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Seiko Ignition SBHV007 and SBHV009

Posted by wristwatch on August 19, 2007

These two models are also based on the Caliber 7L22 similar to the SBHV001. Its less sporty than its older brother the SBHV001, trading a sleek bracelet for a more conservative one. The dial sports large Arabic numerals for easy reading. The SBHV007 has a classic black and silver dial, while the SBHV009 has a orange and black dial.

* Drive system KINETIC
* Caliber No 7L22
* Titanium case
* Titanium or leather bracelet
* Curved sapphire glass
* Average ±15 second per month
* Water resistant up to 10 atmospheres
* Antimagnetic
* Weight 116 g
* Thickness 14.3 mm
* Diameter approximately 41mm
* Screw back case
* Stopwatch function (1/5 second measurement 45 minute meter)
* Tachymeter



2 Responses to “Seiko Ignition SBHV007 and SBHV009”

  1. mekky said

    what is the tachy meter??

    • Mike said

      the Tachymeter is the ring of numbers around the outside of the dial, which tell you your average speed if you took that many seconds to travel a fixed distance. for example, if you took 60 seconds to travel 1km or 1 mile, then your speed is 60kmh or 60 mph. if you took 30 seconds to travel the same distance, then the speed is 120 kmh or 120 mph. 20 seconds: 180, and if you only took 12 seconds, then you are traveling at 300 kmh or mph

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