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Patek Philippe Men’s Grand Complications 5074R

Posted by wristwatch on August 16, 2007

A lifetime of artistry and skill Complicated watchmaking is the supreme test of the designer’s expertise and watchmakers’ skill. At Patek Philippe we master all horological complications and have twice this century built the world’s most complicated portable timepiece. In each watch many lifetimes of artistry and skill are captured to produce an object of timeless worth.

This caliber is distinguished by a chime of exceptional sound quality. It took Patek Philippe extensive research efforts in metallurgy and acoustics to achieve a sound of such perfection and unrivalled purity. On demand, the minute repeater will strike the hours, the quarter-hours, and the minutes which have elapsed since the last quarter hour. One hammer strikes the number of hours on a low-pitched gong. Then, two hammers consecutively strike the number of quarter-hours on the low-pitched gong nd the high-pitched gong. Finally, the second hammer strikes the high-pitched gong for a count of the number of minutes that have elapsed since the last quarter hour. It takes the largest number of strikes – 32 in total – to indicate the time at 12:59. Twelve low-pitched strikes, three high-low double strikes, and 14 high strikes.

* Self-winding minute repeater with perpetual calendar and moon phases
* Day, month, leap year indicators
* Rose gold
* Balance-wheel: Gyromax
* Geneva Seal Hallmark
* Case diameter: 42.00 mm
* Diameter: 28.00 mm
* Power reserve: min 38 max 48 hours
* Number of jewels: 39
* Thickness: 6.90 mm



2 Responses to “Patek Philippe Men’s Grand Complications 5074R”

  1. Ron said

    The Patek Philippe 5074R is a beautiful minute repeater. I have heard it said that rose gold is a best metal of all for
    the sound of a repeater.

  2. Ron said

    Held this timepiece in my hand last night. There are no word to describe this Patek Philippe. It was in platinum.

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