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Citizen PMV56-2891, PMV56-2892 and PMV56-2893

Posted by wristwatch on July 9, 2007

These models have huge arabic numerals so they’re easy to read. In my opinion, every Promaster watch should have a perpetual calendar, it’s one of the most useful complications, together with the power reserve meter. Titanium case and band makes this exceptionally lightweight.

* Powered by Eco-Drive
* Caliber E812
* Chronograph function (1/20 seconds, 60 minute meters)
* Perpetual Calendar
* 9 month power reserve
* Precision ±15 second/month
* Local Time
* Titanium Case and Band (PMV56-2891, PMV56-2892)
* Leather Band (PMV56-2893)
* Sapphire glass (nonreflective coating)
* Water resistant 20 atmospheres
* Charge warning function
* Overcharge prevention function
* Diameter 43mm
* Thickness 13.1mm
* Weight 131g
* PMV56-2891 ¥ 78,750.00
* PMV56-2892 ¥ 78,750.00
* PMV56-2893 ¥ 73,500.00



One Response to “Citizen PMV56-2891, PMV56-2892 and PMV56-2893”

  1. Jerry G. said

    I bought the BL531550 version of this watch. It is excellent. I have it about 2 weeks now. It is about +3 seconds over the 2 week period. I expect it to keep within about +6 seconds per month.

    The watch is easy to use. What I find complicated is using the fractions of seconds dial when working with the chrono. I also found that I have to press the “B” button a little harder than the “A” button to activate its function.

    The chrono does not do lap timing. This is not an issue for most types of applcations.

    I would recomend this watch to someone who likes this style of watch. it functions very well, and is useful for someone who needs the chrono feature.

    Jerry G.

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