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Citizen PMP56-2901 and PMP56-2902

Posted by wristwatch on June 19, 2007

The PMP56-2901 and PMP56-2902 are Japan only watches. It’s becuase their radio reception function only works only in Japan. The difference between the two models is just the face plate. One great thing about the Japan only models is the case back. There’s a picture below of the wonderfully engraved case back. The USA models are just laser etched. All the new ProMaster SKY models are really impressive in design and function, I have yet to see another brand come up with much better value than the Citizen ProMaster SKY series.

* Powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive
* Belt material Hard titanium
* Case material Hard titanium
* Case size 44mm
* Case thick 14mm
* 20 atmosphere waterproofing
* Perpetual Calendar till February 2100
* Date calendar function
* 3 city time display functions
* Alarm
* Local time
* Radio Controlled Clock (Works only in Japan)
* Fixed Time Reception
* Forced Time Reception
* Charge warning function
* Overcharge Protection
* Aeronautical slide rule
* Retail Price : Y 105,000.00

More pics:


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