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Citizen BN0016-04L

Posted by wristwatch on August 27, 2007

Citizen is not usually known for their dive watches. These designs got the nickname “ORCA”, like the killer whale. It has a brushed titanium ratcheting bezel with white embossed numbers on black IP treatment. Titanium case makes it more resistant to corrosion caused by sea water. A great watch to have even if you don’t go swimming.

* Titanium case with stainless steel case-back.
* Soft black rubber diver’s strap.
* Blue Dial with Luminous hands and markers.
* Bright orange hour hand.
* 180-Day Power reserve
* Date.
* Eco Drive – charges in sunlight or indoors.
* Rotating Bezel.
* Screw-down crown.
* Curved Scratch resistant mineral crystal.
* Water Resistant to 200m.
* Case measures 46mm wide by 15mm thick.


13 Responses to “Citizen BN0016-04L”

  1. Steven Daniel said

    In the presence of salt water the stainless steel back becomes a sacrifcial anode and starts to rust. I have had one 1.5 years and soaked the watch in vinegar after my first oean dive trip with. The second trip I sent it to Citizen and they cleaned and charged me to ultrasound the back. When the removed the back the damaged the case which they have agreed to send an identical watch for replacement and will not admit that it was a mistake to mix stainless and titanium. I am still fighting to get a different watch that won’t rust…

    • valvestem said

      I am wondering why you used vinegar (5% acetic acid) on your watch. That to me would have seemed to create the issue, than say a plain water rinse. I have researched the potential galvanic reaction between the two metals, 316L SS & Titanium, and they are very close on the galvanic corrosion scale as to almost be the same, ergo, very little if any reaction when submerged in salt water.

  2. valvestem said

    I am surprised to learn that the Orcas have a SS back. I have two and was not aware. I’ll have to research the reaction issue between the two disimilar metals.

  3. Antigonos Kirou said

    Hi! Sorry to interrupt, but i have exactly the same problem with my recently bought Citizen (as above). Is it normal for stains of rust to appear on a SS cover or on a Titanium one? I never had the same problem with my cheap (Titanium cover) Casio 200m. Did they finally agree to send a replacement watch or a refund? Really interested to know…

    • Steve Daniel said

      Yes after many e-mails did I finally get them to replace the watch but with an Identical one which will probably experience the same issue

      • Antigonos Kirou said

        Thanks for responding! Actually I returned the watch to the seller today and he agreed to refund the total amount including the shipping cost! I decided to go for a Zodiac 200m Deep Reef White Dial and i hope i won’t experience the same problem (The Watchery Store/129$).

  4. Antigonos Kirou said

    Thanks for responding! Actually I returned the watch to the seller today and he agreed to refund the total amount including the shipping cost! I decided to go for a Zodiac 200m Deep Reef White Dial and i hope i won’t experience the same problem (The Watchery Store/129$).

  5. Steve Daniel said

    Thats good and I think you made a good decision to stay away from Citizen watches. What a stupid idea like putting a stainless steel back on a titanium watch. Honestly I would never buy or rececommend a Citizen watch to anyone. Junk Junk JUNK

  6. valvestem said

    Re your post of Septemebr 4,2009 at 6:12am

    To say all Citizen watches are Junk Junk Junk is way off-base. I am sure much thought went into the design and materials of the Orca, and to meet ISO standards for a dive watch they used SS instead of Ti for the caseback to meet an ISO requirement to be anti-magnetic. If you do research on the similarities between SS and Ti as far as a “sacrificial anode”, there is very little difference on the galvanic scale between the two. In fact not enough for the SS to be an anode.

    • ScubaSteve said

      Mr. Phd Chemist perhaps the difference are not enough but it did rust so you explain why Mr PHd Chemist obviously you flunked Physics though Titanium is not magnetic…… Or perhaps your just full of $%$$&*

      • valvestem said

        Sir, why don’t you just go suck a fat one? You immature twit. BTW, read up on the characteristics of stainless steel, FYI, it does rust. I suggest that what your issue was, is simply that, rusting stainless steel, hardly caused by “Galvanic Reaction” as you stated.
        And I further suggest that the rust was caused by you, and accelerated by you using an acid to “clean” the watch.
        I suggest you join some watch forums to learn a little something about watches and the metal they are made from before you go spouting off at the mouth about a certain brand of watch being Junk Junk Junk. I await your reply.

  7. ScubaSteve said

    No thanks on sucking a big one but I believe that a watch company that advertises a watch as being a titanium watch should make the case,crown,back and elasped time ring in titanium. Now since your such an expert on stainless steel you should also be aware that they passify ss with acids and vinger is a very dilute form of acetic acid which stainless steel itself a very weak acid. Yes I have a formal education on chemistry and also being a scuba instructor and equipment repair technician. Know that the scuba industry clean regulator parts in a vinegar solution during service. These parts are made of stainless steel,chrome plated brass and titanium if you leave the parts in for hours it will cause the chrome plating to come off. But I scrubbed the back with a tooth brush and a vinegar solution let set 10 minutes and rinsed to remove the watch. Besides if this was such an awesome watch why do they no longer sell it? PERHAPS YOU SHOULD EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS. Everyone one knows the swiss make the best watches. So stick you jap crap up you slanted eye behind…..

  8. Scotsman Ice Machines South Africa…

    […]Citizen BN0016-04L « WristWatch[…]…

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