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Citizen PMP56-2931 and PMP56-2932

Posted by wristwatch on June 18, 2007


The ProMaster SKY PMP56-2931 and PMP56-2932 are the younger/cheaper brothers of the PMP56-2933, all of which are based on the E610 calibre. The PMP56-2931 is the one with the black dial, and the PMP56-2932 is with a blue dial. The designs of these two models are exactly the same, except for the dial color. These two are Japan only models. They almost have the same functions as the PMP56-2933, except that they’re $250 cheaper. Not a bad deal if you’re looking for a functional pilot’s watch. I’ll be scouring the net for more of these ProMaster SKY series watches. I think in the USA they’re called NaviHawks or SkyHawks.

* Powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive
* Radio Controlled Clock (Works only in Japan)
* Fixed Time Reception
* Forced Time Reception
* Over Charge Protection
* Low Charge Warning
* Perpetual Calendar till February 2100
* 12 month Power reserve when fully charged and entered into power saving mode
* Alarm function
* Aeronautical Slide Rule
* Titanium Case and Band Duratect
* Sapphire glass (non-reflective coating)
* Hypo allergenic (no nickel content)
* Local Time Function
* 1/20 Chronograph
* Waterproofing: 20 atmosphere waterproofing
* Case diameter: Approximately 44mm
* Thickness 14.2mm
* Weight 111g
* Retail Price : Y 105,000.00

2 Responses to “Citizen PMP56-2931 and PMP56-2932”

  1. Hypernez said

    Does anyone know if the pmp56-2931 receives the radio signal in USA. As I understand the USA has 60Khz signal Japan has 40 and 60 Khz signals. I can’t find a manual on these watches and the USA help center doesn’t know anything about these models.

  2. Topher said


    No, the watch will not receive/process the USA signal. I own the blue dial version, and have other atomic watches that sync fine. This model was only designed to process the Japan signal. It will not process the US signal.

    It’s still accurate though 🙂

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