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Casio MR-G MRG-7500BJ-1AJF

Posted by wristwatch on August 29, 2007

The MRG-7500BJ-1AJF is Casio’s top of the line G-Shock model. The case and bracelet is pure titanium with DLC treatment. With tough solar technology, it ensures that you never need to change a battery nor run out of power, assuming you keep the watch in a well lit area. DLC and saphire crystal makes this an extremely durable watch, virtually scratch proof. Multiband 5 technology allows radio reception in most parts of the world. Great for the world traveller, having the right time, all the time.

* ±20 seconds a month at non-reception
* Shock resistant built
* Titanium case and bracelet with DLC coating
* Saphire crystal
* Perpetual calendar
* Tough solar
* Water resistant up to 20 atmosphere
* Automatic operation reception (maximum of 6 times/day)/manual reception
* < Japan > reception radio wave: JJY and frequency: 40kHz/60kHz
* < the North American region > reception radio wave: WWVB and frequency: 60kHz
* < European area > reception radio wave: MSF/DCF77 and frequency: When 60kHz/77.5kHz
* Worldwide 27 cities (29 time zones) time indication and daylight-saving time setting
* Chronograph (1/20 seconds, 60 minutes)
* Time alarm
* Battery charge warning
* Power save function
* 5 months power reserve (full functions)
* 2 years power reserve (power saving mode)
* Size (H×W×D)/mass: 50.4×46.8×14.6mm/113g



2 Responses to “Casio MR-G MRG-7500BJ-1AJF”

  1. steve said

    how get this watch here in florida??

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