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Citizen PMS56-2871, PMS56-2872 and PMS56-2873

Posted by wristwatch on July 9, 2007

The last remaining few Citizen Promaster models that aren’t powered by Eco-Drive. By 2008, 80% of all Citizen watches will be Eco-Drive models. They should’ve used titanium for all the parts, some parts are made of aluminum. It’s water resistant up to 200 meters, so they’re good for swimming.

* ± 20 seconds/month
* Weight 96g
* Thickness 11.4mm
* Case Titanium + aluminum
* Finishing White IP plating
* Crystal glass
* Stopwatch
* Chronograph
* Perpetual Calendar
* 1/20 second chronograph (60 minute meters)
* Unidirectional bezel
* PMS56-2871 ¥ 52,500.00
* PMS56-2872 ¥ 52,500.00
* PMS56-2873 ¥ 52,500.00



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