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Citizen ATV53-2831, ATV53-2832 and ATV53-2833

Posted by wristwatch on June 22, 2007

The great thing about Citizen watches is that they produce items in so many variations. The Attesa ATV53-2831, ATV53-2832 and ATV53-2833 are the top of the line Attesas, Japan only for the moment. These are the best function/price/quality watch that I’ve seen in the market today.

* Powered by Eco-Drive
* 15 seconds/month (at the time of non reception)
* Weight 102g
* Thickness 12.6mm
* Case Titanium White IP plating +DLC (ATV53-2832, ATV53-2833)
* Case Titanium White IP plating (ATV53-2831)
* Sapphire glass (both sides nonreflective coating)
* World time alarm
* Timer
* World calendar
* Coordinated universal time indication (UTC)
* 1/100 chronographs (24 hours)
* Fixed time reception function
* Forced reception function
* Charge warning function
* Overcharge prevention function
* Able to receive transmission from Japan, USA and EU
* Limited to 2,000 pieces (ATV53-2832)
* Retail Price ATV53-2831 : Y 94,500.00
* Retail Price ATV53-2832 : Y 115,000.00
* Retail Price ATV53-2833 : Y 105,000.00


21 Responses to “Citizen ATV53-2831, ATV53-2832 and ATV53-2833”

  1. Deo Carino said

    I jst got my new ATV53-2832. The best watch I ever had so far. All seems to be fine except for one question that I have.
    Is the bracelet and casing of this watch truly a DLC coated aka Duratect? I asked this question because I used this wat everyday
    on my left wrist and it touches the lower edge of my laptop when working. I noticed scratches now on the silver part of the bracelet (2 tone)but not on the dark gray part.
    I tried to clean and wipe it with a lens cloth (one use in eyeglasses)to remove the scratch mark but scratches still there.

    This leaves me a doubt that if this is really a DLC coated bracelet considering I have this watch for a week only.
    Can someone tell me the exact scratchproofness of this watch?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. wristwatch said


    Duratect just makes it a bit more scratch resistant, but not totally scratchproof. I’ve seen this other guy in another forum who used his key to scratch his Duratect bracelet, and it came out without a scratch. But I suppose if it was hit hard enough, scratches would appear. I’d avoid metal to metal contact as much as possible if I were you.


  3. Deo Carino said

    Thanks for the info but I’m not hitting the watch hard. if you can get the picture, it hits the lower edge of the laptop because I’m resting my wrist on it when typing. Got what I mean? Is that all it takes to scratch a DLC or Duratect bracelet? It seems that the surface of my laptop is much tougher coz I dont’ see any scratch mark on it and I’m using it almost 3 years. Anyway, my laptop model is HP/Compaq nc8230.
    Hope you can shed more on it. I still had my doubt.


  4. wristwatch said


    After some reading, it seems that Duratect + DLC is not the same as just Duratect. Duratect seems to be a hardening process which protects your watch from dings, and DLC seems to be the coating that protects the watch from scratches. Below is a link to a great article with pictures about Duratect and DLC, I hope it helps.



  5. Deo Carino said

    Thanks a lot for the info. AFter slf reading g and research, I can simply conclude that the Citizen Atessa ATV53-2832 (two tone)is NOT fully DLC coated. It may be true on the dark gray part (apparent coating?)but not on the silver part. I should suggest to Citizen? or someone else that they should be more specific on the specs and features they publish. All review on this watch model says it’s Titanium + Duratect + DLC coated both on BRACELET and in CASING.


  6. mitchfried said

    I believe you are right about the darker area being DLC and the lighter just Duratect. I have the non-limited edition 2833, and only the pushers (and maybe the bezel)are DLC. By the way, it looks like a completely DLC edition is on the way! The ATV53-2834. Check it out at http://www.seiyajapan.com/, where you can pre-order the watch. I would have waited for this one. I have a knife with DLC coating on the blade, and it is basically bomb proof.

  7. mitchfried said

    That’s http://www.seiyajapan.com

  8. wristwatch said

    Hey Mitchfried, here’s the completely DLC version, the ATV53-2834. Great watch if you ask me.


