is built to resist sand, oil and of course, mud. Made especially for those who like to live off the land. Tough solar and Multiband 5 makes this watch maintenance free. No need to adjust the time and no need to change the battery. This has to be the most rugged watch I’ve seen in my entire life.

* Shock resistant built
* Tough solar
* Dustproof and anti mud construction
* Water resistant up to 20 atmospheres
* Automatic operation reception/manual reception
* < Japan > reception radio wave: JJY and frequency: 40kHz/60kHz
* < the North American region > reception radio wave: WWVB and frequency: 60kHz
* < European area > reception radio wave: MSF/DCF77 and frequency: When 60kHz/77.5kHz
* Worldwide 48 cities (29 time zones) time indication and daylight-saving time setting
* Chronograph (1/100 seconds, 1,000 Hour Meters, split attachment)
* Timer (set unit: 1 minutes, largest set: 60 minutes, at 1/10 second unit measurement)
* 5 alarms
* Power save mode
* 12/24 hour system indication and changes
* Operation sound ON/OFF change function
* EL back light (full automatic EL light)
* Over charge protection
* Power reserve approximately 9 months (full functions)
* Power reserve approximately 24 months (power save)
* Size (H×W×D)/mass: 52.0×46.3×16.3mm/56g
* ±15 seconds per month at non-reception



3 Responses to “Casio Mudman GW-9000-1JF”

  1. Bob Jones said

    Just bought one of these and it works extremely well. The atomic accuracy is spot on and, comparing it to my Citizen Skyhawk A-T, they are both exact within the blink of an eye. So timekeeping is excellent.

    The light only stays on for about half a second so you have to be quick to read it but at least it has an automatic illumination feature so you don’t have to push the button to read it in the dark. That’s nice.

    The buttons are extremely hard to push and generally require you to provide opposing force on the side of the watch diametrically opposite to the button being pushed. That’s part of the mud resistant feature, I guess.

    The signal reception indicators is a mixed bag. If you are ANYWHERE in the world, it should just provide an indicator that the watch is receiving the signal as opposed to letting you know which one it’s receiving. So the 5 “eyes” are a bit useless and a real estate waste in my opinion. Could have used that space to display day/date instead of either or at the bottom of the dial.

    Otherwise, it’s a light, tough, solar/atomic powered watch that should last a lifetime. I paid $98 for mine.


  2. Sunmin said

    I am considering purchasing this Mudman. I have a question about this one. It seems that days appear as a default instead of dates. However, I need to see more often dates rather than days. So I am wondering if I can change days to dates so that I can see dates without pressing any buttons. Can I do that or do I have to press something to see dates every time? Thanks!

  3. aravinda said

    Hi I just bought a Casio Mudman…. great watch, very sturdy, the very feeling of wearing the watch, its looks, is great man… go, go , go for it.

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