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Citizen Attesa ATD53-2793, ATB53-2783, ATD53-2794 and ATB53-2784

Posted by wristwatch on July 17, 2007


The Attesa line of Citizen seems to be a fusion of a dress watch with modern functions. These models’ designs are contemporary at best, but incorporates two technologies that Citizen is aggressively marketing, Eco-Drive and Radio Reception. You have a choice between the white and blue dial. They’re extremely light due to the titanium case and bracelet. You won’t even notice that it’s there. If you live in Japan (this is the only place where the radio reception function will work) it’s kinda like a wear and forget watch. No need for batteries and no need to adjust the date and time EVER.

* ± 15 seconds per month
* Weight 80g (ATD53-2793, ATD53-2794)
* Weight 48g (ATB53-2783, ATB53-2784)
* Thickness 9.4mm (ATD53-2793, ATD53-2794)
* Thickness 9mm (ATB53-2783, ATB53-2784)
* Titanium case and bracelet with white IP plating
* Sapphire glass (nonreflective coating)
* Shocking resistant
* Needle revision function
* Time difference modify feature
* Automatic Reception
* Fixed time reception
* Forced reception
* Charge warning function
* Overcharge prevention function
* Retail Price ATD53-2793 ¥ 59,850
* Retail Price ATB53-2783 ¥ 59,850
* Retail Price ATD53-2794 ¥ 59,850
* Retail Price ATB53-2784 ¥ 59,850



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