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Tudor Sport Chronograph

Posted by wristwatch on July 1, 2007

Tudor Sport Chronograph

I just visited the Tudor website, saw these new model chronographs. Really sporty and modern. I’m trying to find more information on them. It’s a shame that Rolex’s younger brother is most times ignored. The new models seem to cater to a more youthful audience. It makes sense since the older crowd would probably go for a Rolex.

* Diameter 41mm
* Steel
* Ruthenium/Blue Dial
* Engraved steel bezel
* Steel bracelet
* Waterproof to 150m/495 feet

* Diameter 41mm
* Steel
* Silver Dial
* Engraved steel bezel
* Red leather strap
* Waterproof to 150m/495 feet


2 Responses to “Tudor Sport Chronograph”

  1. DAN said


  2. wristwatch said

    Here in the Philippines, its approximate Suggested Retail Price is USD 3,000.00. Should be cheaper elsewhere.

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