  9. Adkilla said


    Looks like the full DLC models do scratch. I work at a computer engineering lab and have come in contact with lots of steel bences and galvanized steel computer chasis. So it may be more than the usual environment you may be exposed to though.


  10. wristwatch said

    I agree the DLC versions DO scratch. What sucks is that it’s immediately noticeable due to the change in color.

  11. D2 said

    I just discovered a very cool feature about my ATV53-2833’s bracelet. The bracelet length can be fine adjusted without any tools. This can be done as follows:

    Hold your watch with the watch bracelet opened and watch face pointing down, using your left index finger and left thumb to push in the clasp release buttons as far as you can while having the other three left hand fingers under the length of the folded open clasp. Now using your right thumb and index finger to hold the bracelet end attached to the clasp body, slide the bracelet towards the clasp body to shorten it or pull it out to lengthen it, finally release the clasp buttons. You should feel the bracelet click and lock at the short, medium, or long adjusted positions as you are adjusting it.

    This is the first watch I’ve ever seen with this undocumented feature. I love it!

  12. D2 said

    Bracelet fine length adjustment tip from above demo’d in beginning of this video review of the ATV53-2834: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h2icSV1QyM

  13. Xevious said

    These are really great watches. Citizen did a fantastic job on the design. Unfortunately, they are only available to the Japanese market, so they are not easy to find. There are some Japanese product websites that will sell to countries like the USA, and then you can also take your chances with eBay sellers. There are one or two of them that sell these particular watches, but language is a problem and their feedback ratings aren’t perfect. A transaction with them is fine if nothing goes wrong, but when something does go awry, good luck in trying to get it resolved.

    For those not willing to risk the “FeeBay” experience for these watches, one good alternative is to buy the Citizen Skyhawk AT (model JY0000). For less than the going rate on the cheapest Attesa model (ATV53-2831), you get the exclusive red accents and back light of the limited edition ATV53-2834. I’ve seen these watches sell for about $300, with shipping. The disadvantages are the lack of titanium casing & band, plus if you don’t plan to use the slide rule bezel, it remains this very busy accent that will probably just annoy you (unless you want to play the part of “the pilot” to those who don’t know you).

    I didn’t realize these new Skyhawks were coming out so soon and got myself an ATV53-2834. It was the most expensive watch purchase I’ve made thus far. But I have to say it was worth it. The deep dark gray Duratect+DLC coated titanium is superb. The watch just looks amazing. It’s not completely without faults, like most other watches… but ultimately it delivers on the promise. Citizen did a marvelous job. The only watch I see coming close to rivaling it is the Casio Oceanus Manta line (like the S1050BJ).

  14. D2 said

    Links about Citizen U600 movement software bug causing incorrect date display from February 28, 2010 and beyond:

    Links include information on how to tell if your watch is affected.



  15. D2 said

    Links about Citizen U600 movement software bug causing incorrect date display from February 28, 2010 and beyond:

    Links include information on how to tell if your watch is affected.



  16. dirty fish said

    I am from Athens-Greece and I am looking for Citizen ATV53-2832. How could i buy the ATV53-2832? Thanks!

  17. sky said

    I just purchased the ATV53-2833 from Higuchi. I noticed on the caseback of the watch two pinhole size marks at the 3 o’clock position as you look at the back of the watch. Are these supppose to be there or are they a defect? Otherwise love the watch. Thanks.

  18. Gareth said

    please can someone tell me where to purchase the atv53-2831 as im based in the UK and cannot get this item from uk suppilers even citizen uk?

  19. D2 said

    Try http://www.higuchi-inc.com , http://www.seiyajapan.com , and eBay .
    I see 5 available at eBay . Good luck! Let us know how you like it .

  20. Blade said

    Hi, I got a ATV53-2831 and noticed the 24 hour dail has 2 hands and the JY0010-50E and JY0050-55L has only on. I don’t have a clue what the 2 hands are supposed to show or how it works. The latter 2 is easy but the 2 hands baffle me. The seem inconsitant and you cannot zero them at 12 o clock. Can anybody perhaps help? Thank you.

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